This fic goes out to Sharlene (Mynuet on and Majo-chan (Yamino Majo on in thanks for feeding the Voice's insanity. It's aaall their fault! *laughs*

Ask a Stupid Question

By Icka! M. Chif

"Baka zaru! Do you think you could talk about something other than food?!"


"Ne, Sanzo? Why do you wear a dress all the time?"


"It is not a dress. These are ceremonial robes."

"Then how come you have a skirt?"

"It is -not- a skirt."







"Are you actually a girl?"

"Wha-? No!"

"Then how do you explain the lacy ruffled underpants?"

"What?! Where did that come from?!"


"Y'know, the 'zaru's got a point."

"I do?!"

"Don't let it get to your head... How do we know that Sanzo here -isn't - a girl? That would explain a lot."


"Sanzo could be suffering from PMS."


"Post Menstrual Syndrome crankiness, Pre Menstrual Syndrome crankiness, During Menstrual Cycle Syndrome crankiness, Non-Menstrual Cycle Syndrome crankiness..."



"Maybe if we took Sanzo on a date at the next town, he... she... Sanzo wouldn't be so cranky!"

"See? The zaru agrees with me. Maybe you could take him dancing. Tango, or the samba..."


"Wait! I have an idea!"





"Here we go! See? All girls like pink bows in their hair!"


"Sit down, shut up or the next person to talk gets a bullet in their head. And wipe that smile off your face, Hakkai."

"Maa... We're approaching the next town right now."

"Not soon enough."




"Everybody out. And not a word, Goku."

"But I'm hungry!"




"Ne, Hakkai?"


"Think we should explain the lacy ruffled underpants?"



The amusing part is that a couple hours after finishing writing this, I found a keychain that read 'I have P.M.S. and a Gun. -Did you say something?'. Is that Sanzo or what?!