"Fade to black? You've got to be kidding me. That can't be the end of the story!" my husband complains when he gets to the last line.

"It is. What do you think?" I ask Jeff apprehensibly.

"What about the first time you top? Or that time we..."

"It isn't about sex! That's not what the story is about."

"I don't know, there's an awful lot of sex. It's practically porn. And I'm positive that our first time wasn't anywhere near that romantic or awesome. It was more like awkward and weird. Like all teenagers."

"It's not about that. It isn't a biography. It's about finding true love. It's a romance, sweetie. It's supposed to be an epic tale about the meaning of love. And soul mates."

"Then why did you end there? We don't even find out what happened to Kurt and Blaine. What about poor Thad?"

I sigh. Sometimes my very sexy and handsome husband can be clueless when is comes to my artistic process.

"They're just minor characters. You don't need to know. The point is that you know the main characters are going to be happy together."

"But I want to know more. There are so many loose ends... And what happens when you come out to your parents? Do I get over my insecurities? And what about yours? What about our senior year? That was totally awesome. And college. We don't even find out who wins at Regionals! Our..."

I cut him off with a kiss because sometimes that's the only way to shut him up. OK, maybe he's right and I need to rewrite some of it to tie up some of the loose ends. Maybe...

"Dads! You know dads aren't supposed to kiss in public. That's so gross!"

Our thirteen year old daughter, Aria, is standing in the doorway of our study, hands on her hips.

"We're not in public and it isn't gross," I admonish her. "Kissing is a perfectly natural thing to do and all parents do it. You'll understand when you older."

She makes a noise that only a teenager can that some how conveys her exasperation at my ignorance and her inherent superiority at the same time.

She walks into the room with strong purpose and I wonder what trouble is coming. She tall for her age, blond and pale, like Jeff. She has a strong will and a sharp wit. At only thirteen, she is already a handful.

"She's lying!" exclaims a breathless Nikko as he runs in behind her. He's eleven, with sandy blond hair and a freckled face.

"Lying about what?" asks Jeff carefully.

The boy looks guiltily back and forth between his sister and us.

"Um...whatever she said?" he answers unsurely, realizing now that he doesn't know exactly what Aria said and therefore could be admitting to things he hasn't even been accused of yet.

"You know what?" I say as I put my arms around both children. "There is nothing going on between the two of you that can't be solved with ice cream. Come on." I ignore my husband's glare because, yeah, I spoil them but what are kids for if not for spoiling?

"Banana split! Can I get a banana split?" begs Aria.

"Hot fudge brownie sundae!" adds Nikko.

"Yes, to both. Just tell your sister that you're sorry and Aria tell your brother that you love him no matter what and we'll hit the road for some frozen treats."

The children hug each other enthusiastically, all crimes forgiven if not forgotten.

My husband pulls me close and says, "You are a great father and I love you, Nick. My soul mate, always."