Title: Straight from the Heart

Category: TV Shows, Glee

Author: PerkyTxGirl

Language: English,

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Jeff/ Nick; Blaine/Kurt

Genre: Romance/Humor

Chapter Word Count: 3500

Summary: Jeff and Nick have been best friends since their freshman year. Can they become more than that?

Spoilers: Season 2 from the Warblers perspective; Canon Klaine,

Warnings: Explicit sexual situations, For mature audiences only.

Chapter 1

September 2010 Dalton Academy, Westerville, Ohio

It's the first day back from the summer break and maybe I'm the only student who's happy and excited to start school. I know it's strange but Dalton is my home and as much fun as the summer was, I'm glad to be home. Of course, so glad to see my best friend and roommate, Jeff.

It's my junior year here at Dalton; I've been boarding with Jeff since our freshman year. Dalton is a boarding school but only about one third of the students actually stay here. The rest are day students. The boarders are mainly students who live too far to drive home each day though some of the day students come from surprisingly far to attend.

Jeff's house is only about an hour away so he goes home most weekends. My case is unusual. My parents are divorced, which isn't unusual, but they live on opposite ends of the country while I board here in the Midwest. When they divorced six years ago, they fought a long, nasty custody battle for me. My mother got primary custody with my father getting summers and select holidays. Then, ironically, after the battle was over things changed. My mom got a job that involved travel all over the world; my dad remarried and had my half sister, Langston. Suddenly the prize they'd fought so bitterly to claim was just so much extra baggage to be tossed aside. OK, maybe I'm suffering from typical teenage resentment over my parent's divorce and that's a little harsh. On the other hand sending me to a boarding school all alone at fourteen instead of switching custody with my dad is a little harsh, don't you think?

Maybe she tried. My dad loves me; I know he does, but he is so wrapped up in my step-mom and baby sister that I can see him not wanting to deal with a teen-aged son full time. I'll admit that I've never asked about it. I don't actually know what went down between them that led to me being here. I don't want to know because frankly I'd rather suspect that my dad doesn't want me than know he doesn't.

Never mind all that. I'm back home at Dalton and telling my best friend Jeff about my summer. We met our freshman year and soon discovered that we had so much in common and became best friends. I was so lonely back then and I'm still grateful to have been so lucky to have ended up with Jeff as a roommate. I know so many guys who can't stand their roommates. The fights that go on in the dorm can get pretty intense. Jeff and I never fight. In the first year, we formed a really tight bond and I'm not ashamed to call it love. Not long after the semester started, he noticed that I spent the weekends alone at school. Most of the boarders, even those who live hours away, go home most weekends. So he started inviting me home with him. I was embarrassed and reluctant to accept at first but now I'm practically part of his family. When I don't go home with him, we stay here together. We go into Columbus to hang out, play video games in the dorm, or go see the latest movies in the theater.

We're both kind of geeks but Jeff is the cool kind of geek if that makes since. It's hard not to love him. He's sweet, funny, and kind of goofy at times. I'm a little more introspective and less gregarious. He's more athletic than I am, playing soccer and basketball. I'd rather curl up with a good book than work up a sweat any day.

We love the same movies, though. We're both ridiculously into science fiction, fantasy, and high tech. I tend to read more books where he's a fan of the graphic novels and anime. We like the same movies but I'm more into film making itself where he just appreciates the end product. I hope to be a filmmaker some day. I'm not sure yet if I'll go into directing, editing, or photography because I love everything about film making and can't decide yet which I love the best.

So here we are in out dorm room, on my bed watching the final cut of the short film I made over the summer. I'm pretty proud of it even if it is only five minutes. You'd be surprised how much work can go into five minutes of screen time.

"So what do you think?" I ask looking at him hopefully.

"Not much happened. I'm not sure I get it."

You know how I said we never fight well I'm rethinking that right now. In fact, I'm thinking of slapping him on the back of the head but I don't of course.

"Not much happens? Are you kidding me? It was epic. There's the struggle between right and wrong, the search for love and acceptance, the action climax, and the classic happy ending!"

"It kind of looked like a Pepsi commercial."

I sigh and admit, "That's because it is a Pepsi commercial. That doesn't mean I'm a sellout," I continue defensively. "Winning the Pepsi challenge is a really sweet deal. I could use that on my resume. So come on, do you have any idea how much work went into the skateboard sequence? Shooting that shit is hard. And the vertigo zoom, didn't you notice the vertigo zoom?"

He just looks puzzled so I queue up the vertigo zoom shot and play it again.

"Oh, that! I had no idea that had a name. I've seen them do it in movies. It's kind of weird because it makes you feel like there is something happening in the guy's brain. How do you do that?"

"Hitchcock invented it for Vertigo. That's why it's called the vertigo zoom. He used it literally for a guy who had vertigo but now it's used to symbolize a kind of mental vertigo when you want to emphasize that something important just changed mentally for the protagonist."

"But how do you do it?" he asks again.

I smile because no one asks me things like that except Jeff. He has no idea what he wants to do with his life but he has such a curious analytical mind that I bet he'll be a scientist or an engineer some day.

"You zoom in while you dolly out. That way the subject stays the same but the background completely changes perspective. In professional movies, they have computer controlled cameras to get it perfect but I did it by hand," I answer proudly.

"So where did you get the skateboard dude? He had some rad skills. I think that was the best part."

Now I seriously want to hit him because the skateboarder's skills really aren't what I wanted him to notice. It's about the my filmmaking skills, is that so hard to get?

He notices my look and says, "What? Content matters, dude!"

It's an old argument we have every time I gush about how well made a movie is, how fantastic the cinematography looked, how the editing was cutting edge (no pun intended), etc and he says "Sure, I guess but the story didn't make any sense at all."

"Well, the content is supposed to be 'go have a Pepsi', so does that work at least?"

"Totally. I'm thirsty now." He walks over to our mini-frig, pulls out two Frescas, and hands one to me when he sits back down. We both addicted to Fresca. Jeff introduced me in our freshman year. I pop the can and take a sip.

"So you want content? I'll show you content! I call this series 'Langston does adorable stuff demonstrating her adorable adorableness as the most adorable little sister in the history of time'"


"It's a working title. I love my little sister, so sue me."

We watch several videos of Langston before he interrupts with, "Wait, who is that? Wasn't she in your Pepsi commercial? Is she a cousin or something?"

"Nope. That's my girlfriend, Jennifer," I reply smugly. I'd been wondering how I could drop this exciting bomb without sounding like a bragging douchbag.


He looks more than a little shocked.

"Dude! You don't need to be that shocked about it. I know I'm not hot like you are but I'm not so hideous that the idea of me having a girlfriend should be that unbelievable."

"No, of course not. It's just …I just didn't know that you…"

"Had a girlfriend? Well, duh. I hadn't told you yet. She's not really my girlfriend though. She's technically my ex-girlfriend. OK, not technically, actually, she dumped me."

"I just found out you have a girlfriend and she's already dumped you? I missed the entire relationship?"

I shrug trying to look nonchalant about it.

"Well, it was just a summer fling. At least according to her it was. We really got along and I thought it was a little more but you know what they say…it is better to have loved and lost, yada, yada, yada."

"You were in love with her?"

"No, not really. I just like her so much. And," I lower my voice conspiratorially, "we did stuff."

"Why are you whispering? What stuff, sex? Did you guys have sex?"

"Sort of. We made out most of the summer and she let me touch her breasts. I say she let me but here's a secret that girls don't want guys to know – they totally love having their breasts touched! At least she did. Then the last week before the summer is over, we were making out, things were getting really heated, I had her shirt and bra pulled up, and I decided to go for it. She was grinding into me so hard that I was trying to not jizz in my pants and I just started sucking on her nipple. I still can't believe I did it but the next part was even better. She liked it so much the she really dug in, started making all these noises, and she came in my lap. So what could I do? I jizzed in my pants. I couldn't help it. So technically, I think that was sex even though there were two layers of clothes between our privates. What do you think?"

Jeff is just staring at me with a strange expression that I can't really interpret.

"TMI?" I ask embarrassed.

"No, I just didn't expect that. Did you like it?"

"Of course I liked it!" I laugh.

He looks somewhat sad which wasn't my intention at all.

"Come on, Jeff. You could get a girlfriend if you just tried. I can't believe I had one before you. If you'd agreed to go to the Country Day - Dalton mixers last year, the girls would have been all over you. You have to go this year. At least to be my wingman."

"I'll go for you. It's a deal; we'll go to all the mixers this year."

"Why wouldn't you go before?"

"It's just not my thing. I'm not looking for a girlfriend."

"Have you even kissed a girl?"

"Sure. Just once."

It's strange that we've never talked about this before. Jeff and I have talked about everything but sex. Maybe because we go to an all boy's school, the topic of girls just doesn't seem to come up.

"Tell me. I told you about my first sexual experience, you have to tell me about your first kiss. It's only fair."

"There's not that much to tell. I was at a party in eighth grade and we were playing spin the bottle. It landed on me so I kissed Beth Boston. I gave it my all and I think I rocked her world."

"Did you like her?"

"Not like that. I was just playing the game." He had a guarded expression when he said it and I am sure there was more but I don't push the issue. Somehow, I feel that I insulted or upset Jeff and I don't even know what I did wrong. I really can't think of anything worse than having Jeff mad at me.

"Enough talk of ex-girlfriends! Do you want to go for a pizza and a movie?"

"I'd love to," he beams. That's more like it. Jeff just lights up the room when he smiles. It's so infectious that I'm practically laughing already as we head out.


We walk into the Warbler's meeting and I high five Jon and Aaron as we go by. Jeff and I make ourselves comfortable on one of the couches near the back of the room. It's better for texting snide comments to each other during the meeting. We'd be reprimanded if we were caught. Wes is already at the table fondling Gaveley as we're waiting. OK, let me explain. The rumors of Wes' unnatural fondness for that gavel are probably exaggerated. There is no actually proof that he named it Gaveley. No one really knows for sure that he sleeps with it under his pillow. The Warblers are a gossipy bunch and the way he fondles that thing is probably just a nervous habit.

I feel a twinge of guilt because we might have caused it. At the end of the school year, the Warblers elect the next year's council. Last spring we elected Dave, Thad, and Wes with Wes winning the chair. That meant he was in charge of the gavel. As is tradition, the last meeting of the year is supposed to be presided over by the incoming council. As a joke, Jeff and I stole the gavel before the meeting so Wes couldn't properly call the meeting to order. In our defense, it was Jon's idea and we had no idea Wes would have a complete nervous breakdown. I mean, who knew? It was just a joke. Now instead of leaving the gavel in the meeting room like the previous chairmen, Wes keeps it with him.

Blaine is up front chatting with Dave as Thad stands by in case Blaine decides to glance in his direction. Blaine is a nice enough guy if a bit clueless. Thad practically drools all over him whenever they are in the same room and he never seems to notice. Blaine transferred into Dalton at the beginning of last year. At first he was a skittish, shy boy but this year he's really come out of his shell. He seems to have adopted a dapper persona and I think he's smozzing the council for solos. I auditioned twice last year and still havn't been picked. Jeff, ever the optimist, has auditioned no less than five times!

"I hereby call this Warbler's meeting to order," announces Wes with a bang of his gavel. "The first order of business is introduction of the Warbler candidates who will be auditioning for us today. I'll remind the candidates that Warblers are selected based on talent and attitude. We don't have a set number of places in the choir so if you all demonstrate that you have what it takes to be a Warbler, you'll be invited to join."

The first candidate is a freshman who introduces himself as Trent. He starts singing "Make a Man Out Of You" and he has a nice enough voice. It seems like a strange choice to audition with but he does the smart thing and sings it acapella. Bringing music is a mistake many talented singers make with auditioning. We're an acapella choir so even though there isn't any rule about auditions, it makes a better impression on the council if you respect the tradition.

I don't really pay attention as the four other candidates audition. Jeff and I are texting back and forth. Since it is only the second week of school there isn't really much to talk about but that never stopped us before.

movies, Friday? - J

nothing good playing - N

Resident Evil? - J

ack! - N

3D :) - J

No No No - N

srsly? bored :(- J

TV? DVD? Read? - N

Boring zzz - J

We could play metroid - N

"Junior member, Blaine Anderson, the floor is yours," announces Wes.

"Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to speak about my idea. Warblers, I was privileged last year to be invited to join your esteemed organization. And while I truly enjoyed performing for alumni fund raisers and the many invitationals we attended. This year, I propose we do things a little ... differently."

Chaos erupts as several Warblers express their outrage at the suggestion that anything ever be done differently. Wes bangs his gavel rapidly until everyone settles down.

"Look, look. Hear me out. All I'm suggesting is that instead of practicing songs just for ourselves, that we add an audience to some of our performances when we try out new arrangements. I'm suggesting that we give impromptu performances ..."

Dave looks at Blaine sternly.

He continues, "On campus. For just the student body. It will be a great morale buster for everyone and we can get some feedback on our arrangements before we do our formal presentations."

"This is a very interesting proposal you have, Warbler Blaine," says Wes noncommittally.

"I think it's will enhance the standing of the Warblers at Dalton," insists Thad. "I approve."

"All those in favor of Warbler Blaine's suggestion to perform for the student body raise your hand."

Dave and Thad raise their hands immediately and soon the rest of the Warblers follow suit.

"Motion carried!" Wes bangs his gavel unnecessarily forcefully. "Are their any other items to be brought to the councils attention before I adjourn the meeting?"

He's clearly surprised when Jeff raises his hand and says, "Permission to speak."

"Yes, Junior Member Jeff Stark, please come forward. You have the floor. Please try to make it brief, we'd all like to get out of here sometime." The Warblers reward his joke with a polite chuckle.

"Esteemed colleagues, I'd like to suggest spicing up our choreography a bit this year. As you know, we usually perform in a tight formation, doing a little two step." Jeff unconsciously does the Warblers signature move.

"You mock us, sir!" Thad practically shouts.

"No, I didn't mean to. I just meant maybe we could step up our game by adding a little more variety. Like maybe something like this."

Jeff does a dance that I like to call "Oh my god is that a spider?" It's positively adorable so I give him an encouraging thumbs up.

"There are no new steps!" declares Dave.

"We can't do that. It's ridiculous," agrees Thad.

"Dave, Thad, I will have order," declares Wes with a loud bang of Gaveley. I see a pattern that I predict is going to carry through the semester. The power of the gavel has gone to Wes' head. Too bad. He seemed like a pretty nice guy.

"I agree," he continues. "We can't have the Warblers dancing around like pop stars."

"It would be undignified," agrees Thad.

Jeff looks crushed. I really feel bad for him but there's nothing I can do. He doesn't give up though.

"Maybe we could add a few spins?" he suggests and demonstrates with a sassy pirouette.

Blaine looks like a dog who's just seen his master throw a ball. He looks over at Thad and gives the older boy puppy dog eyes. I rethink my assessment of Blaine. Maybe he isn't as clueless about Thad's crush as I thought. He's apparently not above using it to get his way. He must be a fan of spinning because the look is clear. He's practically begging for Thad to agree.

"Maybe, some very discreet, dignified, pirouettes - by the lead singer only - could be added to our choreography," suggests Thad.

"I don't think we need to vote on it," agrees Wes. "Let the record reflect that discreet, dignified, pirouettes may be added to our choreography, at some point in the future, where deem appropriate. This meeting is adjourned." Bang goes Gaveley again.

Jeff and I head up to our room to change for dinner since we don't have to wear our uniforms after hours. I usually throw on some sweats and Jeff wears jean and a t-shirt.

"What do you think he meant by lead singer? The Warblers don't have a lead singer," asks Jeff.

I shrug.

"I don't know. Does it matter? Maybe the council has decided that we do now. I'm sure if that's the case there will be auditions for the role."