The Talk of the Century

On a sunny day in a town called Vocaloid in Japan, two twelve years old twins were picked by their adopted brother and sister from school. Said twins are mirror images of each other, only one is a girl, Rin, and the other is a boy, Len.

"So Len, what did you two learned in school today?" His eighteen years old sister asked in the car on the way home.

"Miku onee- chan, we learned about algebra and history and puberty in health." Rin answered for the both of them.

"That's great, so did you two like those subjects?" Their brother Kaito asked as they arrived home.

"We did, and in health…" Rin started.

"We talked about changes in our body and how we should use condoms to have safe sex." Len finished.

"Who said what about sex?" Twenty- one years old Gakupo and twenty years old Luka came in with a coke in hand.

"We did." Rin and Len raised their hands.

Gakupo face palms himself as he told Kaito, Luka, and Miku that both Rin and Len needs the talk. They all agreed as Gakupo and Kaito took Len in the male's bedroom and Miku and Luka took Rin in the female's bedroom.

"Rin, the teacher told you that a female's body goes through many changes when they hit puberty, right?" Luka asked.

"Yes, Meiko- sensei told us many things and also told us not to have sex before we turn eighteen. Why does she tell us not to have sex before eighteen, Luka onee- chan?" Rin looked at both of them with the cutest puppy eyes look to get an answer, and it's working.

"Its illegal honey and the boy can get arrested when it happens." Miku hoped Rin gets the message of not doing it before eighteen.

"Ok, thank you Miku onee- chan and Luka onee- chan." With that Rin runs off to do her homework.

For Len, the conversation basically went the same way, but Len was more curious as to why it's illegal to have sex before eighteen. Len kept on asking questions that kept going in circles, and before they know it, its dinnertime.

"Gakupo nii- san, why is it illegal if a girl gets pregnant and the baby is conceived when a girl is not eighteen yet?" Both Kaito and Gakupo face palms themselves as they realize that they're going nowhere with the conversation.

"You know what Len? We'll have this conversation another time since dinner is ready." Kaito interjected to stop the conversation before someone wants to kill themselves.

After dinner, both Rin and Len went to bed to prepare for school the next day while everybody else stayed up a bit longer.

"So, how did it go with Rin?" Gakupo questioned lazily.

"It went great. I event told her not to have sex before eighteen because it's illegal and she didn't question me." Luka told the guys while everybody watched TV.

"Lucky you, Len questioned us so much I thought I was going to kill myself." Gakupo replied to an unasked question. Kaito only nodded in agreement. They realizes that they need to have another conversation with Len one day and that one day, well, it was hoped to be better than today.

Author's note: sorry to those readers who want me to update my story, but I'll promise to update at least once this week. Also, this story was written for my English class and my teacher wants it to be a page long, so I wasn't able to write more, so if you find dry humor annoying, I'm really sorry. No flames please.