Hello. So I've been learning sign language for awhile and I really love it. I also love Reed and Shane. That's when this idea came to me and I just had to write it. Even if no one else read it, I had to write it for myself. Some people showed interest so I decided to post it! Here you go, chapters will probably get longer and rating will definitely change to M later. Just a warning.

Title is based on the song Take Me There by the Rascal Flatts. It's amazing, listen to it!

Lastly, Glee isn't mine and neither are the characters. Only the plot.

And flashbacks will happen later, telling how everyone else met Reed and how they got to him.

But first we start with Shane.

There's a place in your heart, nobody's been, take me there.

Shane was staring. Just staring. It was all he could do. His brain wasn't quite working properly at the moment. He had stopped talking midsentence because the words just seemed to evaporate out of his thoughts. He couldn't think passed the beautiful face that was staring up at him. Although beautiful didn't seem to be the right word, it didn't really do justice to this strawberry blond. He was struck so suddenly he didn't even notice the dark purple scar that twisted on the base of his neck.

He finally seemed to snap out of it and managed speak in a breathy voice, "Pardon me for five seconds," before grabbing a very unwilling Blaine and pulling him aside, "Whoisthat?"


"Whoisthat?" he repeated, pointing dramatically to the small boy who was still just a little confused by the person who had stalked up to him and started introducing himself before abruptly stopping.

"That's Reed. Why are you acting so-"Blaine didn't have the chance to finish due to Shane interrupting with his jumbled words.


"I did, you never listen to me. Shane this is really not-"Shane didn't hear the rest because he was running back to Reed so fast the usually extremely coordinated dancer almost tripped.

"Hi," he breathed with an unusually large grin, "I'm Shane and you're Reed right?" Reed was not given the opportunity to respond as Blaine had made his way over to the two of them and was trying to pull his brother away.

"Shane, come here," his tugging was to no avail, but he didn't give up.

Shane simply threw his hand off. "I'm sorry for acting so strange earlier," Reed was just staring up at him with a confused (and adorable, in Shane's opinion) expression, "I bet you think I'm really weird now, don't you?"

"Shane!" Blaine resorted to yelling.

Shane bit back the irritated scowl and turned to his brother, not bothering to hide the annoyance in his face, "What?"

Blaine was giving him a sort of look that he didn't exactly understand. Wes stood next to him, also sporting a look of disapproval.

Before either had the chance to speak the hall was filled with a mass of sudden people. Shane watched as the people, some of which he recognized, called out each other's names in surprise.

It took him a little off guard when a tall, blonde woman with high cheekbones and expensive looking clothing stepped forward, gasping "Reed!"

Shane's head immediately snapped back to Reed, who stood there staring at the woman in surprise, eyes wide.

"My goodness," she seemed to glide over and grab his wrist, tugging on his clothes and straightening them out. Shane quietly laughed to himself as Reed struggled to pull away from the woman who was now patting down his hair. Must be his mother, he thought amused.

He continued to observe Reed's every move as another man appeared, yelling about Logan and medicine and something Shane really didn't care about. He was still scrutinizing Reed, who was staring at the people with large eyes. Large, beautiful brown eyes, Shane mentally noted.

When the two authoritative looking figures began barking out orders, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He reluctantly tore his eyes away to see Blaine standing beside him, wearing that odd look again.

"I have to tell you something," he whispered.

"What is it?" Shane asked as his eyes automatically trailed back to the small boy who looked rather uncomfortable in his mother's grasp.

"There's something you should know about Reed," even though Blaine's voice was quiet, this most definitely caught Shane's attention.

He turned back, "It's not that he's straight right? Because you know that won't stop me."

Blaine shifted, looking uneasy, "No it's not that. I actually don't even know what his orientation is."

"Quit stalling and just tell me."

Shane's attention was drawn back when Hilde grabbed her son and attempted to pull him away, "Let's go, Reed."

Reed managed to stand his ground and jerked his wrist back roughly, forcing her to face him. His right hand flew up to his face, thumb touching chin while his other four fingers wiggled.

Shane's eyebrow arched as he watched the movement curiously, feeling somewhat confused.

"Don't give me that, we're leaving. Right now," his mother said with finality.

He held up the same hand, tapping his first two fingers to his thumb twice. To accompany the action and display his distaste, he stomped his foot. Shane watched, stunned, as his hands made more unusual movements. Sometimes they touched his chest, other times they touched each other. They moved far too fast for Shane to even begin to make any sort of sense of them.

Hilde only looked more annoyed. "Reed! Slow down! You know I can't understand what you're saying when you sign that fast!"

Shane's body twitched slightly as realization crashed onto him. Sign? As in sign language? Which meant…

So that's what Blaine was trying to tell him. No wonder Reed looked so confused during his introduction. Shane mentally kicked himself. Of course Reed was looking at him strange. It was because he couldn't hear a thing Shane was saying.

Reed was deaf. But Shane was inexplicably drawn to him from the get go. And even though this put quite the twist on things, it made no difference to him. He liked Reed. He didn't wholly know why, but he did. And this wasn't going to change a thing.

He was still going to get to know this small, mysterious boy. Even though it would be difficult, Shane wasn't one to give up so easily.

"Your brother has something in his eye," Kurt was smiling at Blaine, gesturing to where Shane was standing back stage, trying (and failing) to be discreet about watching Reed, "It appears to be madness. Is he always like this?"

"He's kind of hard to explain," Blaine sighed, "I hope he doesn't scare him too badly. He's never known anyone like Reed, and I mean that in more than one way. I just pray he behaves himself."

Blaine sighed again as Shane made his way over to where Reed was standing, quietly observing all the hustle and bustle of back stage.

"But I guess that's not going to happen."

Shane eyed the small boy curiously. He noted that he had silently followed the rest of his friends backstage for the Warbler's Winterfest performance, despite not being a Warbler himself. Emotional support, Shane decided, attributing this to his growing list of observations. Reed was kind, generous, and generally an amicable person; and even though he was quiet and abstruse, those things spoke volumes.

Taking a deep breath, he began walking cautiously towards him, intent on getting a second chance at an introduction.

Reed looked up as he arrived in front of him.

"Um. Hi," Reed titled his head as Shane continued, "I'm reeallyy ssoorrrryy aabboouutt eaarrlierr," he spoke slowly and little more loudly. When Reed only continued to look at him with a bewildered expression, Shane understood. Of course! Someone who can read lips -and Shane assumed Reed could judging by how he interacted with his mother- do better if people speak at a normal pace. Going too fast or slow would only make your lips look unnatural.

"Oh!" he felt flustered. This was also the first time he felt even a little bit shy, "Sorry! Um. What I was saying is I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to be so oblivious or offensive. Which makes me even sorrier about what just now happened." He laughed nervously.

He felt such a wave of relief when Reed smiled at him, appearing to have understood what he said. The feeling changed to a little bit of uncomfortable disappointment when he realized he couldn't understand what Reed's hands were signing to him in response.

"I- I'm sorry. I don't know what you're saying." He looked at his feet, ashamed as Reed pursed his lips, looking conflicted.

A voice to the left caused Shane to look back up. "He said not to worry about it."

He turned to see the tall, blond Brightman twins grinning at them. Reed nodded excitedly at Shane with his own big smile, confirming what the twins just said.

Shane still felt a little confused. "Wait, you guys know sign language?"

"Yes," Evan stepped forward.

"Our sister Audrey is deaf, remember?" Ethan followed.

"Oh yeah. Well it's a good thing you do." Shane said awkwardly. He had never been in a situation even remotely similar to this. "Well what I mean is, at least I know what he said."

"Man chill out," Evan clapped an arm around the tall dancer's shoulders.

Ethan appeared at his other side, doing the same. "You're not offending anyone."

Evan turned his gaze to Reed. "Did he offend you?"

Reed made the same motion with his right hand that Shane had seen him make to his mother earlier; the one where his fingers and thumb tapped together. Instead of stomping, this time he was smiling.

"That means no," Ethan informed him. "So don't worry so much, okay?"

Shane nodded, feeling immensely better, "Yeah. Alright."

"Besides," Evan said as he and his twin stepped back, "We have to go. We're on in… now."

Reed gave them a thumbs up, smiling wildly.

"Thanks Reed," Ethan started.

"But I doubt we'll need it," Evan finished before they raced off to get in position.

After watching them go, Shane turned back, giving Reed his wholehearted attention. "So I'm guessing that means good luck?"

Reed nodded as his closed fist moved twice, as if he was knocking on a door.

"And that would mean yes, am I right?"

Reed started nodding again with a grin spreading across his face. Shane found his smile to be quite contagious.

"Well I'm just learning a whole lot of sign language today, huh?"

When Reed began nodding again, with the same grin, that's when Shane noticed. Right underneath his jaw line and across his neck was a dark jagged line, prominent against his milky white skin. The scar was a deep purple, darkened with age.

Reed saw where his eyes where lingering and his hand rose up, covering the scar gingerly. His discomfort was palpable and Shane quickly looked away.

"I'm sorry," he began, feeling horrible for having to apologize to this cordial boy for the third time that day. He didn't get any further because Blaine had stepped forward, done with the Warblers' performance as the applause and blazer clad students filing out back stage would suggest, and was pulling him away.

"What are you doing?" he hissed quietly.

"Uh I was talking to Reed. What are you doing?"

"Look Shane," Blaine started, completely ignoring Shane's question, "Could you please try to dial it down a couple notches when you're with him?"

Shane looked at him suspiciously, "What are you talking about?"

"I don't know what your fascination with him is but take it easy. I know he's nice and all, but he can be a nervous wreck. I don't need you scaring him. He can barely handle himself, much less all your… personality."

"What?" Shane asked, feeling a little slandered, "Am I not allowed to stare and have some mild degree of fascination? Have you seen him?"

"Yes I've seen him, that's my point. You don't know what he's been through."

Shane felt a little perturbed at that. "What? What's that supposed to mean?" His eyes sought out the boy in question, who was signing happily to the twins, most likely congratulating them.

Blaine sighed, looking at the ground, "Nothing. Just please try to cool it okay?"

Shane shrugged, still not entirely at ease with what his brother just said, "I can make no promises. You just can't ask me to stop being me."

"I know that," Blaine was looking back at him, "But if you see him get a little uncomfortable with something, then drop it. Don't dwell. Got it?"

"Yes sir. Jeez dad," Shane rolled his eyes. "Speaking of dad, he says if you come home for Christmas he'll get you a gig singing in the King's Island Christmas Spectacular."

Blaine looked as though this announcement held no appeal whatsoever.

"Oh really. Awfully giving of him. Singing what exactly?"

Shane was happy his brother had agreed to come home for the holidays. After all, spending time at home with just his parents was not an idea he particularly relished.

He was even more pleased to discover Blaine planned on spending New Years with his friends in New York. That most likely meant Reed would be there, which meant Shane most definitely would, whether Blaine liked it or not.

He followed Blaine into the common room of Windsor, determined to have one last goodbye with Reed before he had to leave. After all, Blaine had so rudely pulled him away before he had the chance to properly apologize.

Reed was upstairs, waiting for Kurt to finish packing so they could leave together. He was listening as Kurt dotted on about Blaine's song, his own solo, and most embarrassing of all, Shane.

"I mean come on. He's definitely interested in you," he grinned suggestively, facing Reed's direction.

Reed snatched up his dry erase board with the attached marker and quickly scrawled a message.

Don't say things like that!

Kurt shrugged, "Well it's true!"

As if on cue, Dwight peered into the room, turning to Reed and saying, "Shane's waiting for you downstairs, trying to get people to get you to come see him. I swear to Castiel, he's morphosed into some kind of sex demon and it's not boding well for the team when it's working even for me."

Kurt laughed and felt just a little- okay a lot- triumphant as his previous statement was basically confirmed by another source.

Reed's cheeks flared, and he thrust Dwight the board that still displayed the same message.

To escape Kurt's knowing gaze, he left the room, going down the stairs in search of a certain curly haired trouble maker.

"Reed!" David yelled before turning, now face to face with the small artist, "Oh there you are. Could you please say goodnight to Shane before we kick him out of the dormitory?"

Reed's checks darkened as he walked passed David's smirk and into the common room. Shane waved eagerly upon seeing him enter.

Reed gave a small smile and walked over to the excited boy.

"Hi. I just wanted to formally say goodbye. And finish apologizing for earlier, you know before Blaine pulled me away."

Shane watched as Reed made the same sign he first saw him do up close, the one that the twins had told him meant not to worry about it.

Reed could practically see the wheels in Shane's head turning as he tried to decipher Reed's words. It only then occurred to him that he should have brought his board down with him, to better communicate with this strange boy, who he had been informed was Blaine's younger, much more rambunctious brother.

"That means don't worry about it right?"

Reed nodded, feeling his smile grow a little.

"Well before I go, I have to a question to ask you." Reed signaled for him to continue. "You know how the twins are inviting everyone to their house in New York for New Years?" Reed nodded, "Well I was just wondering if perhaps you were joining them?" Shane rushed the last sentence, feeling a little embarrassed for prying into his life. It was when Reed was looking at him curiously that it hit. "Oh crap! I'm not supposed to do that! I said," he spoke slower now, at normal pace, "I was just wondering if you were joining them?"

Reed looked even more confused, first wondering why Shane wanted to know, now wondering why he repeated himself, before nodding and using his fist to do the knocking motion.

Shane recognized this, "That means yes, yes?"

Reed's lips twitched and he nodded the affirmative.

"Fantastic!" Shane exclaimed before he could stop himself. "What I mean is uh, that's great because I'll be there too. With Blaine. And it'll be nice to see you again. I mean if you don't mind that is."

Reed just smiled brightly at him, helping ease some of Shane's nerves. It was then that Blaine came down stairs, looking lightheaded and blushing, and Shane knew it was time to wrap this up.

"Well I look forward to seeing you there then." He gave Reed his most award winning smile, causing the smaller boy's cheeks to tint with pink. He signed something that Shane didn't understand before waving goodbye.

Shane waved back before he noticed Blaine staring at him with a look that said get-your-butt-over-here-now.

"Well bye bye!"

Reed waved his hand again and Shane assumed that must really be how you say goodbye in sign language. He smiled, taking in Reed's image one last time before following his brother out of the house and to his car, desperately wanting Christmas to go by so New Years could arrive. Because New Years meant days with Reed in the same house. And days with Reed in the same house meant he would inevitably learn more about this obscure boy. And he couldn't wait.

"Woo hoo! Going to New York! Going to New York! Woo hoo! Going to New York!"

"Shane will you please shut the heck up?" Blaine said from where he was rubbing his temples, sitting beside his brother in the car on the way to the airfield. This was not something he wanted to hear at four in the morning. "I told you. First we have to go get Kurt and the rest of the guys. Then we're going to New York."

The twins had arrived fairly early to pick up the Anderson brothers in their private jet first. Next was the rest of the boys, and then they were on their way to the twin's condo.

"But that means we're getting Reed next right?"

"Actually," his brother looked out the window, long suffering, "No."

"What?" Shane felt scandalized, "What do you mean no?"

"Reed lives in New York too genius. He'll already be with the twins when we get there."

Blaine realized, now too late, that saying this was a mistake. If Shane was annoying before, it was nothing in comparison to how he was acting now that he was informed Reed would there waiting when they arrived. And they still had ten minutes to go. Ten more minutes in a car with an excitable Shane. At four in the morning.

Blaine banged his head against the window.

Shane stepped out of the car, practically knocking Blaine over as he did so. But Blaine was going far too slow in his opinion.

"Hello there White Rabbit and Little Bat!" the twins called down from the top of the stairs that came out the Boeing.

"Um what?" Shane turned to his brother who had just appeared at his side.

"They give everyone they're particularly interested in nicknames from Alice in Wonderland." Blaine explained, looking tired. All he wanted to do was get to Ohio so he could finally see Kurt again.

"Which one am I?"

"I'm assuming Little Bat since I'm the White Rabbit."

"But why?" Shane blinked, still not fully understanding.

"I'm the White Rabbit since I lead Kurt, who is Alice, to Wonderland. I'm guessing you're the Little Bat because of the song the Dormouse sings."

"Wait. What?" Blaine's explanation was not helping in the least bit.

Blaine sighed. "Reed is the Dormouse you idiot."

Shane was now feeling wildly elated. "Really? That reminds me." He turned to the twins who were still perched on top of the stairs, "Where's Reed?" he called up to them.

"Inside." They answered simultaneously, both wearing the same all-knowing smirk.

Shane wasted no time running up the stairs, leaving the rest of the luggage to his poor brother.

The twins moved aside, still smirking, before going down to help Blaine out.

Shane skidded to a stop, hardly having time to look around at the grand plane, before he saw Reed standing there organizing paint brushes, papers, and a couple of canvases. Knowing Reed couldn't hear him or even acknowledge his presence with his back turned, he dashed forward, tapping him on the back lightly.

Reed jumped slightly before smiling and waving.

Shane stepped back and took a breath, hoping his brain wouldn't fail him. First he spread his right hand, jerking it twice. Then he touched his chest with his two forefingers, made a fist, and placed his thumb underneath his first three fingers.

He racked his brain for what came next. Timidly, he began to move his right hand again, spelling out his name slowly.

Hey. I'm S-h-a-n-e.

Reed let out a breath, as if he wanted to laugh. He pointed to himself and tapped his fingers to his head.

"Yeah…" Shane said slowly. "All I learned is how to introduce myself…"

Reed breathed again, the same one that resembled a voiceless laugh, and grabbed onto the white erase board next to him, quickly writing something in delicate hand writing.

I said I know who you are.

Shane grinned. "Well I didn't know what else to learn…"

Reed's hand moved across the board in a flash, most likely used to having to write out what he wanted to say.

Well that was good. You still need work though. Your H was actually a U.

Shane's cheeks tingled and he knew he was blushing. "Sorry about that."

Reed was just smiling though, not at all upset about Shane's lack of knowledge on the subject.

It was then that the others came into the jet, the twins racing back to the large TV that displayed a paused video game, Blaine plopping down on the couch. He spotted Reed's board and the words that were written there.

"You should be proud of him though. He was practicing that all the way here."

"Blaine!" Shane whispered dangerously, feeling his cheeks grow hotter.

"Yeah, the only reason he learned it was the sign language book he practically begged me to go with him to purchase."

"Will you shut up!" Shane picked up a pillow and threw it at his older brother, trying his best to ignore the twins' identical snickering.

He turned back to Reed who also had pink cheeks. "I'm sorry about that. I really hope that doesn't like, creep you out or anything."

Reed looked back at his board, hand moving quickly across again.

No. That's pretty admirable.

Blaine snorted, "That's not the word I would have chosen," he was met with another pillow to the face as the twins started audibly laughing.

Blaine just stretched out, intent on falling asleep so this whole ride could be over faster. "I'm going to sleep. Wake me when we get to Lima."

"Ohh you just wanna see Kurt don't you?" One of the twins teased before they both started making kis noises.

"Shut up!" He now threw the pillows that had been thrown at him, at the twins, who dodged them easily.

Reed was still blushing as he sat down in a corner surrounded by pillows, looking through paintbrushes and paints, trying to select the best one to use.

Shane tentatively sat beside him, keeping a little, but not too much, distance between them, so that he could still be close to him with seeming like a complete creeper. Blaine had already done enough to contribute to that.

"So," he started, "how do you sign your name?" After the words left his mouth he had to mentally kick himself again. Reed wasn't facing him! He couldn't read his lips.

"Crap!" he winced as Reed turned to face him with an eyebrow raised. "I'm sorry I keep forgetting. What I said was: how do you sign your name?"

Reed just stared at him before pulling out his board and writing on it quickly.

Why do you think I'm deaf?

Shane blanched. "Wait, but aren't you?"

Reed looked like he wanted to laugh again as he wrote something else down.

Not at all! I can hear just fine I just can't speak.

Shane wanted to stab a certain pair of twins who were laughing quite loudly at this. He also wanted to hurt Blaine who never told him anything useful.

"I'm sorry! I just assumed… and um… I'm really sorry." He struggled to say.

Reed did that sign again, the one that meant don't worry. He was really ashamed of how many times Reed had to sign that to him. He then twisted his pointer and middle fingers together, swirling his right hand towards his chest.

"What's that one mean?"

Reed uncapped the marker and ran his hand across the board.

You asked me how to sign my name. That's it. It's how you say 'happy' but with a R, for Reed.

Shane smiled, understanding. "Right I remember reading about that. You pick what you want your name sign to be, so you don't always have to spell it, right?"

Reed nodded.

"Did you give everyone else one?"

Reed nodded again, smiling wider.

"What's mine?"

He looked a little caught off guard before he went to write again. Shane felt a little twinge of guilt thinking about how Reed's hand was probably aching him all the time from having to write everything. If only he could understand sign language…

What do you want it to be?

"No!" Shane said quickly, pointing to Reed, "That's against the rules. Someone who can't hear, or speak in your case, is the one who is supposed to assign the names."

Reed rolled his eyes but looked fairly amused.

Okay. Give me a second.

Reed looked contemplative as he stared Shane down, and Shane couldn't help but grin like an idiot.

He finally smiled before forming his right hand in a fist with his thumb over his fingers, touching the fist to his chin twice, while moving his thumb with the motion.

"What's that mean?"

He held up the board after writing the explanation on it.

It's 'sweet' with a S for Shane.

Shane felt his heart skip a beat and an odd sensation spread through his body, one that could only be compared to melting into a puddle of goo.

"T-thanks. That's really um, sweet of you. Ha ha." As soon as he said it, he regretted it.

God seriously? He thought bitterly, could I be any lamer?

But Reed didn't mind. He was doing that breathy laugh again, the one that didn't involve his voice. But before Shane could wonder further about that, he jumped as Evan jumped around and Ethan very loudly accused him of cheating.

The rest of the ride was spent with Shane silently watching Reed paint beautifully.

When they finally arrived in Lima, the twins left the round up the rest and go get Kurt, leaving them alone with a still sleeping Blaine.

"You paint like a master, do you know that?"

Reed smiled and touched his fingers to his lips and back.

"That means thank you right?"

Reed nodded excitedly before once again holding up his board.

How much do you know?

"Not a lot. I'm mostly just guessing based on what we're talking about. Sorry," he admitted, glancing away, adding the last bit quietly.

A tapping on his leg made him look back. Reed was holding the board up again.

Stop apologizing. We just met. I don't expect you to be a human ASL dictionary. My friends can't even understand me for the most part, well with the exception of the Tweedles. Heck, not even my own mother can understand me most the time.

"Seriously? But why?" Shane didn't really like that. Not at all.

She's not around so much. And learning is harder for adults. Since I was 7 when this happened it was easy for me. Not so much her. Add that on top of how much she's away… so yeah. She doesn't know much.

"But even the twins learned sign language and it was just for their sister," Shane almost clasped his hand over his mouth. He felt awful about saying that, and seeing how Reed reacted, it seemed as though he had already given thought to this.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel sad or anything…" Shane whispered, feeling guiltier by the second.

Reed basically threw the board at Shane's face.

Stop apologizing!

He was smiling, but it didn't quite meet his eyes. And Shane didn't feel better at all.

Wrapping paper was everywhere as Kurt gushed on and on about his new presents, thanking everyone and saying how it was all too much.

Reed was testing out his new paintbrushes and Shane still sat next to him. He had been unusually quite since their last discussion. Reed was worried he had made him uncomfortable, so he stayed silent. In reality Shane was just lost in his thoughts.

"Hey," he finally said while Blaine loudly explained to Kurt he had a surprise that would be his Christmas present, hence why he had yet to receive one from him thus far.

"I've been thinking," he continued when Reed turned to him, watching him speak curiously, "I want learn more than just my name. I want to learn everything," Reed looked a little taken back, "So if you could, I don't know, teach me… and always sign everything that you write so I can get used to it, that would be splendid. But only if you want to!" He added quickly.

The corner of Reed's mouth turned up into a half smile.

I don't mind. Is that what you want?

"Yeah, I mean I would love to learn. It's not gonna be really hard right? You said it gets harder the older you are."

Depends on how committed you are.

Ever true to his word, Reed quickly signed the sentence after he showed it written.

Shane grinned. "I'll definitely be committed. Which reminds me." His grin faded. "How come you were seven when you had to learn? What happened?"

The plane grew silent as even Wes, David, and the twins- who were all going against each other in the video game- quieted down.

Blaine sat a little straighter from where he was seated beside Kurt. "Shane," he said pointedly.

Shane looked up to see not only Blaine, but everyone giving him an intense look. He glanced back to Reed who was suddenly very interested in his artwork.

"I… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" the words tumbled out of his mouth and he wasn't sure how to continue.

Reed looked up, and with that smile that Shane didn't like to see, the one who didn't reach his eyes, he signed out the now familiar saying.

The one that said, "Don't worry about it."

Shane felt a piercing mix of shame and guilt twisting in his gut and he vowed to never make Reed smile like that again. Or sign those mocking words.

Kurt had practically flown down the stairs, more excited than he could express to be in New York. Blaine laughed and followed closely behind while the twins greeted their chauffeur. The rest of the boys followed shortly after, leaving Reed alone to clean up his paintings. Shane quickly grabbed the oversized canvas he was struggling to carry, letting Reed collect his paintbrushes.

He sloppily touched his lips again while trying not to drop anything.

"You're welcome," Shane smiled as he followed Reed carefully, "You're gonna have to teach me how to say you're welcome when your hands aren't full."

It was kind of unsettling not knowing what Reed's reaction to this was. He couldn't see his face from behind him and as far as he could tell, Reed couldn't make any sort of noise. Not even a laugh. That was unsettling as well.

It wasn't until they were safely on the ground that Shane could see Reed's smiling face. He felt relived.

After Reed handed off his things to one of the twins' crew members, he turned back to Shane signing something before touching his lips again.

"I didn't get all of that, but thank you? For what?"

Reed shook his head and repeated the action, knowing his attempts were futile, but not having his board to explain.

"I don't get it…" Shane was about to apologize again when the twins skipped over, saving him just in time.

"He said that they're the same thing," Evan explained.

"Thank you and you're welcome," Ethan clarified, "You sign them the same way, except with 'you're welcome', you make a W and touch your lips," he demonstrated.

"Well that's not confusing at all," Shane replied, beginning to see how hard this was going to be.

Reed breathed his laugh. Even though there was no sound to those laughs they still made Shane's stomach erupt with wild butterflies.

Evan continued talking, "He also wants you to stop worrying about offending him."

Reed looked a little shocked and he quickly signed something much too fast for Shane to even attempt to understand.

It was Ethan who answered this time, "No, maybe not, but you were thinking it."

Reed heatedly started signing even faster. Now it was Evan who responded, but with his own hands, which weren't quite as fast, but clearly just as understanding as he and Reed exchanged silent words all the way to the car.

"How do you guys know so much?" Shane asked feeling a little perplexed. Also a little discouraged. There was no way he was going to learn all this.

"Lots of practice. Don't worry, Little Bat. You'll be signing soon enough," Ethan grinned before climbing into the limo that everyone else had disappeared into.

Yeah, Shane thought, not feeling very reassured, because soon enough wasn't really soon enough.