The Warning

Monica was sitting in a coffee shop when she sore someone she did not expect to enter

wearing all black clothes it was Kathleen.

Spotting Monica she walked over to her and sat herself down uninvited.

Kathleen, "Monica I thought I'd find you here we need to talk."

Monica , "You want to talk to me why should I listen to you after all the bad things you've done."

Kathleen, "Because your an angel and I'm here to deliver a warning."

This made Monica sit up and pay attention it sounded like Kat was breaking rules to come and talk to her about this.

Monica, " Warning why would you give me a warning you always just strike when ever you feel like it what's change?"

Kathleen, "Because I want to protect you but I can't look I don't have a lot of time keep your
friends around you at all times the devil wants you Monica and he won't stop till you are dead."

Just then Andrew and Tess came in as they were meant to meet Monica for lunch when they sore

Kathleen talking to her made Andrew get very angry hoping nothing was wrong when Kat got up.

Monica, " Tess , Andrew good to see and Kathleen thankyou I no what a risk your taking in telling me."

Kathleen , " No problem and just remember the warning keep your friends close."

She left them alone and Tess and Andrew sat down looking at Monica waiting for the answers to what just happened.

Andrew, " Angel girl are you alright what was Kathleen talking about the warning and keep your friends close?"

Tess, "Yes Miss Wings it's not like her to tell you something like that something big must be going down and we have to stop it."

Monica, "The devil is after me she told me to keep my friends around me at all times this is bigger then big

Kat wouldn't risk getting caught if she thought it wasn't something I should no maybe she cares after all."

There was a uneasy feeling in the three angels and outside it began to rain and storm something was going to happen.

Andrew, " I feel something evil is at work where not letting you out of our sites are we Tess?"

Tess, "No way no how if the devil is after you then he has to go through us first we won't let anything happen we can't."

Monica, "Stop please I don't want any of you getting hurt he can kill us and if he wants me then I guess he'll have me

I don't want to wait for him to come to me or for any of you to get kill I will go alone."

Standing up she went to go outside into the rain but Andrew stood in front of her and Tess behind her and they started glowing.

Andrew, "You are never alone God is always with you and he is asking us to stay with you and protect

you we are your friends and we love you and were not going to let you go no matter how much you fight us,

The devil may want you but we have you and were not letting you go he know this he fears this

God loves is in you Monica you could make him better again so don't be afraid to shine you light in this dark time.

Tess, " That's right Miss Wings were with you don't have to fight this alone none of us are ever alone

God is always there leading us through every storm and home to him .

Please don't turn away from us you don't want us to help because you don't want to loose us

well we feel the same about you God wants you to no that we can't leave cause your our guiding

hope when we feel lost and the truth when we can not see we love you angel girl and God does to so no doing this alone."

Monica , " Thank you both of you I know this but I m so afraid and scared this is so huge and

I don't want to go in this alone we can do this together were a team and nothing is going to crush us."

Leaving the building before they left Kathleen appeared and sore them leave Monica turned to her and said.

Monica, " Kathleen thank's for the warning."

Then she dissappeared and Monica walked out with her friends at her side arm in arm with the love of God flowing around them.

The End.