16th July 2012

Hello, everyone.

This is a very important message to my beloved readers and amazing subscribers; Kurushi-hen will not be updated on this 'file'. However, I will upload it as a new story.

That was the short version, and all you really need to know. So go to my page if you wish to read the story, and find the new one! It's still called Kurushi-hen and everything!

Below will be the LONG story. You don't need to read it, but some might be curious after all.

~ Cherrylin.

The LONG and COMPLETE story behind this!

The 19th June 2011, I started publishing this story to FF. Ever since then, I have had a habit of making a few other stories too, and eventually, I tried to write "Presumption of Innocence". I halted Kurushi-hen to work on this, but lost the inspiration. I wanted to finish PoI before continuing Kurushi-hen, but eventually, more than half a year went, and Kurushi-hen only had a good 7 chapters uploaded.

A few months ago, I decided I'd update Kurushi-hen. I'd rewrite all the uploaded chapters, take the critique the wonderful reviewers left me, and I'd update it.

My first deadline was the 19th June 2012, exactly one year later.

Then life got in the way and I got busy. I pushed the deadline, eventually to the 17th July.

I had decided I wanted to update all the chapters, just simply update them on FF. Take the old prologue, replace with the new, etc.., and I'd upload all the new versions the same day...

But, I got too busy, and couldn't possibly make it to the deadline. Instead, I decided I'd update them one by one, as I finished them. As regards to how to notify people, I thought I'd message those people who told me they wanted to alert them. I thought this was simple.

It wasn't. Turns out, that this way, people can't leave a review if they wish to. FF thinks you already left a review, and you can't leave more than one, apparently.

"Okay", I told myself. Then we'll just upload them as new chapters. Then people will get notified too!
But what will then happen? Then reviews for the prologue will be labelled for "chapter 11" because FF doesn't have the best system for organizing..

So I tried to move the new, updated prologue (uploaded as a new chapter) to spot "Chapter 2", where it should be ("Chapter 1" is misc.). Well, what happens? FF thinks first of all that it's a replaced chapter, so all the old reviews returned and stuff.. secondary, it also reported an error that you couldn't review because the chapter didn't exist.. wtf?

So.. a tough decision for me, I will upload Kurushi-hen, my pride, as a new story. Under same name and everything, but you'll have to go to my profile page to find the new one.

I really, really, really apologize for all inconvenience and confusion this has caused my readers. Really. I am so sorry for all this mess, and I really hope you haven't given entirely up on me. Just go follow the 'new' Kurushi-hen, and everything should work out.. I've definitely learned from this, so all this mess won't happen again.

Again.. Thank you for being amazing people.