It was a surprise to walk into the bathroom to find Quinn Fabray crying her eyes out under the sinks, and despite how awful the girl treated her, Rachel decided to see what was wrong.

"Quinn? Are you okay? What's wrong?" Rachel squatted down in front of the pregnant blonde carefully.

"I'm scared." Wiping her eyes she sat up a little straighter. "I'm scared Finn…Finn will find out."

"Find out what sweetie?" Rachel squeezed herself in between Quinn and the wooden divider that helped support the porcelain sinks.

"That the baby isn't his." Quinn looked over at Rachel, as much as she disliked the girl, she knew she wouldn't tell without a reason.

"Oh, well, he'll find out sooner or later, he might be mad at you, and he'll need time to recover and think things over—if he's capable—but I'm sure he'd understand what happened." Rachel gathered the bigger girl in her arms, dragging the blonde into her lap.

"No he won't, because it was over you, and Glee that I cheated with Puck of all people." Quinn sniffled and leaned into the brunette.

"Hm, he loves you, he would've left by now if he didn't. Tell him when you're ready, but you can't keep lying to him. It's noticeably stressing you out and it's not good for the baby." Rachel kissed her cheek. "I'll be here whenever you need me."

"Why?" Quinn looked up at her with big watery green eyes.

"As much as you hate to admit it, Glee is my family, the closest I've ever had to friends. I'll do everything in my power to help any one of you if you'll all let me." Rachel brushed the blonde's hair back. "Quinn, I won't tell if you're not ready, but if I need to I will. Finn doesn't believe to be lied to."

"I love him, I truly do, despite what people say." Quinn burrowed her head into Rachel's chest. "I know this will make you seem like the bad guy, but will you tell him? Not yet, not until I'm a little further along and I find a permanent residence. The doctor said that I can't be too stressed out until my second trimester, and even then it's still dangerous."

"Just say the word." Rachel settled her chin on Quinn's head. "You can stay with my dads and I if you'd like. We have an extra room, and they're hardly ever home anyways. I can talk to them tonight, and you can stay over as well."

"Are you sure?" Quinn looked up at Rachel, the stony persona the blonde always held was gone, leaving a lost puppydog

"Yes, and if you need hospital bills paid or anything I'll help. I never really splurge my allowance so I've saved up quite a bit." Rachel kissed the girls forehead gently. "Anything Quinn."

"Thank you." Quinn sat up and shimmied out from under the sink, dragging Rachel with her. Bending down slighty the blonde hesitated before firmly planting her lips gently on Rachel's.