Agilisi (Eastern Lady)

Aieso (Elder of Najida town)





Algini (Guild)

Asicho (Atageini servant)

Babsidi – 'lethal', Ilisidi's mecheita, mecheit'aiji

Baiji (nephew of Geigi)

Banichi (of Dajoshu township of Talidi province, Guild, in Bren's man'chi)

Benedi (Lord of Dur)

Bindanda (Atageini guild, on Bren's staff in space)


Cajeiri (heir to aishidi'tat)

Caiti (Eastern Lord)

Cenedi (Guild, head of Ilisidi's guard)


Cosidi (traitor of Talidi province)

Dagina (former aiji)



Deiaja (half Kadagidi, half Ajuri)




Djinana (Malguri servant)

Direiso (Southern traitor)

Drien (Eastern Lady, Ilisidi's cousin)


Eidi (Tabini's md, guild)

Elidari (Guild)

Gegini (Guild usurper during Troubles)


Geigi (Maschi clan, Edi lord)


Grigiji (astronomer emeritus)


Ikaro (Najida maidservant)

Ilisidi (aiji-dowager, lord of Malguri)


Ismini (Guild)

Jago (Guild, Bren's man'chi)

Jaidiri (new head of Tabini's security)

Jegari (Taibeni)




Kadiyi (Ajuri lord)




Kasari (Guild)

Keigan (senior Guild, Southern man'chi)

Keimi (Taibeni lord)

Keishan (Atageini Guild)

Koharu (Najida staff)

Lucaso (Vejico's brother/partner, Guild)

Machigi (southern aiji)

Maigi (Malguri servant)

Madiri (Ilisidi's city md)


Manadgi (ateva who made first contact with humans after Landing)


Meisi (Damiri's youngest sister)


Murini (Kadagidi clan, usurper of aishidi'tat)

Nadrasi (Guild)

Narani (Bren's major domo is space, Guild)


Nochidi (senior Guild, Southern man'chi)

Nojana (Guild)

Nokhada ('Feisty', mecheita gifted to Bren by Ilisidi)

Pagioni (former aiji)


Pejan (member of Ilisidi's guard, Guild)

Prakuyo – kyo hostage on Reunion, person of indeterminate rank

Ramaso (major domo of Najida)

Rasano (Ilisidi's guard, Guild)

Rejiji (son of lord of Dur)

Rodi (Eastern Lord)




Saidin (majordomo of lady Damiri's staff, Guild)


Seigi (dowager's physician)

Supani (Najida servant)

Tabini (aiji of Western Aishidi'tat)



Tano (Guild, Algini's partner)

Tatiseigi (Atageini Lord)

Teigi (Edi clansman)

Temein (Atageini Guild)

Tiajo (granddaughter of Tori)


Tori (Lord of Amarja, Dojisigi Marid)

Valasi (Tabini's father)

Vejico (Lucaso's sister/partner, Guild)

Shawn Tyers – head of Mospheiran Foreign Office, later President

Deana Hanks – paidhi-successor, pro-human/pro-space political views

Barbara (Barb) Letterman – Bren's one-time girlfriend

Paul Saarinson – computer tech Barb married

Toby Cameron – Bren's brother

Jill Cameron – Toby's estranged wife

George Barrulin – advisor to the President of Mospheira, member of Human Heritage Party

Hampton Durrant – head of Mospheiran State Department

Gaylord Hanks – Deana's father, politician, force behind the Human Heritage Party


Bergid – mountain range visible from Shejidan

Najida – Bren's west coast estate, Najidami Bay

Kajiminda – lord Geigi's estate

Kajidami Bay – by Geigi's estate

Taiben – Ragi ancestral estate

Tirnamardi – Atageini ancestral estate

Noburanjiru – 'Grandmother of Snows', mountain on Mospheira, called Mt. Adam (Allan?) Thomas

Bu-javid – ancestral residence of the aiji, where the legislatures meet, political center of the Western Association

Tagi & Mairi - neighbor clans to Dur Adaran - coastal village

Cobo - village near coast Desigien - small association of villages

Fagioni - province near Malguri Sidonin - town near Taiben

Dajoshu - township Banichi is from Talidi - province

Saigiadi Observatory – observatory where Grigiji teaches, located in Caruija forest

Caruija Forest – public lands, hunting grounds

Marim - Atageini town

Tasigin Marid – trouble area in the Association, located near the southern coast

Mospheira – island ceded to humans by the Treaty, pop. Approx. 4 million three hundred thousand

Phoenix – the starship that carried humans to the atevi world, absent for 178 years

Reunion – station established by Guild, ceded to the kyo


Agoi'ingai/agingi'ai – felicitous numerical harmony

Aishi – association (among people)

Aishi-prejid – term that roughly means 'a weakness has to be invaded and fixed quickly for the common good'

Aishid – clan, family, people who share man'chi (Bren, Tano, Algini, Banichi, Jago)

Aishiin – network of reliable associates

Aishidi'tat – Western Association

Aishidi'mar – Eastern Association

Ai'wita – mid-sized animal (deer, ibex?)

Aiji – lord of association

Ajiia – plural of aiji

Ajuri – Lady Damiri's first clan

Ami – 'Mama'

Amidi ashi – popular dish made with eggs

Arispesa – 'Airspace/aerospace' atev' word that came into existence because of the rapid advancements in technology

Asi-man'chi – man'chi to family: siblings to each other, child to parent (parent to child)

Atageini – Lord Tatiseigi's clan, Lady Damiri is part Atageini

Athmai'in – children's forms/language, alerts the listener that the speaker is a novice and to not take offense at any slights or infelicity

Baji-Naji – fortune (baji) and chance (naji), the element of chaos and unknown in the world

Basheigi – universe, world, earth, environment, ecosystem (in atev' the word for universe equally describes the larger universe and ones own personal, social universe)

Biichi-gi/biichi-ji – finesse

Caiki – small animal, called bobkins on Mospheira (like gophers?)

Chimati sida'ta – fait accompli; atev' saying 'The beast is cooked'

Dahamidei – a believer in midei

Dajdi – alkaloid stimulant

Dihawa/bihawa – Atevi instinct to test strangers to determine their place/man'chi

Dimagi – alcoholic drink

Gija- alcoholic drink safe for humans

Hadjaijid – mental condition. Isolation from networks of society, having no upward or lateral man'chi, no connection to which one emotionally responds, pathologically isolated, has no real leadership – no man'chi downward either. Isolated, delusional, disconnected – sociopath.

Hai – hurray (?)

Hamatha ta resa (insert name)-dathasa – felicitous greetings to your lordship

Hari'i – 'by no means'

Haroniin – systems under stress, needing adjustment

Hasdrawad – lower house of atevi legislature, representative of the commons

Hata-mai – 'It's all right'

Hei – 'Of course'

Insheibi – indiscreet, provoking attention

Jeishan (Northwind) – Bren's yacht

Kabiu – what is proper, in harmony with the earth, observance of traditions

Kadagidi – clan of Direiso (traitor) and Murini (traitor)

Kaid' airuni manomini ad' heiji - Atevi proverb 'It is hard to see the provinces from the capital'

Kyo – species from deep space

Man'chi – driving Atevi psychological and emotional force, sense that compels atevi to flock to a leader and follow that leader at all costs

Man'chiin – grammatical form used when more than one man'chi is in play

Mani – address for grandmother

Mainaigi – hormonally induced foolishness

Maogishi – breakdown of order

Mayei-ta – thank you(?)

Midarga – alkaloid stimulant

Midei– the belief that fortune and luck reside in people – considered heresy

Midedeni – person who supports midei beliefs

Mishidi – awkward, lacking finesse

Nai'am – 'I am'

Nai'danei – 'You two are'

Naigoch'imi – feigned good will

Na'itada – refusing to be shaken

Noburanjiru – root, grandmother word of 'kurdi'

O'oi-ana – nocturnal lizard-like creature, likes vines

Osi – word without clear etymology, no relationship to other words. When said it indicates one wants a piece of information amplified to its greatest possible extent

Pachiikiin – game animals

Paidhi – translator, interpreter

Sha naurushina – 'I'll contact you' 'I'll be in contact'

Shai-shan – Atevi space shuttle 'Favorable Wind'

Shi – 'yes' 'I am'

Sigaiji – One born with the emotional makeup to lead, but not able to persuade followers to join him, akin to 'rogue leader'

Somai – 'together'

Tadiiri – sister

Tai – 'Papa'

Taibeni – rangers of Taiben, other residents of the estate

Tashrid – upper house of atevi legislature, representative of the lords

Tekikin – techs, i.e. computer techs

Wi'itkiti/wi'itkitiin – dragonette

Brighter Days – Toby's boat

Gratitude – translated into Ragi as 'kurdi', 'debt'

Nai-ji – respected person

Nandi/ nand' – Lord, my lord, formal address

Nadi – sir, familiar address between close associates

-daja – formal address for an atevi Lady

Nadiin – plural of nadi

Nandiin – plural of nandi

iin - pluralization (aijiin)

-ji – sir, miss, ma'am, used in intimate address between those of similar man'chi

-ma – honored sir/lady, used in intimate address ….

Ninth-year festival – important year, the year a child enters into the fringe of adult society

Name Possibilities

Mara Shoji

Jala Telano

Talari Jiji/Gigi

Shijida Mira

Eidani Alili/Ilili

Ileni Banaji

Telani Jinana

Landa Jola

Aljidi/Algidi Joji

Binacha Djonana

Rijana Djonani