Chapter Plot

Chapter 1

Using a narrow shortcut to the school, 11-year-old Tsukiyomi Ikuto found himself in front of three girls pestering another girl. She was a brunette with circle-shaped eyeglasses.

One of them pushed the helpless girl against the wall, "Hey, Shizuka. We know you got your new set of Louie Vuitton handkerchiefs yesterday. We want them. NOW!"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, Mikiyo," she stuttered as the other one leaned towards her. She was teasing the poor girl only to snatch her bag away.

"Hey! Give it back!" she reached as the girls passed it to one another.

The passing ceased. Then, the other girl, who seemed to be the group's leader, opened her bag, "Hey, what's this?" she said as she flipped the checkered handkerchiefs in the air.

"Please give them back, Nanako. My mom bought those for me" Shizuka pleaded.

Nanako scoffed, "I'm really not interested. Besides, these are fake." She dropped the handkerchiefs in the ground and just as she was about to step on it, a blue-headed boy flashed across them and picked the handkerchiefs up.

"What the –"

The boy stopped right beside Shizuka and handed her the hankies. Then he glared daggers at the girls, "You're blocking my way,"

One of them mumbled, "No way!" and the others went "Kyaaaaaaaaaa!"

Shizuka's eyes sparkled, "T-Tsukiyomi Ikuto-senpai!"

Fuu, one of the girls, stepped towards Ikuto with her eyes sparkling, as well, "It's true! You are 'Hot 'n Cool'!"

"Get away from him, Fuu! He's mine!" Nanako shoved Fuu away and leaned towards Ikuto. "Right, Iku –"

Her sentence stopped as she saw Ikuto glared at her, "Get out of my way,"

"I'm-I'm so sorry, Tsukiyomi-kun," Nanako said as she bowed repeatedly to Ikuto, "C'mon girls," and they all scrammed away.

Ikuto scoffed, "Jerks," he muttered to himself. Then, he felt someone tug his uniform.

"Tsukiyomi-senpai," he turned around and saw Shizuka holding on to his shirt, "Th-Thanks for helping me,"

He sighed, "Look, I didn't really intend to help you. I was just passing by. Try to be careful next time."

"So cool~" Shizuka giggled as her eyes continued to sparkle.

-In Seiyo Academy-

The girls were chit-chatting in the room as they wait for their homeroom teacher. As usual, their topics were about the 'Hot 'n Cool' student in their class.

"Hey, I saw Tsukiyomi-kun stop some girls pestering another girl this morning!" one girl exclaimed.

"Really? That's so cool!" the other one said

"They say he's going to be the next King's Chair,"

The girl near Ikuto glanced at him before speaking, "I know, right? He's so great!"

"Not to mention, handsome, too! It's a shame we can't get close to him." Said another.

The 1st girl sighed, "He's just so different from the other boys,"


The 3rd girl tried to break the gloomy atmosphere, "But, look! The way he wears his uniform is so hot! I mean, he doesn't wear a necktie and keeps the three upper buttons open,"

"And instead of wearing shorts, he wears pants! So mature-looking," the 2nd girl added.

"Hey, and you know what? His mom is the editor of a famous fashion magazine!"

"While his dad is an ace photographer," the 4th girl pointed out.

"So cool~" all three chorused.

The 2nd girl leaned closer, "Listen to this, his girlfriend is a model in England and she's a year older than us!"

With that statement, all the girls went "Kyaaaaaaaaaa!"

They're making up rumors again. Actually, it's not really what it looks like. Ikuto thought.

-At home: Ikuto's POV-

I went home exhausted. I had been pulling off my 'Hot 'n Cool' character all day long. And now I have to deal with my little brother, Akuto.

"Nii-chan! Nii-chan!" Akuto came running towards me as he entered the house, "It's Saeki Nobuko-sensei! She's going to tell my fortune today," he said as he shoved the magazine to my face.

I took the magazine away from my features, "Akuto, she's fake. Don't read anymore of this stuff, alright?"

My little bro frowned, "But, Nii-chan! It says here, that there are guardian spiweets among us. We just can see them,"

I ruffled his blonde hair as I smiled gently at him, "It's 'spirits', Akuto. Not 'spiweets',"

"It also says here that you should not doubt the spiweets because they are your would-be-selves."

Guardian spirits? Yeah, right.

"And if you doubt them, you'll die,"

Die? Gulp. But then, I managed to pull my 'Hot 'n Cool' character off, "Akuto, Nii-chan is tired right now. So, we'll talk about this spirits of yours over dinner later, okay?" The kid nodded in obedience.

I went up not knowing my parents were watching me and Akuto. If you look closer to them, you could tell they mouthed, "So cool~" at the same time.

-End of POV-

-Ikuto in his room-

Ikuto threw his body at his bed and exhaled out of exhaustion, "I'm dead tired acting like that in school and at home," then, he immediately stood up and pulled his house pants up his waist, "Well, I guess I can't change back now that I've already started,"

But all I wanted was to have friends and be able to play sports with them. I wanted to wear cool clothes like the other boys wear but I already changed my wardrobe in a gothic-punk inspired one.

I wish I could change character.

Or at least decide on what I want to be.

What I want my would-be-self to be.

Would-be-self? That's right! The guardian spiweets! I mean, 'spirits'.

Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to try would it? Oh, well… Might as well try it for myself.

And so, Ikuto clamped his hands together, murmured something about helping him find his would-be-self and stuff.

-Next day: Ikuto's POV-

I nearly fell off when I felt three lumps in my bed and found out that there were three eggs resting under my bottom. (A/N: Just imagine Ran, Miki, and Suu's eggs; they're pretty much alike)

"What the heck?"

This is freakin' weird!

I tried to poke the yellow one and it was warm.

"Maybe there's something alive in there." Then, I wrapped them with a towel and kept them hidden inside my bag.

-End of POV-

-In Seiyo Academy-

Ikuto was really worrying about the eggs. So, he checked it every now and then. And he was so preoccupied that he didn't even listen to the teacher's lectures. Then, suddenly he found out that his classes were over and that it was time to go home. But then again, there was this big crowd blocking his only exit. He was not that eager to go home, but, he wanted to examine his eggs so badly. He was figuring out a way through until he heard a girl screech, "The Seiyo Academy Guardians! Kyaaaaaaaaaa!"

"Guardians?" Ikuto murmured to himself. Apparently, he was heard by some girls from behind.

One of them went near him, "Oh, that's right! You transferred here in the middle of the year. So, you don't know them,"

"I see," he stared at the crowd as it gave way to the so-called 'Guardians'.

The first one to walk was a tall girl. "She's Souma Kuukari, a sixth grader and the captain of the volleyball team, owner of the Ace's Chair," her hair was dark brown and she had emerald eyes.

"That guy over there is Yuiki Yayo. He's a fourth grader and has the Jack's Chair," She said as Ikuto saw the one they were mentioning. He was the shortest and had the mixture of brown and blonde hair. His hazel eyes were sparkling brightly like a child – well, he is a child.

The girl beside him noticed he was staring at them, "That's Fujisaki Nagihiko, the owner of the King's Chair and an honor student, he's in our class," she said pointing at the princely, long, indigo-haired boy with topaz irises.

"That one's Hotori Tahemi," the other girl pointed out.

Ikuto gawked at the blonde girl, "I'm guessing the Queen's Chair is hers,"

She's so beautiful. Baby-like, wine eyes and thin lips. I'd like to talk to her sometime. He thought. Then, suddenly, an egg twitched inside his bag. Huh?

One of the girls poked him, "Hey, Tsukiyomi-kun, are you listening?"

"Oh, y-yeah,"

"I said she's also a fifth grader,"

He pulled off the 'Hot 'n Cool' expression in his face, "So?"

They're coming this way! What do I do? His thoughts filled his mind as he saw the guardians walking his way. Then, the one of the eggs twitched for the second time in his bag.

"What the heck?" he murmured to himself as he opened his bag. There he saw the green egg moving like crazy. Then, it suddenly stopped. Huh?

The owner of the Queen's Chair, Tahemi, saw Ikuto looking inside his bag. She walked towards him as he shut his bag close, "Excuse me," she said while grabbing Ikuto's shoulder.


The noise totally ceased as everyone saw Ikuto slap the queen's hand right off his shoulder. One even said, "He's dead!" and another yelled, "How could he do that?"

Ikuto glared daggers at everyone, including the shocked queen, "I don't have any business with you 'Guardians'. So, don't grab me like that, 'Little Queen',"

Tahemi was in deep shock that the only thing she could say was, "I-I'm sorry,"

Ikuto walked towards the exit with his 'Hot 'n Cool' character in charge. He didn't even look back as the crowd started to say things against him.

-Tahemi's POV-

Meanwhile, the guardians gathered in the Royal Garden right after the chaos that afternoon. The King was speaking when I interrupted.

"Fujisaki-kun, the boy we met earlier… I think he has the eggs." I said directly.

"Yes, I, myself, saw it, too," Fujisaki-kun approved

Souma-san rested her head on her hand, "Could it be…"

"He's probably going to be the wielder of the Humpty Lock," Yuiki-kun ended.

-End of POV-