Twilight x Addams Family

Chapter 1
School. Three words. Too damn happy. Yes I, Bella Swan, think school is too damn happy. I only go because of the Cullens & there are some interesting things. Also, Charlie says it's against the law to not go, but he doesn't know that I don't care. My siblings & I have broken more laws then every criminal in the US. Yeah I have siblings, Wednesday & Pugsley. Awesome names right? Your probably thinking why I got the plain name, well I didn't. Well my real name is-

"Bella? HELLO! Earth to Bella!" ugh hyper pixie.
"Yeah Alice" I said keeping the annoyance out of my voice.
"You zoned out there. You ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine but what's got you all excited?"
"We're getting a new student today! She has a very interesting sense of style." she added the last part with a grimace.

I nodded and started walking to my first period as the bell rang.

By lunch I was as curious about the new girl as the next guy. No one knows her name. The teachers just call her Miss. I guess I'll see her soon.

I grab my usual salad and water and head to the Sullen Table as I have dubbed it. Taking my usual seat between Alice and Edward, I started eating my food.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you to play with your food first?"

To be honest I was surprised because I hadn't been shocked yet. I turned around to find a smirking Wednesday.

"Didn't yours tell you to never pass up the chance to shock someone?"

"Touché, but that would have blown your cover."

"When has that stopped you before?"

"ALRIGHT! I'm officially confused." shouted Emmett.

"Oh right. Everybody this is my sister, Wednesday Addams." That's when she shocked me.