I'd forgotten this story idea until I ran across a scribble in my notebook underneath a grocery list, "This time, actually for potatoes." I think I woke up from a dream with that line in my mind. This is the story that resulted. I don't know if there will be more chapters, now that Steve has invaded Danny's space in my head. I'll leave it open.

Super SEAL and the Frozen Potatoes

Searching for evidence, Steve McGarrett had just opened the upper compartment of the refrigerator/freezer when he heard a yell from his partner in the basement.

Footsteps pounded up the basement stairs and the drug dealing homeowner burst into the kitchen, a wicked hunting knife in his hand. Steve's hands were occupied, with a bag of frozen food in each hand.

Steve saw the tip of the knife was discolored with blood. His blue eyes grew as cold as the ice cube tray.

The drug dealer lunged. Steve blocked with his left hand and the knife plunged deeply into a bag of frozen peas. As little globes of green dribbled musically to the linoleum, the SEAL swept the knife hand aside and swung the bag of Tater Tots in his right hand, wielding it with flips of the wrist like loose and flopping nunchuks. The frozen nuggets impacted solidly with the suspect's temples, left, right and then, with a full roundhouse swing, the left temple again. The man staggered, slipped on the peas and fell headlong at the feet of Danny Williams, standing in the doorway.

Seeing Danny had just a small, red-stained cut on his shirtsleeve, Steve's eyes defrosted. He dropped the potatoes and — deliberately — took a solidly frozen turkey leg from the freezer and clubbed the drug dealer unconscious.

Steve stood over his fallen foe, letting the tension drain away.

"Geez!" Danny said, impressed. "You must have been hell in high school food fights."

Danny rolled the suspect over, mashing his face in the thawing peas, and handcuffed him. The man's eyes fluttered. "What hit me?" he moaned.

"Everything but the kitchen sink," Danny answered, hauling the suspect to his feet.

"I thought the place was clear," Steve said angrily.

"So HPD said," Danny agreed. "He had a hidey hole in the basement. Secret door and everything. But I found it, unfortunately for him — and me." He glanced at the cut on his forearm.

"You OK?"

"It's just a scratch, but I just bought this shirt," Danny complained.

"If you wore short sleeves …"

Danny waved the familiar advice away. Short sleeve shirts looked stupid with a tie and the tie stayed.

Steve chuckled, "Book him, Danno. Then come over to my place for dinner." He surveyed the food on the floor. "For some reason I'm hungry."

— H50 —

By the time Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua arrived, Steve had made a grocery run and had turkey breasts sizzling on the grill and peas simmering on the stove. And in the oven … "Tater Tots?" Kono questioned, peering inside the oven. The childhood favorites didn't seem like Super SEAL health food.

"I had a craving," Steve said with a shrug.

Danny stored the bag with the remaining Tater Tots in Steve's freezer. "Yeah, this time he wanted them just for the potatoes."