A Ripple in Time Keeperoliver Chapter 1 You Can't Be Serious

A/N: Well, it took me long enough, but I think I may know how to go with this. It will probably upset a great many of you, but, this is what you asked for. Time travel is a touchy subject, and a slight change in time could cause severe consequences in the future, as you will see here in this story. I will not post pairings, until I know for sure who will be with who. I don't want to give too much away here, so I will stop it at that. If the response is as bad as I think it will be, I will end the story quickly. If I get positive feedback, then it should last longer. How long, I don't know. Hope you enjoy. As always, Ollie the Keeper.


Harry was reveling in the feel of the air rushing through his hair, as Buckbeak flew him and Hermione back to the tower where they were keeping Sirius.

He could could hear Hermione cussing him for making her fly. He knew her fear of the act, but, time was running out, and they had to return to get Sirius, before the Aurors came and took him back to Azkaban. He felt her clutching to his chest as she held on for dear life. "I swear Harry if you let me fall, I will curse you from the afterlife. If god had wanted us to fly, he would have given us wings."

"Hermione, Chickens and Penguins have wings, and they don't fly, so what makes you think if we did have wings we could fly" Harry questioned his friend.

"Don't get philosophical on me Harry, just get me done to where I can stand on my own two feet once again."

"I have to get Sirius first, and then we will land. Hold on, I am taking us down."

Harry flew by the windows in the tower to find the room they had Sirius in. He found him near the top of the tower, where he was drawn up in a ball, awaiting his fate. He looked up, when he heard a faint calling of his name, and was excited when he saw two faces staring back at him through the window. "Harry, Hermione? What are you doing here?"

"We are here to rescue you, you silly git. What do you think we are doing here? Now come on, or would you rather wait around for you escort?"

Sirius jumped up and climbed through the window to get on Buckbeak's back. Like Harry he thrilled at the feel of the wind rushing through his hair.

When Harry set down on the ground of the Astronomy tower, Sirius jumped of the Hippogriffs back and helped Hermione off, where she dropped to the ground and started to kiss it, swearing never again will she listen to one of Harry's hair brained schemes.

Harry joined the two, and pulled Sirius into a hug. "I don't think we have much time, so we better make this brief. You need to get out of here, before they discover you are missing, and come searching for you. Do you know where you are going, so that I can contact you?"

"Haven't the foggiest. I will get in touch, when I find a place. In the mean time, thank you Harry, for believing me. You don't know what that means to me." He hugged Harry, and then turned to Hermione.

"You to Hermione, and it pains me to have to do this to you, after helping me to escape, but STUPIFY!" He caught Her in his arms, and lowered her to the ground.

Harry stood shocked when Sirius did this to his best friend. "What the hell are you doing Black? I would like to think you would be more appreciative of the fact that we just saved your life?"

"Harry, listen to me for a second. I did this, because Hermione has something I need, and knew she would never give it to me willingly. We will talk on it later, but right now, I must do the same thing to you. It is to protect you when you are questioned about my escape. I am going to stupify you as well, Harry. Just tell whoever questions you, that I stole a wand from whoever, and escaped, searching for you two. I took you here, and then stunned you both, to make my escape. Got that?"

Harry had a confused look on his face, but nodded his head in agreement. Sirius pulled him into one more hug, and then Stupified Harry as well. He leaned over Hermione, and kissed the top of her head, saying he was sorry. He rose back up, taking the item with him, and got on Buckbeaks back. He said goodbye to the two, and was gone.

This was the way Professor Flitwick found them. The staff and the Aurors were conducting a search of the castle to find Sirius, and to bring him back to justice. Rather than take a chance of them panicking, he levitated them down the stairs and to the Hospital wing. He laid them on a bed, and Madam Pomfrey brought them around, where both Harry and Hermione shouted out, "Where's Black? He did this."

"Calm down, both of you. It will not help if you both start acting like enraged animals. Now, can one of you tell me what happened?" Filius asked the two.

Harry looked at Hermione, and she nodded to him to answer. "Black found us in the hall, and took us to the tower for his escape. He stupified Hermione, saying she had something he needed. Funny thing though after he did it, he told her he was sorry. Then he turned to me, and said the same thing, and did the same thing. He must have had a broom hidden up there for his escape."

Hermione looked to Harry like he was crazy. She was about to say something, when Harry started up again, "What do you think it was that Hermione had that he needed?"

Hermione looked shocked at this statement, and then started to search her pockets to see what was missing. At first she couldn't figure out what it was, then she looked scared, and went to her neck. Then she started to cry, "It's gone. He took it. How did he know I had it? I can't believe we believed him and his lies. Oh Harry, he is just a thief. He took the necklace."

Harry knew what she was talking about, and he looked sad for his friend, as she just lost any trust that Professor McGonagall had for her. It was her that gave it to Hermione to use for the year. Now, it was gone, and and the person that took it was as well.. He knew it was all his fault. Harry once again got his friends in trouble, and hurt.

Hermione saw Harry go through his range of emotions, and knew he was going to blame himself. She reached over and pulled him into a hug. "Harry, it is not your fault. You didn't even know I had it, until tonight. It is my fault, for asking you to believe in me. I was a fool for even thinking of it."

Filius was confused, "What are you two going on about? Black is the evil one here. It was not your fault, either of you. You got caught up in insane madness of a criminal escaping justice. Victims is all you are. Now stay here, until the Aurors get here, to take your statements. Then you both need to join My. Weasley in a good night's rest."

Filius left the two students to them selves. Madam Pomfrey left them as well, and returned to her office, closing the door. She knew the two wished to talk, and comfort them selves. She would have been surprised at what was actually said.

"Harry, why did you lie to the Professor? You know how he escaped, and got away. Why are you still protecting him?"

"Hermione, Sirius apologized to me after he stunned you. He said you had something he needed, and knew you would never let him take it. After learning what it was he took, I agree with this, as there is no way you would have let him take it. I don't know why he took it, but he said he would contact me, as soon as he found a place to stay. Hermione, I think he really was sorry for what he did."

"Harry, it's not just me I'm worried about. Professor McGonagall trusted me with it. She signed it out from the Ministry, in order for me to use it to get around to all my subjects. She agreed to let me try it for a year, and if it worked out OK, she would let me try it again next year. I was going to give it back to her, as this year was too much and I was always tired. Now she will never trust in me again."

They hadn't heard anyone enter the wing, and were surprised when, "Miss Granger, I do not hold you at fault for this. My trust in you has not waivered. What is done is done. The device did not belong to the Ministry, like you thought, it belonged to Professor Dumbledore. He did not want you to know because he could not show favoritism to a student. I am sure he will understand. I am just glad Black didn't hurt you both. He was a desperate man, and could have gone to extreme measures to ensure his escape. Don't worry yourself over this. I came in to tell you both, that you will not have to make your statements until tomorrow morning, as it is too late, and Madam Pomfrey has told the Minister you are both asleep. She told me different, and that you Miss Granger was worried. I came in to make sure you were OK. Now, both of you get to sleep. I am sure that Mr. Weasley has a few hours on you. I will see you both in the morning. Good night to you both."

With that, she left, leaving a relieved Harry and Hermione. They said good night, and turned over and slept.


The next morning Harry got Hermione to go along with his story. He told her that Sirius would contact him, and tell him what it was all about. He needed to believe in his godfather, if he was to ever have the family he always wanted. He knew he had been accepted by Arthur and Molly, but, he needed someone who could tell him about his parents. Professor Lupin had told him some of the stories about his father, but not much about his mother. He was hoping Sirius could tell him more about her.

The three made their statements, as they needed Ron's as well, but he was not able to tell them anything after he was admitted to the hospital. Harry and Hermione's stories fit perfectly, and were accepted by the Ministry officials, including Minister Fudge. Fudge left livid, knowing Black had escaped justice, and was on the lose. He feared he would seek revenge on the Boy Who Lived, and if that happened, all hope for the wizard world would disappear if what Albus told him came true, and He Who Shall Not Be Named would return. He failed to question where Black got his wand from, as did the other officials.

Harry and Hermione made it to the hall for breakfast, and listened to the back ground talk about what happened last night, and what happened to Ron. Ginny, Fred, and George asked the two many questions, to which they said the same thing they told the Aurors. Harry hated to lie to his friends and to Ginny, but he had to in order to protect Sirius, and Hermione. They had finished, when they were called to the head table by Professor Dumbledore. They walked up to the table, and He asked them to follow him to his office. Once there, they were asked to sit, and then he began.

"Could you please tell me how Mr. black knew you had the time turner Miss Granger?"

"Professor, I really don't know, unless he saw it during all the commotion in the Shrieking Shack. I never used it in front of him. Harry was the one he told. He never said anything to me, except thank you, and he was sorry for what he had to do. That was the last thing I remember, before Madam Pomfrey revived me."

"Harry, do you have anything to add to Miss Granger's statement?"

"Sir, Sirius said he was sorry for what he did, and he would explain later why he did it. He told me he didn't know where he would be staying, so there was no way to contact him."

"Well, thank you for at least telling me the true side of things. And I want to thank you for covering up with the Ministry. If they knew he had a time turner, who knows what would be going on right now."

"Professor, Sirius told me he needed to take care of something, and that was why he needed the time turner. He wouldn't tell me what, but he would explain later. I don't think he is evil sir, I think he is still suffering from his stay in Azkaban."

"I'm sure you are right Harry, now, why don't you go ahead and head out to class. I believe this will be the last day of classes, until next year. There was too much taking place last night to expect the students to have their minds on studying. Please enjoy your summer, and Harry, if Sirius should contact you, and you have a chance, please notify me."

"I will sir, if I get the chance."


The train ride home was filled with questions from the Weasleys once again, trying to figure out what they were doing out after curfew. Ron told them he wasn't out past curfew, which was the truth, leaving Harry and Hermione all the answering. Nothing changed from the last time they were asked. Fred and George stayed a little longer, then left looking for Lee. Ginny on thew other hand was not finished. She saw Ron nod off to sleep after the twins left, and faced Harry and Hermione. "Hermione, what happened to your necklace?"

Hermione saw no other way out of it. She put a charm up that kept Ron, and anyone else from hearing what she had to tell her friend. "Ginny, no one else can know what Harry and I are about to say. Promise me you will keep quiet."

Ginny promised, and Hermione and Harry told Ginny the truth, because She knew Hermione had the time turner. She was shocked that Sirius had done that to them, to protect them. But why would he want the time turner. What could he do in a day. There were no significant events in that time frame that warranted being changed.

About an hour out from the station, Harry saw an owl flying next to his window, wanting in. Harry lowered the window, and the owl flew in and reached out his leg to Harry. Harry took the letter from the owl, and then the owl took off. Harry looked at the letter, and saw it was addressed to him, with no return name or address. He went to open the letter, when Hermione and Ginny stopped him. "Harry, if you don't know who it is from, do you think it is wise to open it?"

"If I don't open it, how will I know who it is from?"

"Is it really that important for you to know?" Hermione answered.

"What if it's from Sirius.? He wouldn't put his name on it for fear of it being traced back to him."

Ginny said, "I don't know Harry. I am with Hermione on this one. Let me try something I've seen my Mother do. Revealio Incantatum."

The Letter opened when Ginny did this, but nothing happened.

"Harry, there was magic put on this letter, but, I don't think it's intent was evil. Maybe it was a confundus charm to keep others from knowing it's content?" Ginny continued.

Harry looked at the letter, and it was blank. Harry wondered why anyone would send him a blank page. Then it hit him. If it was from Sirius, it would be hidden from view, which could be viewed if you knew the correct word or phrase to activate it. Harry knew what phase Sirius would use. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Hermione and Ginny fainted when Harry just disappeared after saying those words.