Authors notes: hey guys :D well this is my first time writing a story and a fanfic so i decided to write this i don't know what you will think of it as i said its my first time

the first chapter is split into two as i wonted you to see the beginning of the story from both sides and to introduce you to the way that kakashi and hinata come across in this story alltho i have tryed to keep the characters close to the Naruto version. i hope you like it (kakashi's and hinata's relationship will develop further on in the story so don't expect to see any romance between them in this chapter)

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Kakashi Hinata chapters

Chapter 1.1 (Kakashi)

He was woke by a genital tap on the door "k-Kakashi-san" said a quiet voice "A-Are you a-awake breakfast is ready"

'Ah Hinata' Kakashi thought, Hinata had knocked on his bedroom door to wake him for breakfast 'what has she made today' he wondered before replaying to the girl behind the door "Hai, Hinata-san ill be out in a minuet, why don't you start without me"

"O-Ok Kakashi-san" she said before turning and walking back to the kitchen.

He'd walked to his draws, pulling his mask over his head to cover his face, dug out his usual ware, black pants and a black top, stepping out of his night ware, he through them on. Then he picked up his forehead protector and headed out of his room dawn the corridor to the kitchen. As he walked in he saw Hinata her blue hair pined back leaving a few strands falling down the side of her face, her lilac Hyuuga eyes looking inattentively at him as she sat there waiting for him to join her,

"You know Hinata-san" he said wile tying his forehead protector around the back of his head and slipping it over his left eye, "you could have started without me"

She came back to the present moment,

"O n-no Kakashi-san that would be r-rude" she blushed "I-I like the c-company"

'She's so cute when she blushes' Kakashi thought as he watched the blush fade from her face,

"Well I have to agree Hinata-san you are very good company to have breakfast with too" he smiled. Just as the blush on Hinata's face was fading it returned brighter than before,

"D-Doumo K-Kakashi-san" she stuttered out and dug into her Miso-soup.

She had prepared steamed rice, miso-soup, natto (fermented soya beans), nori (dried sea weed), tamagoyaki (rolled omelette), broiled fish and tsukemono (pickles). Kakashi looked at all the food and decided that he'd have all of it, he loved Hinata's cooking and, always encouraged her to try out new dishes, if he could he'd have eaten his share and hers however he left enough for her, and when she had done with a dish Kakashi would ask her if he could have the rest and she would blush and simply say,

"H-Hai Kakashi-san I'm done" and pass him the plate.

After they'd finished breakfast Kakashi would help Hinata do the dishes, he took a towel and he dried and put the dishes away and she washed. When they had done that Hinata would say

"O-ok then am going now Kakashi-san I've prepared a b-bento for you if you need it i-if not just leave it in the fridge" she turned and walked to the door carrying her bento box and said before she left "S-See you later K-Kakashi-san"

"See ya Hinata-san tell Kurenai-san I said hi" Kakashi replayed before she went out of the door

He when back to his room picked up his weapons pouch from the top of his draws and his jounin vets that was hanging from the post of his bed and shrugged it on before attached the weapons pouch to his right side and jumped out of is window. He could see Hinata walk out their building when he shouted,

"Good luck Hanta-san" she looked up to see him standing on the roof where he stud every morning and shouted to her,

"y-you too K-Kakashi-san" she smiled, blushed and then ran towards the village centre.

'She's so cute" Kakashi thought to himself. Jumping dawn from his roof he took his book out of his weapons pouch and began to read giggled at one of Jiraiya-sama's erotic lines of the first Icha Icha series (Icha Icha Paradise), and set off walking through the village.

As he walked to the manorial stone he began to think about the day he had found Hinata there. It was ten years age he'd come back form a two week mission and was heading there to greet Abito his former comrade who had died in one of there missions, he'd always come to the memorial stone before he went on missions and when he came back before reporting to the Hokage. He remembered every single part of it;

It was raining and cold he'd got to the top of the hill when he saw her there lying on the ground shivering. He'd run towards her putting his vet over her to try to keep her warm.

"Hyuuga-san" he said sitting her up so he could see her face. 'Is she crying' he thought, he couldn't tell but he was shore she was.

"Otosan" she whispered as she touched the mask that covered Kakashi's cheek, Kakashi's hart sank.

Hinata was having trouble at home with her farther Hyuuga Hiashi, she was the heiress of the Hyuuga family and her farther expected her to be an exceptional ninja to protect the clan, trouble was Hinata was having difficulty and her progress was slow, so her father was slowly giving up on Hinata and began concentrating on Hinata's little sister Hyuuga Hanabi. Everyone new what her father thought of Hinata and so did Kakashi.

"No Hyuuga-san its Kakashi-san" he replied and he heard her whimper.

He'd always watched over Hinata when he was in the village ever since he was given a mission to protect her as the Heiress, he felt her body shake so he picked her up and carried her back to his apartment.

Laying her on the couch he went and fetched some spare blankets he'd kept in a wooden box in his spare room, he shook them out as they had been there for so long they had collected a lot of dust, when they where dust free Kakashi put them over her. He placed a spare shirt and some pants on the table next to her, made some hand signs and said "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" out of nowhere a clone of Kakashi appeared he turned and faced his clone and said,

"when she wakes up tell her to put them on" he pointed to the set of cloths on the table "I will be back shortly I wont be gone too long so look after her" his clone nodded and Kakashi jumped out of the window.

He'd gone to the Hokage and asked for her to give Hinata a place of her own but she said there was nothing she could do, he couldn't ask the Hyuuga branch family because they wouldn't let a member of the main family live with them by choice. So he had the job of looking after Hinata until she was responsible enough to look after herself. So Hinata had taken the spare room in Kakashi's apartment, he'd tried to give her his room as it was bigger but she got upset so Kakashi moved her in to the small room.

She was ten and he was twenty. It was difficult bringing up someone that needed you to be around and he hated leaving her when he had to go on missions but she had learnt how to cope, Kurenai would always make shore she was ok and would take her when he had to go on longer missions which wasn't very often as the Hokage knew he had responsibilities and he really didn't mind her company she always amused him. And things changed as she became older she was more responsible and he felt better about leaving her on her own knowing she would be ok.

'Am so gomennasai Hinata-san' he thought. Kakashi had reached the top of the hill and was now looking at the memorial stone.

"Yo Abito" he smiled and waved he stood there and thought about how his friend would have greeted him. Putting his book into his weapons pouch he spoke again

"I suppose you won't to know what I have been up to" he looked dawn at the stone and the name that was engraved on it,

"well I can't really say I've been doing much the Hokage has given me two weeks off and I have had too much time on my hand's which you would know that's not good for me" he chuckled at his words,

"Except from taking care of Hinata-san there hasn't been much to do" he said to the stone. He looked up and he could see the roof tops of Konoha.

'It's more like Hinata's looking after me' he thought to himself as he didn't want to admit it to his comrade. He caught site of the Hokage's mansion and said "well I best be getting off the Hokage asked me to report in today" with that he made a hand signal and disappeared leaving falling leaves behind him.

As he walked out of the Hokage tower he had herd a group of ninja training, he looked to his right and there was Kurenai and her heavily pregnant torso, Kiba and Akamaru and Shino and Hinata. He walked towards them,

"Hey Kakashi-san" Kurenai had seen him and had now turned away from her former students to face Kakashi,

"What are you doing hear I thought I wouldn't see you today as you told Hinata-san to say hi to me"

"Yo Kurenai-san" was all that came out of Kakashi's mouth.

He looked up form his book to see Hinata sparing with Kiba, they where practising there taijutsu and Hinata was holding her own against her team mate.

"She's improved so much Kakashi-san" Kurenai said, she was now facing her former team and was looking at Hinata with a glisten of hope in her eye.

"Hai, she is a grate student to teach, her progress might be slow but she is much stronger than any of the rookie nine" Kakashi had said wiliest sitting dawn next to Kurenai,

"Do you think there is any hope" Kurenai was looking at Kakashi's side profile of his masked face with a questioning look on her face.

"Maybe I don't know" Kakashi had now closed his book and placed it in his weapons pouch and looked on at Hinata before continuing "but her farther hasn't taken much notice of her since she was condemned from the hyuuga house"

Kurenai had seen it in his eye she new he always carried the burden of the day he'd found Hinata she was in a terrible state and she new he would always remember the image of her face. Kurenai had helped Kakashi out with Hinata as she always thought of her as her own daughter. They both sat there watching them as they trained.

When they had done all three walked over to them and sat dawn in front of them,

"Hay Kakashi-san" Kiba and Shino said at the same time as Hinata giggled,

"Yo Kiba-san Shino-san…. Hinata-san" he turned to Akamaru patted him on the head and said "Akamaru" Akamaru baked and nudged Kakashi's hand.

"Hey Kakashi-san did you bring your bento" Hinata asked, Kakashi thought back for a moment 'dam I left in on the counter' he looked back at Hinata and said,

"Ah Hinata-san the bento you made for me unfortunately it's still at the apartment" he smiled at her.

"O-O w-well would you like some o-of mine Kakashi-san" she held her bento up for him.

"O no tha-" he was cut off by the sound of his stomach graa they all laughed,

"Well that's my que to say yes then Hinata-san" smiling he took a peace of rolled omelette with her chopsticks quickly pulling his mask dawn and popping it in his mouth and replacing his mask before anyone had the chance to see his face. Hinata had ended up sharing her bento with him and he was careful no to eat it all her cooking was so divine.

When they had finished they all sat around talking about their jutsu and different ways to improve them. After a wile Shino, Kiba and Akamaru had left to go home and Hinata and Kakashi had walked Kurenai home.

"Doumo Hinata-san and Kakashi-san for walking me home take care" she kissed Hinata on the forehead and gave Kakashi a friendly hung and whispered into his ear "you are an excellent Shinobi and a grate roll model... she looks up to you, take care of her Kakashi" with that Kurenai said bye and went into her house and Kakashi and Hinata headed for there apartment.

"What did Kurenai sensei say to you back then" Hinata look up into Kakashi's eye,

'Dam she picked up on that' he cranked his face "o err….."

Hinata saw Kakashi was struggling,

"Never mind Kakashi-san if it's not important is doesn't matter, let's just get back home" she said and saw him let out a sigh of relief.

Authors notes: so what do you think so far i know its not very imaginative but i thought i did ok i don't wont to be big headed and say my work it grate because i know that there are a lot of mistakes in there and maybe you think the story is not so grate so i would like it if you please revue it thank you :D i would really appreciate it :D

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