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[A/N] This is a short outtake for my story WTHN. For those of you, who are reading that story, the little scene below takes place in Chapter 4, the morning after Bella and Alice have spent their first night together.

I might add some more stuff here too. Missing scenes, flashbacks or whatever comes into this chaotic mind of mine. Feel free to leave suggestions if you have any.

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**Liquid Dreams**

Her chestnut-colored hair covered most of her face and I fought the almost unbearable urge to pull it over her shoulder so that I could kiss the bare skin on her shoulder blade.

A low whimper left her throat and for a moment I wondered if she was already awake. Then the whimper turned into a loud snoring noise and I had to suppress a giggle.

She snores. How damn cute can it get?

I licked my lips and a shiver of lust went straight to my core when I realized that there was still a slight hint of her on them.

How tempting was the thought to turn her around and caress every inch of her velvety skin with my mouth. Would she let me do it? I wasn't sure and I was, somewhere deep inside of me terribly afraid of the moment she would wake up.

What we had done last night had been incredible, earth-shattering but on the other hand it had been wrong in way more ways that I had words for.

Today was definitely going to be a difficult day. The day after the first sex, was always a difficult day. What if she would tell me that she didn't want to do it again?

Damn it, Ali, don't get your hopes up too high. She's definitely going to regret it. How can she not regret cheating on her husband? She's not that kind of girl…

The truth was that I wasn't that kind of girl too. Someone who belonged to someone else was strictly of limits for me and still I hadn't managed to keep my hands off of her last night.

Maybe it had to do with the embarrassing fact that I hadn't been with anyone since Victoria or it was the knowledge that she had never been touched by another woman before.

Whatever it was it made the beautiful creature next to me more desirable to me than any other person on earth.

I leaned forward and inhaled the sweet Strawberry scent of her hair. She mumbled something in her sleep that I couldn't really understand before she turned to her right side.

One of her nipples hardened under the thin cotton fabric of her shirt and I felt a throbbing between my legs that was almost painful when I thought about sucking it greedily into my mouth to nibble on it.

There was no way I could spend just one more minutes in her presence without touching her.

Slowly I stood up from the bed, grabbed some clothes from the closet and rushed into the bathroom at the other side of the hall.

When I stepped into the shower and the steaming, hot water poured down naked body, I couldn't hold back a low moan from escaping my lips.

My fingertips massaged the vanilla body wash all over my body, making my nipples pebble into hard nubs when I circled my thumbs over them.

It had been too long and now that I had the fresh memory of exploring the gorgeous, curvy body just a few rooms away from me, the unsaturated lust in me increased with every single beat of my heart.

How good would it feel to have her in here with me, to press my body against the soft roundness of her ass and to squeeze the hardened tips of her seductively full breasts between my fingertips...

I bet they were big enough to suckle her own nipples and I tried to imagine her tongue moving over the rosy tips. God, the thought gave me goose bumps…the good kind of.

Another moan escaped my throat and I was thankful that the running water would hopefully be able to absorb all of them.

I rolled my nipples between my thumbs and forefinger, imagining my hand being her warm mouth when I pinched them gently.

My hand moved down my stomach, circling the skin right underneath my belly button for a moment before it disappeared between my bare outer lips.

Here I was already slick and warm and the throbbing pearl of my clit pulsated hungrily against my fingertips as if it was begging me for the release my body craved for.

Hesitantly I started stroking up and down my slit, coating my fingers in my wetness before I focused my attention on the sensitive bundle of nerves around my clit. Each time my fingers nudged against the tiny pearl a shiver of lust went through me.

Oh, how much I wished my fingers to be her lips and mouth, the tip of her tongue drawing small circles over my clit while she held me open with two of her fingers.

I grabbed the shower head above me and pressed it between my legs, making the muscles in my stomach tighten when the warm droplets of water massaged my clit.

For a moment I wondered how she touched herself and the thought about watching her while she rubbed her inner lips tenderly it was almost enough to bring me over the edge of my lust.

My breath came out in rash moans and I closed my eyes when I shoved two of my fingers into my slick entrance to curl them upwards against my belly.

Her fingers, I thought. I want her fingers inside of me, rubbing that sensitive spot deep within me while her tongue circles the throbbing pearl of my lust.

A heartbeat later my inner walls clenched around my fingers and I had to hold on to the glass wall in front of me to keep me from collapsing on the ground of the shower.

My entire body turned into a quivering, boneless nothing while the waves of my climax rushed through it over and over again, letting her name die on my lips when manage to open my eyes again.

Bella, oh, Bella…

Next time, I thought, next time I definitely want you to be in here with me. If there is a next time, that is. But for now I couldn't do anything but wish for it, knowing that sometimes wishes come true.