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Lies: Chapter One

"Will you please let me go?"

"Hmm… No."

"Why not? I'm no use to you, anyway!"

He levels a steady look at me and quirks an eyebrow. "Because I'm bored."

"Well… then go kill something! Isn't that what you do for fun? Kill, maim, torture, destroy!" I'm swiftly descending into hysterics.

"Why Sakura-dear, I'm hurt! Do you really think that's all that I enjoy?" He pouts, looking almost-genuinely hurt. "I also like biting people."

"Ugh! You sick, twisted bastard! Just… go die already!" I'm practically choking on the words as they come out. I can't express my horror, disgust and hatred of him with words alone. Truly, I think the only way I could properly convey my feelings towards the snake-loving asshole would be if I could tie him up and get him well acquainted with the less healerly uses for a chakra scalpel.

He smirks. "You see- that's why I can't let you go! You're very entertaining when you try to speak through a mouthful of hate. Ooh, and you're so… cute! I think that's the word I'm looking for. Yes. So cute when you're imagining how you'd flay me alive, if only you weren't so... weak."

"Fuck you!"

"And ever so eloquent, as well."

I yank at the chains that bind me to the wall, so far beyond angry that I don't think there's even a word for what I'm feeling. He just laughs, though, and gives me a look that's full of amused affection. I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE him!

Suddenly I'm overwhelmed by it all- by being chained up and laughed at and mocked and provoked and being just so damn powerless. All the fight drains out of me as the helplessness of my situation becomes real again and I hang lifelessly from the manacles, letting them hold me up. I'm just so tired. So tired of fighting him; of fighting life.

He sighs, disappointed. Apparently I've stopped being entertaining now.

He leaves without another word, which is unusual – he's normally quite chatty, which is bizarre for someone who's so fucking evil. I don't have the energy to ponder his silence, though. I don't care.

A small flare of rage gives me the strength to hiss a fervent "Screw you," before I resume my silent, empty emotionlessness.

I hear him laugh from somewhere outside the heavy steel door. He heard me. Good for him.

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