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Lies: Chapter Three

Orochimaru waves his hand casually, releasing the manacles from around my wrists. Of course, I was using those to hold me up so I fall to the floor, landing on my knees with a painful thump. He smirks and I glower at him. Bastard.

Then it hits me that I'm free. Well, kind of. I'm free if I can take down the smugly expectant snake sannin standing in front of me. So in actual fact, not free at all.

"What is this?" I snap while rubbing my wrists gingerly.

He shrugs elegantly and tilts his head a little, sending me a mildly incredulous look. "It would appear that you are free, my pet."

I bristle at his presumption in calling me his 'pet', but ultimately I'm too intrigued by the fact that he's letting me go to call him on it. "I don't believe you. How am I going to be entertaining when I run back to Konoha and spill all your secrets?"

He snickers evilly. Yes, evilly. There's no other word to accurately describe the sound. "Oh, I think you'll be plenty fun. I've been rather lacking a challenge of late- you leaking my whereabouts and the setup of my compound might just make things a little more interesting."

I don't believe for a second that that's why he's letting me go. But I'm not going to question it any further. Gift horses and all that. I nod slowly, holding his gaze while I sidestep cautiously around him. He pivots gracefully to follow my progress with his eyes. He doesn't lose the self-satisfied smirk at any point. I should be concerned about that. But then I'm past him and bolting for the door, suspicious behaviour forgotten in my mad dash to get out of this miserable prison.

I'm going home.

"Naruto what? What's your deal?" I've been back in Konoha for a couple of weeks now and I'm getting kind of sick of being peppered with questions and concerned looks. Naruto's been especially irritating, smothering me with his loud, obnoxious presence.

He recoils a little at the sharp impatience of my tone, hurt flashing momentarily in his rich blue eyes. "Nothing! …I'm just glad you're home, that's all."

I let out a long, quiet sigh and nod, softening my expression a little. It's not fair to take out my frustration on Naruto- he's just being… Naruto. So he watches me constantly, worry lurking underneath his cocky, exuberant exterior. And I can't blame him, I guess. Not after everything that happened with Sasuke.

"Yeah, right… sorry. I'm just tired of everyone watching me all the time, like I'm gonna explode or something." My apology is not what it could be. I'm still annoyed, despite my every attempt at being rational.

Naruto's face clears and he shrugs. "We-ell, you did tell us Orochimaru just," he pauses, gesturing helplessly, "…let you go. You gotta wonder why he'd do something like that, right?"

"Yeah, I guess," I frown, vaguely wondering why I haven't been more worried about that. Still, it doesn't seem particularly important, even though I get the impression that maybe it should.

"You guess? Unless you're a spy or a weapon or something it makes no sense that he'd ever let you go!"

I flinch and shrug uneasily. "Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure I'd know if I was any of those things, don't you think, Naruto?"

The blond eyes me oddly and the moment stretches until it becomes thoroughly uncomfortable. Finally he nods slowly, though I can see the scepticism in his open, boyish face. "Maybe."

Maybe? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Of course I'd know! Stupid Naruto… But he's not stupid. He never was, even when I used to yell it at him. A wave of guilt rises in my chest then. I thought I'd gotten over this, reconciled my bitchy, flat out mean treatment of Naruto when we were kids. I know he has, for the most part. But I can't help but feel that I'm regressing a bit; I've become such a bitch lately, snapping at Naruto and Kakashi-sensei. But they're just so… grating and restrictive!

I give the blond a flat look, "I would know if I was being used Naruto."

He shrugs, eyes me suspiciously and repeats, "Maybe."

I huff and turn around, marching back towards the hospital, stiff spine and grouchy face. "Whatever."

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