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When a Middle School science teacher, a British college student, an Area 51 explosive expert and an Army general are dragged into a new life.

"Where are we going? I have class in a few minutes!"

"How do you know where I live? Well, I'm sorry. I have to get to work. Tests and essays do not fail themselves,"

A life of excitement and danger. They become agents for The Penguins, an elite society of men, woman and children in tuxedos.

"Is the president coming?"

The people they meet and the things they see will change their lives for years to come.

This movie of Drama

"No! Skipper!"


"They will pay with their blood!"


"I think I'm actually starting to like you guys,"


"I never thought i'd fall for a woman like you but I did,"


"He will try and probably accomplish killing you but remember this, you are now living to save this world,"


" Look at all these kids! We have to fight them? Please! I'd take them all down!"

"You want to test me old man?"

and Adventure

"Whooo! This is going to be awesome! I just know it!"

will keep you on your toes.

In theaters Summer 2011

A/N: ... Yea. It's a movie trailer. I was thinking about if someone came up with a humanized Penguins of Madagscar movie and this is the trailer. I'd watch this. What'd you think?