A Ripple In Time Keeperoliver Chapter 15

A/N: Well I am going to attempt to end this story here, as I have gone as far as I can with the Time Line thing. Depending on how I end it, will determine whether or not I have a sequel. Like you all know, I have nothing planned for each chapter before I write it. I have ideas, but sometimes they are lost once I start writing. Still II hope you enjoy it. As always, Ollie the Keeper.


Harry's meeting with his Aunt and Cousin had left him with a concern. Was he brought up by his Aunt in the other time line? If he was, why couldn't he remember it? Was she as bad there as she was here? If she was, why did he turn out the way he has, filled with feelings for his friends and family? Surely she would have made him a bitter person, with no compassion for anyone, like herself? No he could not have been raised by this woman. He was sure of it.

Harry would never think about the Dursleys again, as they showed him what a family was like without love to bind them together. He felt sorry for them and what became of them, but, he also felt that it was for the best as they were the kind of people he wished to avoid at all cost.

Harry was ripped from this train of thought when Amanda asked to speak to him about a private matter. "Sure sis, what's the problem?"

"Oh There is nothing wrong, Harry, I just wish to know something is all. In this other time line, I take it James and I were never born, right?"


"If we were never born, and Mum and Dad never married, What happened to Dad? I mean I know Mum died protecting you, and James died with her, But what did dad do?"

"Well Amanda, I wish I could give you a full history of dad's life in the other time line, but I hardly knew him. My third year was the first time I met him and Sirius. I met dad first, on the train ride to Hogwarts. He was sleeping in a compartment, when my friends and I entered to take a seat. He was dressed in worn clothing and had the look of having a rough life. I didn't know he was a werewolf at the time. I do know that he was the same type of person there as he is now, but his monthly problem kept him from having any kind of life."

"So how did Uncle Sirius fit in?"

"Well, I didn't meet Sirius until the end of the school year. He was being chased by Dementors, and Aurors. He tried on different occasions to get into the school, and we all thought he was after me. In fact he was after a rat that belonged to Ron. It turned out the rat was an Animagus, and was once a Marauder. I think you know him. Peter Pettigrew. Well, to make a long story short, Dad and Sirius proved to us what Pettigrew was, and that they were really friends of Mum and James. Don't ask why Mum and Dad never got together, as I don't really know that story, just that they were very good friends and that Dad never met any one that could look past his problem and love him for the person he was. It was either that, or he did, but refused to get involved because of his problem. Knowing Dad, this was the case. He would never take the chance of hurting anyone."

"So what happened to Pettigrew, after you took him in?"

"It never happened. After we left the shack we were in, Dad forgot what day it was, and when the cloud coverage allowed the full moon to shine through, Dad changed into the werewolf, and distracted Sirius which allowed Pettigrew to escape. With out him, Sirius would never be proven innocent of the charges against him, so when one of the Professors finally found us, Sirius was taken into custody, where he was going to be given the Dementor's Kiss. This is what set up the whole time line change. Sirius had seen the time turner that Hermione wore around her neck, but had no chance to approach her about it then. Hermione and I used it to save him and a Hippogriff that was to be terminated because of some one elses stupidity and arrogance. This time, Sirius rather than asking Hermione about the time turner, he stunned her and took the device and then stunned me, but took me with him. The rest you know."

"Some thing doesn't sit right though Harry. You say that Pettigrew was the one to turn Mum and James over to Voldemort. Sirius was framed by Pettigrew and escaped once more. Dad was not there for any of this. Why didn't any one else know of the switch of secret keepers? All Fidelious Charms are to be registered to the Ministry. Not who the Keeper is, and not the address, but just the notification of the charm being performed. How could this happen and not be registered?"

"That may be the case in this time line, but, I don't think it was the case in the other time line. With Voldemort still terrorizing the people, There were many people doing what ever they could to protect themselves. The Fidelious was the most secure way for most of the families. It was either that or leave the country, which quite a few people did."

"But Harry, the Fidelious is a very difficult charm to perform, and any who can do it have to be registered. That should have been the case even in your time line. Do you know who performed it?"

"No, I don't, but Sirius might. It still doesn't explain what you are getting at though?"

"Who ever performed the charm should have remembered who the secret keeper was? The only explanation would be to have him Obliviated. If that were the case then some one still knew about the charm. Don't you see, some one covered up the incident for a reason, but who was it?"

"Damn sis, you have been around Hermione too much. You're starting to sound like her. I suppose you could be right, but there is no way of knowing this now, as it has nothing to do with this time line, and I don't wish to go back to the other time line, as this one came out perfect. I could never go back and take the chance of you and James not being born, if that is what you are getting at."

"No, that is not what I am suggesting, it just makes you wonder what kind of plotting went on to create the other world you lived in, and who was behind it all? I don't relish the idea of not being born, as I happen to love the life I am living. It is for you that I am concerned about and why things happened the way they did."

"Well thank you for thinking of me sis, and it is something that makes you wonder, but, like I said, I like things the way they are, and do not wish to change it. Sirius may know who the person was that performed the charm, or he may have been Obliviated as well as the person performing the spell. If that were the case, then we will never know, which is fine by me."

"OH Harry, don't you have any spirit of adventure? It is a mystery to solve, and you have one of the best minds as a best friend in Hermione. I bet even Ginny would like to get involved in this one."

"But wouldn't we have to travel back in time to follow the other time line to find out what happened? If that were the case, then I definitely don't want to know. Like I said, I like what is going on now."

"I don't think we would have to go back in time to accomplish this, but it may bring back some bad memories to you and Sirius."

"How do you mean?"

"I mean we use a master Legilimans to visit your thoughts. I think Professor Dumbledore would be the one to see, and have Mum, Dad, Sirius, Hermione and Ginny there with us for support and ideas as to what we hear. Aren't you even a little bit curious as to what went on?"

"So you wish to have Professor Dumbledore look into Sirius' mind to see what occured during the setting of the charm, and who set it?"


"What if Sirius doesn't want to have it done?"

"Well, we won't know unless we ask?"

"Fine, let's go ask, as you now have me wondering what happened. Fine sister you are, giving me all these head aches."

"You still love me though, other wise you wouldn't be concerned about my existence."

"Yes, I still love you, but you irritate the hell out of me at times."

"That's what I'm here for, your personal irritant."


Sirius, Alice and Neville joined Hermione and Ginny as they settled in to hear what Harry had to say. They didn't like the look that was on his face, like he had just eaten the most sour lemon he ever found.

Lily had brought a tea service in for her guests, and she joined Remus to hear what Harry and Amanda had to say.

Harry opened the talk, "I know you are all wondering why I asked you here. The truth is, Amanda has opened up a valid point, but it does not change my feelings about the time travel Sirius and I have done. I do not wish to return to this other time line, but there are questions about it, I was hoping we could answer with out going back. Sirius, Do you remember who it was that performed the Fidelious charm on our house in Godric Hollow?"

Sirius looked lost at the question. He had never even thought about that since he arrived here. "Now that you mention it Harry, No I don't. It does seem strange that this should be. I know it was James, Lily and I who made the decision to change the secret keeper. We were worried about there being a spy in the order. I am ashamed to say it Remus, but James and I thought it was you. You were always off trying to gain the trust of the werewolves who we all knew were faithful to Voldemort. Lily never lost her trust in you, and Balked at making Peter their secret keeper. I mean she really did not like the idea. She didn't talk to James and I for the week before we did the charm. The day of the charm, she tried once again to talk us out of it, but to no avail. For the life of me, I can't remember who did perform the charm. I remember it was James, Lily, Peter, Harry and I there, but not the person performing the charm."

"Do you remember if whoever performed the charm was registered in the Ministry?"

"I'm sure who ever it was, was registered. It was required in case of lost memory of the secret keeper. But, why worry about all this now, as it really doesn't matter?"

"But it does matter Sirius. Aren't you the least bit curious as to why things happened the way they did. Sure we know Wormtail was a traitor, and yes we know mum and James died because of it. But why did you go to jail? If the one who performed the charm came forward and told of the change, you would have been spared the time you spent in jail. Word would have been spread about Peter's Animagus form, and he may have been caught. It would have changed our time line where we would not have had to go into the past, except for your wanting to help your friend. If you had not gone to prison, You would have been there to help him, rather than just barely survive on his own. Please don't mistake what I am saying, as I don't wish to go back there. I just wish to have closure for the whole time line thing."

"I understand Pup. You have raised a lot of questions that I can't answer, and can't see how we can find an answer."

"Amanda thought of that as well. She's been hanging around with Hermione too much." Hermioned huffed at this, but was wearing a smile when she did it. She knew it was a compliment Harry was giving her.

"Amanda thinks a Master Legilemans could see your memories and maybe even see some of your lost ones. She also thought that you may have been Obliviated, along with the rest to forget who performed it."

"I certainly don't like the idea of having someone poking around in my mind. That is just too creepy. However, if it does bring you closure, and maybe me as well, then what the hell. Why not. But who do we know who is a master at Legilemancy?"

"Professor Dumbledore. Don't you remember when we brought the Time Turner back, how he tried to enter our minds to see if we were telling the truth?"

"Of course. The old coot. Never could trust the bloody git. But you're right, he may be the one we need to see."

Lily was the one to ask for the appointment, as she was alwasys a favorite of Albus'. He garnted them permission to floo through.

Once settled Harry asked him, "Professor, Do you know who James and Lily had to perform the Fidelious Charm on Godric's Hollow?"

The twinkle in his eyes dimmed somewhat when asked this. He was not expecting a question that the Dumbledore in the other time line would know. He did not know the answer. "Why would I know that Mr. Potter? I assure you, I know more than most, but knowing things I may know in another time line is not one of them."

"I knew that sir, but I was just setting you up for our request. What I mean is this." And Harry and Amanda went into their theory. Albus listened with interest. He was absorbed in the thinking these two put forth. He also agreed with it. He had Sirius relax as he sent a gentle probe into Sirius' mind searching for an answer. The group couldn't help laughing when Albus saw one of Sirius and James' pranks work to perfection. One time they heard, "Now how in the world did you accomplish that one?" Finally Albus found the memory of just before the Charm was set, then Sirius' mind went blank, only to come back after it was done. He never saw who performed it, nor who the secret keeper was. He told this to everyone there, and all was thought hopeless until Hermione said something that surprised every one.

"Professor, I think you are forgetting something. There is still one here that was there for that meeting."

"Miss Granger, I know what you are thinking, But, this is not the same Lily that was there?"

Hermione laughed at her headmaster. "Sir if you would have read my mind you would have never made that statement. Of course this Lily wasn't there, but this Harry was."

Albus' eyes became the twinkling eyes they all knew. He smiled at his present favorite student. "Why would I ever question you? I must have been taking a nap before you made your statement. I am going to have to pay more attention to you when you say something, Miss Granger. Of course Harry was there. You and I are going to have to have a serious talk when you return to school young lady. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. Now Harry, what say we take a little trip into your mind. I know you are probably skepticle about this, but even as a youth, you retain memories. Also, because of the blank in Sirius' memory, I believe he was Obliviated, as were the rest of the party, except I believe you, as you were only a toddler at the time."

Harry sat as Albus began his probe. Unlike Sirius, Harry brought what he remembered of the incident to the fore front of his memories. Albus watched as his family gathered in front of their house and were joined by Filius, who was the one to perform the charm. He also watched as the charm was completed, and then there was a flash as the faces of Filius, James, Lily, and Sirius all became blank. Then an individual stepped into the picture. Severus Snape still held his wand in his hand. He walked past Peter, and up to Lily. He brought his hand up to her face and caressed it. He still loved her very much, and hated to do that to her, but it was for her own good. Albus watched as Severus leaned into Lily and planted a kiss on her lips. A tear falling from his eye as he did it. He also watched as Harry reached a hand out to touch Severus' cheek, and Severus slapped it away. What amazed Albus was that Harry didn't cry. He just had a sad look on his face, as if he felt sorry for the Potions master. Severus tried to sneer at the boy, and instead, broke down completely. He knew the boy felt his pain. He turned and left leaving Peter to straighten out the mess. Albus left after this, and told the whole story to the gathered.

Lily couldn't believe all the deception that went on in this other time line, and all the pain that Harry had to endure, losing his parents, his godfather and an uncle figure in Remus, because of this incident. She also didn't believe that Severus Snape loved her. She didn't even know him in this time line. Then she was brought back to reality when Dumbledore made a comment she could have killed him for.

"Harry, Sirius, with this new found evidence, perhaps you both should go back and try to correct the misdeeds and set it all right."


Harry pulled his mum into a hug to calm her down. He could feel the magic flowing off her and was afraid she might do something she may regret later. Remus also joined him in trying to sooth her anger. Amanda, Hermione, Neville, and Ginny were shocked at Lily's outburst.

Alice was glaring at her husband as he was laughing his arse off at his Lily pad. He was used to her losing control when it came to something so stupid it angered her to this point.

Albus too, was laughing. He was not serious when he said what he did. It was only a thought, and was not expecting any positive response. He was not expecting the outburst from Lily, and it caught him by surprise. It did take on a humorous effect when he heard Sirius laughing.

Harry and Remus soon got Lily calmed down, and Albus apologized for the comment, telling her it was not meant as anything other than a possible choice.

Both Harry and Sirius declined the offer, with Sirius still laughing which brought a scowl to the face of Lily. She did not appreciate the joke what so ever.

With the answer to Amanda's problem resolving the problem of what occured that day, Harry now had all the information of his life in the other time frame and was happy to be shy of it. He now looked forward to the rest of his school years, and whatever was in the future for him, his family, and maybe even a certain red haired beauty.

Author's end note: Well, there it is. I know most of you will feel disappointed with the ending, but by ending it this way, I still have an opening for a sequel, if that is where I go next. Like I have been saying, I am going to take a break for about a month, while my brother visits. Until then, I hope everyone gets to enjoy DH Pt 2 this Friday, as I know I will, I already have the tickets. Stay cool, as it is hotter than firewhiskey out side. 100 degrees and it is not even 9 AM. If anyone is thinking of moving to Missouri, think again. It has more than five different ways to put you life in danger. Yuck. As always, Ollie the Keeper.