Just You and Me (and everything in between)

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A/N: I really don't know why I keep staying in this fandom. haha


"You're staring off into the distance again."

"I'm thinking."

"What a tiresome feat that must be for you."

"Even now," Mikan sighed in resignation. She had a scowl on her face, but her smile said otherwise.

"Especially now," Natsume said. He settled himself beside her, the brush of his shoulder a cold reminder.

"You would think you would be less…" Mikan trailed off.


She turned to face him, staring at his face, her mouth open to retort before she abruptly closed it. His face, a little softer now after all this time, but still. There was a rough edge around the corner that could never disappear due to a youth that was never his to control, like a stray cat halfway tamed. His garnet eyes, like rubies against the fading sunlight, majestic and they just knew—knew her.

"Less of an arrogant bastard!" Mikan suddenly quipped. She stuck her tongue out at him and he scowled.

"Hardly." Natsume raised his hand toward her cheek automatically to pinch her cheek but paused.

Paused just before his cold hand reached her flushed cheeked.

Mikan turned her head away, her grin a little less sunny, but satisfied nonetheless.

"What were you thinking about?" Natsume clenched and unclenched his hands against his thigh, "Nothing crazy, I assume."

"Since I'm here with you right now, I could already be labeled as crazy, " Mikan stated with a shrug.

"Oh yeah?" Natsume raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"I'm fine with being crazy." Mikan raised her eyes to look at him with a fond expression, "As long as you're there to keep me company."

Natsume snorted. "You're getting spoiled by my company."

"I am," Mikan agreed. "I'll make sure to visit a little less then."

"You've already lessened your visits to once a year," Natsume eyed her speculatively.

Mikan raised her arms in somewhat of a flail as she pouted. "Now who's spoiled?"

He felt like he could almost feel her warmth.

"I miss you," Natsume finally murmured.

"I know you do," Mikan smiled. "I'm okay, you don't have to protect me any longer."


Mikan raised her hand, her fingers pressed, or at least the indication, against his cold, blue-tinged lips. Her hazel eyes were stern and her mouth set in a firm line as she stared him down.

She moved her hand away slowly, and Natsume sighed, shaking his head. "You're impossible, even now."

"Especially now," Mikan beamed up at him. Her eyes quirked upward before looking back at him, "I'll see you next time, yeah?"

She slowly got to her feet, as did Natsume.

He didn't respond, but his eyes never wavered from her face.

"Don't look so lonely," he replied. He took a step back. And another.

And another before he finally turned away.

"Be happy," Mikan said as she sat against the gravestone; her feet lightly kicking the air back and forth like an amused child.

"Trying," he called back. He did not turn back around to look at her.

Mikan watched him walked away until he was nothing but a tiny black blurb along the evening horizon. She turned her gaze at the rising moon. Its light, soft and luminescent, slowly edged its way toward her.

"See you next year," she murmured, her smile never dulling.

The moonbeam finally reached her, her form slowly disappearing like a whisper, leaving only her gravestone behind.


SS: I told myself I would chill out from my GA writing. Ah well, I like this fic. So, I hope most of you all got the basic jist of what's going on. I hope it wasn't like, too saddening or whatnot. Really, this is supposed to be a (kind of) happy fic! haha Tell me what you thought, I'm cool with criticism or venting as well.