Super Smash Bros Survivor Episode 5

Last time on Survivor Gannondorf demanded more rice from Wolf's alliance who refused to give his alliance any more. In Heroes Tribe Sonic and Tails searched for the idol. In Fluffy Tribe Kirby wanted to join Zelda's alliance but Kirby had other plans. In Odd Tribe Olimar threw Yoshi under a bus and exposed that Yoshi could talk. In Destroyer Tribe Lucario explains his strategy. At immunity Odd Tribe won and Villains were sent to tribal Council. Pit found a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Gannondorf and Wario put their confidence in Dedede to help them but he betrayed them and Gannondorf was voted out. 36 are left who will be voted out next?

Villains Tribe Day 5

*A rainstorm hits the area as the villains were huddled in their alliance except for Wario and Dedede who were huddled in their half finished shelter*

Wario: This is useless.

Dedede: Maybe if we make a truce with the other alliance?

Wario: Why? What for?

Dedede: So we can have a dry place to sleep?

Dedede's Confession: The rain came in last night and me and Wario got soaked. The other alliance has the tarp and therefore dry. I wanted to make a truce but Wario does not want a truce because Wario sucks.

Dedede: well I am going to offer a truce. If you want to come you are welcome to. Just don't die.

Wario: Fine I will come with you.

Wario's Confession: I figured it was better to follow that fatass traitor bird than sit in the shelter and shiver to death.

Wario: I know you voted for me. You backstabbed the alliance.

Dedede: The alliance was dead. I was looking out for myself.

Wario: You voted for me.

Dedede: More of a throw away vote.

Wario: Great so I am next.

Dedede: If we can gain their trust then they may start going after each other.

Dedede's Confession: To me Wario is expendable. He does not add anything to the tribe and he does not strategize. That is the problem with villains we don't trust each other can cause drama. Wolf however got an alliance by aiming at me, Gannondorf, and Wario. A smart strategy since it is working.

*Dedede walks up to the other alliance*

Dedede: we would like to make a truce.

Wolf: Okay.

Dedede: No fighting, no more politics, we have to work together now.

Wolf: Come on in and get dry.

Donkey Kong's Confession: Dedede seems to be trying to wriggling his way into the alliance. Well I won't let that happen.

Charizard: Plenty of room.

Dedede: Thanks. What do you say Wario?

Wario: *grumbles* Thanks.

Bowser's Confession: Hehe it seems that Wario is now Dedede's bitch. While it is good to see I am worried about Dedede having two votes.

Wolf: Charizard and Meta Knight want to help me with the fire?

Meta Knight: Sure.

*Wolf took Charizard and Meta Knight out of the shelter*

Wolf: So I want a final three alliance with you two.

Charizard: Why us?

Wolf: because you two are the more level headed here. Bowser and Donkey Kong aren't.

Meta Knight: Okay, we are with you.

Wolf: Great.

Wolf's Confession: I trust Meta Knight and Charizard more than Bowser and Donkey Kong. They are also strong and are less likely to be moved by emotion.

Wolf: So the plan is Wario, Dedede, Bowser, and Donkey Kong.

Meta Knight: What if it is down to the three of us.

Wolf: Hopefully it will not get to that point. We just need to keep winning a majority of the challenges.

Meta Knight's Confession: Wolf is the biggest power player on the tribe. While in the long run it may seem good to get rid of him now is not the time or the place. We don't want to end up like Fluffy Tribe.

Heroes Tribe Day 5

*Sonic and Tails were looking for the idol in the rain but gave after an half an hour*

Tails: This rain is making me cold.

Sonic: Agreed. Let's stop for now.

Sonic's Confession: Since it's raining out it is hard to dig through the sand so me and Tails decided to take a break until it stops raining. Not like anyone will come along and find the idol anyways.

*Link comes along and notices something in the hole that Sonic and Tails were and spotted something. He grabs it and finds the hidden immunity idol.*

Link's Confession: *Link holds up the hidden immunity idol and shrugs*

*Meanwhile the rest of the tribe was in the shelter*

Ness: Can someone move over?

Trainer: I am as far in as I can be.

Krystal: I am half out of the shelter.

Fox: Me too.

Sonic: I am fine.

Mario: Can you give us a little more space.

Sonic: Why?

Ness: I need space too.

Mario's Confession: We seem to be getting a little frustrated-a with each other. Today with the rain we are huddled in a place that is too small for seven of us. Since Link disappeared doing whatever-a he is doing.

Ness: I say we take a vote.

Fox: We've been rotating people in and out. Five always slept in the shelter and three by the fire.

Trainer: Whose turn is it to go by the fire?

Krystal: Ness and Tails.

Tails: I am cold enough.

Ness: I am not going out there.

Krystal: Not forcing you.

Ness's Confession: The two foxes. Fox and Krystal are getting on my nerves. Krystal had the nerve to tell me to go outside in the rain. She is trying to get rid of me. I just know it.

Ness: How come you always single me out?

Krystal: I don't. If I sound like it I don't mean to.

Ness: You always do. I've been listening to you.

Fox: Ness you are being paranoid.

Ness: I am not being damn paranoid!

Trainer: Language.

Ness: I don't need to watch my language here.

Krystal's Confession: I have no idea why Ness decided to attack me. I think he is finding any reason to go after me. No matter how small. I am trying to be nice but it does not seem to be working.

Ness: Just stay away from me.

Trainer: She never did anything to you.

Ness: Both foxes want me out!

Fox: You are the one turning on us. We would take you out only to keep ourselves in the game.

Ness: No! You are lying!

Krystal: This is absurd.

Ness: What kind of fox has blue fur anyways? It makes you look like a freak.

Krystal: What does that has to do with anything?

Fox's Confession: Ness is going next. He is attacking us for the littlest reasons and I am sick of it. He went as far as insulting Krystal's fur.

*Sonic smiles*

Sonic's Confession: I am pretty glad that the heat is coming off me and onto Ness and Krystal. Makes it much easier to slip under the cracks and survive. Heck maybe the others will take each other out. I might have to keep feeding the fire later.

Fluffy Tribe Day 5

*Peach, Pikachu, and Zelda were off getting water as Kirby pulled his alliance aside.*

Kirby's Confession: In order to have my alliance go along with my plan I need to tell them first. Because until we lose they need to play along.

Kirby: I have a plan to split the three up.

Lucas: What is it?

Kirby: I am going to pretend to be with them. Which means that I will be with them for awhile. And will defend them.

Jigglypuff: What are you going to do when we lose?

Kirby: Split their votes and cause a 3-2-1 vote. If I catch Peach before the vote she will vote for whoever I want her to vote for.

Lucas's Confession: Kirby has a great plan for us. Right now Zelda and Pikachu think they are safer but we are smarter than them.

Jigglypuff: So after we take control we can run this tribe.

Kirby: Right.

Jigglypuff: Good because I want the good side of the shelter and we can have more food then them.

Kirby: Umm…

Lucas: Good idea. We are stronger anyways.

Kirby: I don't want them to starve. They are in the other alliance but they are part of this tribe.

Jigglypuff: I don't care.

Jigglypuff's Confession: The other alliance wanted me out so why should I treat them with respect? I hate them so much.

*Kirby runs back to Zelda's alliance*

Kirby: Well good thing I joined you guys.

Zelda: Why?

Kirby: My original alliance I think is a bunch of babies.

Pikachu: I know.

Zelda's Confession: The other alliance now consists of Jigglypuff who is just a balloon of hot air. You say the wrong thing to her and she gets defensive. And Lucas is about a few days away from quitting.

Zelda: We are the four strongest here.

Kirby: I know. All of us have done pretty good despite only winning half of our challenges.

Pikachu's Confession: The more I hear Kirby the more I want to trust him but he is the one that got the tribe to all vote out Squirtle so he could be up to something.

Peach: Well at least we have the majority so no tie breaker.

Kirby: I was worried about that until I realized that we could go farther together than aginast each other.

Peach's Confession: I do feel that Kirby is trustworthy and deserves a second chance. He made a mistake in the past but we can not fix it. Only look at the future.

Kirby: Lets never split when we switch or merge.

Zelda: Agreed.

Kirby's Confession: Now that I think about it I do have two options. Either go with my new alliance or stay with my old one. Hmm choices. But I should not worry until we actually lose.

Odd Tribe Day 5

*Pit, Luigi, and ROB went out into the jungle*

Pit: I found a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Luigi: Really?

Pit: Yeah.

ROB: Confused: why would you tell me and Luigi?

Pit: Because I trust you three the most and if us three has the hidden immunity idol we can go far.

ROB: What if we get switched to different tribes?

Pit: Easy whoever found it first can keep it during the switch.

Luigi: I agree.

Pit's Confession: I can pretty much trust Luigi and ROB so they are the two I can reveal the information about the hidden immunity idol to them.

Pit: Just don't tell anyone.

ROB: I will not tell anyone.

Luigi: Me either.

ROB's Confession: I feel personally that if word leaks out about the hidden immunity idol we could be in trouble. The hidden immunity idol is more trouble than it is worth but I do not want anyone else to get it either.

*back at camp Diddy and Olimar were putting palms on the roof*

Diddy: So Yoshi can talk?

Olimar: Yeah.

Diddy: I thought he was a brainless dinosaur.

Olimar: No, he helped save me.

Diddy: Well, okay. So he won't be next.

Olimar: You were thinking of taking Yoshi out?

Diddy: Well we need a tribe that can communicate well. And if Yoshi can talk then he is in.

Diddy's Confession: Some tribes eliminate the weak. Others eliminate the threats. I kind of want to eliminate the ones that won't talk. You don't know what they are thinking and they can't really tell you.

Olimar: Well Mr Game and Watch does not interact with us at all.

Diddy: It's like he is Anti-social or something. He comes out only at night and challenges.

Olimar's Confession: We want to get rid of Mr. Game and Watch because he doesn't interact with us and a few times he comes out of nowhere and freaks us out.

*Mr. Game and Watch appears*

Diddy: Ack!

Olimar: Where did you come form?

*Mr. Game and Watch shrugs*

Mr. Game and Watch's Confession: Beep beep. *Holds up a sign saying that his tribe is weird.*

*Olimar goes up to Yoshi*

Yoshi: I heard that you ratted me out.

Olimar: I am just trying to protect myself.

Yoshi: I saved you! You owe me!

Olimar: I am not your puppet.

Yoshi: You will pay.

Yoshi's Confession: If Olimar thinks that he can get away with ratting me out he has another thing coming. If I can get Mr. Game and Watch with me. We can cause some havoc next time we lose.

Destroyer Tribe Day 5

*Snake was out collecting coconuts with Captain Falcon*

Snake: Okay, all we need to do is climb this tree and…
Captain Falcon: Falco Punch!

*Captain Falcon hits the tree and knocks it down on the tribe's shelter*

Captain Falcon: Wow, my awesome skills kick ass!

Snake: You freaking idiot.

Snake's Confession: *sighs* Captain Falcon is arrogant, stupid, and just plain annoying. He is someone you do not want around this place but he attaches to you like a leech a refuses to let go.

Falco: Who knocked the shelter down?

Snake: Captain Idiot.

Captain Falcon: Captain Falcon.

Snake: Like I said Captain Idiot.

Captain Falcon's Confession: I am beginning to suspect that the tribe may not like me. But I do have a back up plan in case they do. Lets say I found it on the beach hehe.

*Samus comes back to the shelter with Ivysaur*

Ivysaur: So after Captain Falcon is gone what will our next move be?

Samus: Well we can go with Snake and Falco or Ike and Marth.

Ivysaur: Maybe who ever we think is the least threatening.

Samus: I can see the pros and cons of each.

Ivysaur's Confession: I like hanging out with Samus. She does not treat me like a Pokémon she treats me like I am one of her own.

Captain Falcon: Hey Samus can you change into your bikini?

Samus: Drop dead.

Captain Falcon: You are already drop dead gorgeous.

Ivysaur: Just go away.

Captain Falcon: Falcon Run!

*Captain Falcon runs away*

Ivysaur: How is he still alive?

Samus: I ask that everyday.

Samus's Confession: Captain Falcon acts crazy but I do worry about him pulling something out of a hat and causing chaos. Always worry about the crazy ones.

*Ike and Marth is on top of the hill with Lucario.*

Ike: So be honest. Who would you rather be with. Snake and Falco or Marth and me?

Lucario: Well you two are less strategic. No offense.

Marth: None taken but think about it. Snake is playing this game and when he gets the chance he will make some big moves and he has Falco who will do whatever he says.

Lucario: True, but why come to me?

Ike: Because out of everyone you don't have anyone following you blindly and you speak more of the truth than anyone here.

Lucario: But be wary of the ones who may speak the truth.

Marth: Got it.

Lucario's Confession: I seem to be the swing vote in this tribe. After Captain Falcon is gone this tribe will get very interesting. Snake is sneaky I can tell but Falco is not as loyal as Marth and Ike put it. Falco will go wherever the power is. Marth and Ike however are loyal to each other and will never break.

Lucario: Just don't worry. With the rate we are winning you should be fine for another few days.

Ike: Hopefully.

Marth's Confession: Lucario has all the power but it seems that he is not power hungry. He is laid back and won't fool you by acting behind the scenes. A good ally but a good threat.

*Falco and Snake were rebuilding the shelter*

Falco: I feel like throwing the challenge.

Snake: That is not honorable.

Falco: If I spend another day with Captain Falcon I am going to lose it. I rather just throwing the *beeping* challenge and get rid of him.

Snake: If you to throw it go ahead but I am not throwing it.

Falco's Confession: I want that crazy freak out of this tribe. I can't stand him. Falcon this, Falcon that and he destroyed our shelter! I want him gone and I want him gone tonight. Throwing challenges is usually a bad idea but no has to deal with Captain Falcon.

Immunity Challenge Day 5

Jeff: Welcome to immunity. Villains voted out Gannondorf but no one really cares. Today's challenge will test your willpower and stomach. Good news is that you get to eat. Bad news is that it will be blended into a smoothie. One person from each tribe will come up and drink. First one done gets 4 points, next person done gets 3, and so one. After 8 rounds the team with the highest score will get reward. The reward is steak and veggies plus a cooler full of soda. Losers will visit me in tribal council. Teams that have less than 8 members will have some members do it twice. First up is Wario, Mario, Jigglypuff, Luigi, and Lucario. You will be drinking blended oysters and sea cucumbers. Enjoy.

*All five started to drink Wario was done first*

Wario: Ahh gross yet tasty.

*Jiggypuff, Lucario, and Luigi all finish their drinks.*

Jeff: Mario I am sorry but you were last.

Mario: Mama mia I blew it.

Jeff: Villains lead with 4 points. Next drink is coconut juice and Snails with some fish guts. Next is Dedede, Ness, Pikachu, ROB, and Falco…go!
ROB: I am unable to drink this. I have no mouth.

*Dedede finishes just ahead of Pikachu*

Jeff: Villains score 4 again!

*Ness finishes as Falco pretended that he could not drink it*

Falco: I can't finish it.

Jeff: ROB you get a point for not being able to physically eat it and Falco blew it for his tribe. Next drink is Clams and some moldy stuff in the back of my fridge. Next up is Wolf, Link, Peach, Olimar, and Snake…go!

*All five start to drink. Wolf, Snake, and Link finish theirs*

Jeff: Villains score first again! Olimar and Peach are trying to down theirs.

Zelda: Peach do it for the tribe!

*peach finishes her just before Olimar*

Jeff: Fluffy scores a point! Olimar could not score anything for Odd Tribe. This drink is a combination of banana's, oranges, and blended pig snouts. Next up are Bowser, Trainer, Lucas, Diddy, and Captain Falcon. Go!

*Bowser drinks his in one gulp*

Jeff: Villains continue to dominate the challenge!

*Diddy and Trainer drinks theirs*

Jeff: Come on Lucas and Captain Falcon you can do it.

Lucas: Ugh so gross.

Zelda: If you don't drink it I will personally kick your butt!

Captain Falcon: Falcon barf!

*Lucas finishes his drink*

Jeff: Odd tribe scores a point. Next drink is leftovers from seasons 1, 6, and 20. The victims are Meta Knight, Fox, Kirby, Pit, and Marth…go!

*Kirby inhales his*

Jeff: For once villains did not score 4 points.

*Fox, Meta Knight, and Pit finishes theirs before Marth did*

Marth: Darn so close.

Jeff: Destroyer tribe needs to catch up big time. Next blend up is Big Brother Slop mixed with crab meat and some coconuts. Drinking it will be Donkey Kong, Tails, Zelda, Mr. Game and Watch, and Samus…go! They all started drinking with Tails coming in first.

Tails: Blehs!

Jeff: Tails scores 4 for his tribe.

*Samus, Zelda, Mr Game and Watch all score leaving Donkey Kong the only one who could not drink it.

Jeff: Sorry Donkey Kong you score nothing and Destroyer Tribe is tied in last with Odd tribe and two more rounds left. Next blend is fruit smoothie and with some fish guts, caviar, and sea cucumber. Drinking this stuff is Charizard, Krystal, Yoshi, Ike, and Fluffy Tribe selected Kirby go!

*Kirby drank his in one gulp. Yoshi was a close second followed by Charizard and Krystal.*

JeffL Sorry Ike you caused your team to come in last again.

Ike: Aww.

Jeff: Last round is all the leftovers creating something that I would not feed to my worst enemy. Sonic and Ivysaur are doing it for their tribes. Villains selected Dedede, Odd choose Yoshi, and Fluffy choose Jigglypuff…go!

*Dedede drank his first*

Jeff: Villains win reward with 24 points.

*Yoshi and Jigglypuff drank theirs*

Jeff: Fluffy has 20 points and Odd has 13. Destroyer tribe and Heroes put down the drinks a Destroyer Tribe is going to Tribal Council. Destroyer tribe has 7 points and Heroes have 15. Now lets get out of here because this place is disgusting.

Villains Tribe Day 5

*The villains came back with their reward and started to celebrate*

Wolf: Great job team. Also for Dedede for pulling through in the final round.

Dedede: It was nothing. Eating is my specialty.

Dedede's Confession: Slowly but surely I will climb my way up the totem pole in this tribe. All I need to keep doing is help win challenges, work, and act nice. And if we do lose Wario is going next.

Charizard: Lets get those steaks cooking.

*The tribe cooks up the steaks and opens the drinks*

Meta Knight: It is nice to relax after a hard day of work.

Wolf: Could not agree more.

Charizard's Confession: What a rebound for us. We lost yesterday and now we are number one again and it looks like all the drama is gone for now. Although it will probably show up tomorrow.

*Wolf spotted the clue and grabbed it*

Wolf's Confession: We maybe united for now but this is still a cut throat situation between my alliance and Wario's and if I can keep the clue from the other alliance then we will keep ourselves united.

Destroyer Tribe Day 5

*Everyone but Captain Falcon meets up*

Snake: No brainer here. Captain Falcon is going.

Samus: Thank God.

Snake: No surprises and no back stabbings.

Ike: Got it.

Snake's Confession: pretty straight forward vote so I am hoping for no surprises but still I am expecting someone to flip to cause some drama. It happens sometimes and I am thinking that Marth and Ike are most likely to do it.

*Snake took Falco aside*

Snake: Listen I am very disappointed in you.

Falco: What do you mean?

Snake: You threw your round.

Falco: I did…

Snake: You are tougher than what you showed. You did not even attempt.

Falco: Fine only because I wanted Captain Falcon gone.

Snake: I have a bad feeling about your move.

Falco's Confession: So I threw the challenge so what? I mean we failed as a team. I don't think my score would have made much of a difference.

Snake: You lost my trust there. I won't try to get you out for it but I won't try to save you.

Snake's Confession: After Captain Falcon is gone I believe Falco maybe next since it was obvious that he tried to throw the challenge. No one talked about it to me but I am going to distance myself from him.

*Captain Falcon goes up to Samus and Ivysaur*

Captain Falcon: Hey I think that we need to take out Lucario.

Captain Falcon's Confession: I am hoping that people here are on my side. I think it could be easy since I am so awesome.

Samus: You first.

Ivysaur: Just leave us alone.

Samus's Confession: Captain Falcon wants to take my ally out now? The guy is completely out of the loop. Good thing he is going tonight. I can't sand him any longer.

Captain Falcon: Maybe I am not as awesome as I thought I was.

Samus: Bingo.

Captain Falcon: I have a feeling that I maybe in trouble but I don't think I am to be honest still I have this. *He pulls out the hidden immunity idol* I have so many choices. I could take out my nemesis Lucario. Or Falco because he threw the challenge. Maybe Snake for being sneaky. Or Marth and Ike for being boring. How about Samus for being a girl. Or Ivysaur for being weak. Hmm so many good choices.

Tribal Council #5

Jeff: Welcome Destroyer Tribe. Please grab a torch and lets get started. It's been five days since you guys have landed on the island. Falco how is the camp going?

Falco: Good, until Captain stupid made a tree fall on our shelter.

Jeff: What? Captain Falcon why did you do it?

Captain Falcon: Because I am so awesome that the tree fell before me.

Ike: It was probably trying to run away.

Jeff: Ike Captain Falcon does not seem to be respected in the tribe.

Ike: Of course. It's always Falcon do some kind of crappy move thing with him. It's frustrating and it's pissing me off.

Captain Falcon: Oh please everyone thinks I am awesome.

Marth: No we don't.

Jeff: Snake what happened in the challenge. You guys did very well in the first four.

Snake: When it comes to kicking ass we are good at that but when it comes to drinking whatever abomination then I am surprised that we even lived through that.

Jeff: Ivysaur who do you think is the weakest link here?

Ivysaur: Captain Falcon, he may think he's awesome but he has proven to be the weakest one here.

Jeff: Captain Falcon do you feel vulnerable?

Captain Falcon: Nope. They are saying my name to blindside someone else.

Jeff: And who is that?

Captain Falcon: Lucario.

Jeff: Lucario do you think you are going tonight?

Lucario: No.

Jeff: Why?

Lucario: Because Captain Falcon is going. Plain and simple.

Jeff: Samus anything to add before we get to the vote?

Samus: No, I just want to get this vote over with.

Jeff: Lucario you are first.

*Lucario votes*

*Falco votes*

*Snake votes*

*Captain Falcon votes*

*Marth votes*

*Samus votes*

*Ike votes*

Captain Falcon

Ike: Falcon get your ass out of this game.

*Ivysaur votes*


Ivysaur: I have never met some one as annoying as you. But I do wish you the best of luck.

Jeff: I will read the votes. *Jeff gets the urn* First…

Captain Falcon: I have something for you.

Marth: Oh *beep*

*Captain Falcon hands Jeff the hidden immunity idol*

Jeff: The rules state that if the idol it played then the votes cast against that person are negated. This is the hidden immunity idol. First vote…

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon

Captain Idiot

Captain Stupid


Uhh which one?

Snake: Captain Falcon.

Captain please shut the *beep* up.

Captain Falcon

None of those seven votes count and one vote left. Fifth person voted out of survivor…


Samus: What!

Ivysaur: No way!

*Even Lucario is surprised*

Captain Falcon: Falcon wins!

Samus: You are the biggest idiot in the game.

*Samus walks away*

Jeff: I am speechless for that vote. Head back to camp.

Samus's Final Words: Seriously where did that vote come from? Captain Falcon made the biggest idiot move ever. At least I am safe from him for another day until he gets voted out.

Next time on Survivor Dedede tries to make a secret alliance with his enemy Donkey Kong. In Heroes Tribe Krystal uses her powers to try and figure out why Ness hates her. In Fluffy Tribe Kirby continues to play everyone. In Odd Tribe Diddy tries to change up the game. And in Destroyer Tribe Captain Falcon gets verbally attacked for his behavior.