Inside the castle, fairly-lit with torches, Siegfried set Tira softly on her feet. She felt odd now, having been carried by him for the first time. He was warm… not like anyone she'd ever touched before. Then again, whenever she'd touched someone, they'd been cold with the death she had brought on. Her hand had stayed on his shoulder and now she rubbed it slowly down his left arm, feeling the warmth of life.

Her touch left his flesh tingling, even though she wasn't directly touching his skin. He blushed and turned his face away from hers, his long front locks hiding the most of his cheeks. She stood front-to-front with him and turned his head back with both of her hands on either cheek, under his hair and on his soft, white face. "For a fighter…" she said, giggling a little, "your skin is oddly delicate…"

He smirked. "For what was once a trained assassin, you're oddly emotional…"

She lightly smacked him. Then she turned and started walking ahead of him. He'd shown her this empty, desolate castle before, so she knew where everything was. He followed closely behind her, watching her body. He knew that when she fought, she performed graceful, mesmerizing bodily dances. Her "Dance of Death" fighting style, as she called it. The flowing movements carried into pretty much everything she did. Her hips swayed very… noticeably. And she walked with a certain… silent grace. Perhaps that wasn't the phrase to define it. She turned around swiftly, catching Siegfried by surprise. With a genuine smile she took one of his hands in hers and led them on into the young knight's bedroom. It was much brighter than any other place in the ruins - and at least twice as luxurious. He lived in this room, and didn't bother any other part of the castle, so this was the only one that was decently maintained. There was a large fireplace in the center of the left wall, with a moderately-sized flame already built. In the furthest-left corner was a stand with a set of armor set on it. It looked like Siegfried's armor from when he was a child, and much too small for him to wear now. Behind it was Faust, on a vertical rack with the hilt pointing up.

Something heavy clanked behind Tira. It was only Siegfried sitting on the edge of his bed, taking off his armor piece-by-piece. She turned back around, looking all over the room. She'd never actually been in his room. The whole castle, yes, but not his room. It was his personal chambers. So… why did he let her in this time?

There was a portrait above Siegfried's bed stand. "Who's that?" Tira asked, pointing at it. Siegfried turned his head to look and sighed lifelessly at the image.

"My father…" he said. He began fingering a white lily that was set in a small, white vase underneath the picture. "He… died. He died because I was weak… Soul Edge had a complete hold over my will."

Tira walked up to the bed and slipped off her heels. She climbed onto the bed and crawled over to him from behind on her knees. Whether or not he knew she was behind her, she did not know. He seemed not to give notice.

"He was… one of the greatest men I knew," Siegfried said, lowering his face into his hands. "My mother… My mother is still alive. But I can't face her. I can't face anyone in my family. Not until…" Now he trailed off, his body shuttering. She leaned forward, slowly snaking her arms around his neck and cuddling him from behind, trying to help alleviate the pain as if she could just absorb his emotions into her. The rain had let up outside, though it was now terribly dark - eerie, since it was only evening.

"Siegfried… I've done some terrible things, too…" she said softly. "Things that even Nightmare refused to do. Don't take all the blame for something that's not your fault. Soul Edge is powerful… and it possessed your soul itself. Nobody can be prepared for such an evil being."

He was silent still, though she was glad he'd at least stopped crying. She decided to try maybe a different approach. She loosened her arms around him - just a little, but apparently enough to disturb him - so she could move her face down closer to his neck. "At least… we don't have to suffer our painful curses alone…"she said, her lips grazing the flesh of his neck. He sucked in a large breath of air and almost couldn't let it back out. He'd never been touched like this, he'd never been wanted like this, he'd never been needed like this.

She kissed his neck, leaving soft little butterfly kisses from one side to the other. The clouds rumbled unthreateningly outside, not crossing either of the couple's minds. Siegfried's hands rose to join hers, his head unconsciously tilting back and his eyes closing while he exhaled slowly.

"Does that feel good?" she whispered in his ear. He didn't respond other than turning his head slightly to try and look at her. He slightly opened his eyes, and they appeared slightly glazed and hazy. Not that he was under any kind of spell, mind you.

She smirked and lowered her head again. She licked his neck, then kissed his neck, then bit his neck and held on. He gasped sharply in pleasant surprise. She rubbed his cheek delicately as the rain outside began again. After a moment she stopped and moved around him, sitting in his lap. He was in nothing but his thin under-armor clothes, so she could feel him and his flesh… and something in between his thighs that fit right in with his large, muscled proportions.

Their faces were about three inches away at the tip of the nose. She pushed his hair back with her hands and traced the scar along his eye with her fingertip, causing him to blush slightly due to ticklishness. She let her finger glide down his flesh to the center of his lips, where he kissed it. As she neared, she closed her own eyes and let her hands rest on the tops of his shoulders. Their lips collided, and the thunder struck newly, furiously, outside. But no matter how hard the wolf could've roared, they wouldn't have cared. She moaned into the kiss, his tongue and hers entwining. She leaned her whole body forward, rocking him onto his back as she straddled him. She licked his lips as she broke the kiss, trailing down his cheek onto the flesh over his neck-veins. Tira gripped the bottom of his shirt and brought it up with a gasp at the scars all over his torso. All of them were from his days under Soul Edge's hypnotism, old, deep battle-scars that served as proof of his fighting skill.

She licked each scar slowly, as if each one was a tantalizing strip of candy. Running her hands over his chest, over his scars, she clenched the top of his pants at his waistline with her teeth and slowly drug it down. She used her hands to pull them completely off, and watched as his member sprang up and away from his body, finally unrestricted. The knight blushed as she ran her fingertips along the tip. It made his whole body burn with a new pleasing sensation. After that she licked it from base to tip, swallowing the rod into her mouth before all was done. She sucked as she bobbed her head up and down, enjoying the full flavor of her lover. He gasped, moaned, whined, and set his hand on top of her head, his fingers somewhat buried somewhat in her hair. She stopped with the end of his member in her mouth, stroking the rest of him with both hands. He pulled her back up to kiss her. "That's… That's enough. Now let me do you," he whispered. She cocked an eyebrow and smiled mischievously.

"Ooooh, baby," she whispered. He kissed her, gradually flipping their positions so that she was on the bottom. He licked along her throat to the top of her shirt-thing and stopped. She looked down at him, a coy smile teasing her lips and a twinkle blazing in her eye. Siegfried lowered his head again, blonde hair concealing his face, and ripped her shirt in the center, completely exposing her breasts. The girl blushed, closed her eyes, and laid her head back as she felt the man's touches caressing her body. Her top clothes shed from her like an extra skin as Siegfried ran his tongue over her chest. The girl's nipples hardened and pressed out as the man pushed her breasts together, licking the even-further-defined cleavage. She gasped his name and caressed her left breast as he bit the right one in several places - in one place, hard enough to already star forming a bruise. He tightly squeezed her ass with his other free hand as he slowly kissed his way down to where her panty-line would be (if she actually would wear underwear). He licked across her waistline with only the tip-most part of his tongue, sending all forms of shiver along her body. He snatched the top part of her pants in his teeth and pulled, ripping the fabric. He began pulling the clothing down to her feet, burying his face in her groin.

Tira bolt upright, loudly moaning his name and rocking her body back and forth on the knight's warm, moist tongue. He bit down slightly on her love button with his canine teeth as he pried his tongue out the other side, licking at her lips and fingering her. She wrapped her hands in his golden hair, falling backwards and pulling him back up.

"Go ahead… drive it inside me…" she said enticingly, clamping onto his pelvic-area with her feet so she could wrap her legs entirely around him when he performed his dirty deed. He licked her cheek, reached down, and pushed inside her warmth. She gasped for air, stretching around him in more ways than one… being a virgin and all…

He stopped moving for a second, only half-way inside. "Are you… okay?" he asked, pausing for a painfully tight contraction she had.

"Uh-huh… Uh-huh…" she replied, panting. "Just… slow…"

He complied, slowly sinking the rest of his member into her. She cried out and clawed his back hard enough to bleed him. He nibbled her neck as he began slowly thrusting inside her. "I love you," he whispered during a pause between bites.

She rolled them over so she was on top of him, straddling his lap. She rocked back and forth for a moment, the bulbous end of his member inside her, before she sank into his lap. She gazed at him for a moment before closing her eyes to throw back her head. 'I love you too…' she thought, trying to make a mental note to say that to him later.

Siegfried placed his hands just above her hips, on her love handles, to pull her down onto him harder. 'She's so warm…' he thought. 'No doubt that I am, too…' Tira collapsed her lips onto his, kissing him hotly.

'I'm gonna cum…' she thought, panting into their kiss. It felt like, to her, Siegfried was close, too. He broke the kiss to wrap his arms around her, thrusting his hips upwards into her. She started to cry out incoherently, then cried his name as she collapsed around him. He made a moan-whisper kind of noise as he met his orgasm, leaking his fluid into her.

She shuddered, still feeling her own climax surrounding her, enveloping her. He slowly leaned backward so she could roll off of him and rest a moment. She did so, laying on her back with her right arm over her eyes, panting like mad, but did not let go of his hand.

Outside, the rain was gone, with all its clouds as well, revealing that it was night. The half-moon glared at the earth with a soft yellow light. It looked a little hazy due to the fog from all the rain that now slowly rose to the havens in a vapor form.

Tira shuffled closer to Siegfried, rolling over to place her hand on his chest and feel his heartbeat. He was still so warm… She decided then he was the one she wanted. "I love you, Siegfried Schtauffen…" she said. He ran his fingertips across the back of her hand slowly, smiling back at her.

"I love you, Tira."

He reached down at his feet and grasped the covers to the bed, slowly pulling them overtop of them. She sighed one last time before drifting off to sleep, the blonde knight following her shortly after.