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Kakashi Hinata chapters

Chapter 4.2 (sensei)


It was nine am and Hinata was still asleep in Kakashi's arms, he'd managed to get her to sleep after he'd had his shower but her dream last night had bothered him and he'd lay awake till four AM thinking about it. She had woken up terrified of him but she had clung to him all through the night, because of the lack off sleep Kakashi had missed his alarm at seven and wasn't up in time to have Hinata's breakfast made before she woke up and let Kurenai in at eight. Kurenai on the other hand, had a key and had let her-self in, hadn't found Kakashi where he usually would have been, which was in the kitchen making breakfast, so had gone to look for him. When she came into his room the sight she saw made her hart skip a beat. To her she saw her vulnerable Hinata in the arms of her late husband's perverted friend. She wasn't against the idea of Kakashi and Hinata being a couple, in-fact Kurenai had expressed her agreement of it to Kakashi on more than one occasion, you could say that Kurenai was pushing Kakashi to take a further step and be with Hinata that way but she had never thought that he would have made his move so early.

Kakashi was in a deep sleep and hadn't heard her walk in, however now he heard in his ear,

"You dirty little dog," (AN: she called him a dog because he can summon nin dogs and sometimes has the characteristics of one.) his body subconsciously froze, he was having a dream about Hinata, which had happened a lot since Kurenai had told him she knew of his feelings about Hinata. His dream was based on one of his Ichi ichi novels and in it dream he'd dreamt Kurenai had caught them at it. "So this is your little secret, and I though our little Hinata-chan was innocent, but boy you move fast, I didn't think this was going on." He felt a prod in his side and then realised that the prod actuality felt real. 'Wait if this was a dream then why did that feel real?' he asked himself in his sleep, he opened his eyes and saw Hinata was still sleeping in his arms, 'so it was a dream,' he looked at the clock which was behind her and read the time.

"Nine am…. That's not right, I would have heard the alarm." He tried to remember if he'd turned it off,

"O it's the right time all right." He heard Kurenai's voice behind him, he gasped and slowly turned his head, sure enough there Kurenai was kneeling next to the bed looking at him. "You're truly amazing." She said and Kakashi's eye widened as he realised what the situation looked like to Kurenai.

"This," he moved his hand in a backward and forward motion so he was pointing to Hinata and his-self, "is not what you think it is." He watched Kurenai's face change and he knew she was imagining Hinata and him all cuddly, her eye's looked like they had stars in them and she almost looked cartoon like.

"Of-course its not." She said sarcastically and waved her hand at him, "You should hurry up and get ready though, I know how much you are enjoying this moment together." She got up and walked to the door, "I'll make breakfast and you can get her ready, you don't wanna make her late." She smiled and disappeared from his sight. He felt Hinata wake and he didn't know what to do,

"Did I just hear Kurenai-chan's voice?" she was rubbing her eye to get the sleep out if it, 'she is so cute when she wakes and her morning voice is sexy too.' He had remembered his dream and immediately became aware of himself, 'O crap you got aroused by it you dummy, she's been cuddling up to you too.' He tried to compose him-self and calm down but Hinata's body was so close to him it became a game of tug-of-war inside him-self.

"W-we should really get ready, Kurenai-chan will be waiting for us." It was him who stutted this time as he was tried to control his emotions.

In the bath room, Hinata sat on the chair, he was sat behind her, with her hair hanging over the back, Kakashi was massaging shampoo into her hair.

"Are you ok now Hinata-chan?" he asked, she had her eyes close and was enjoying the feel of his fingers through her hair.

"Hai….. Am s-sorry if I worried y-you last night." she said with concern in her voice. Kakashi stopped massaging and was looking at her face, she was scrunching her forehead in concern. He rinsed the shampoo from one hand he smoothed out the crinkles on her four-head.

"If you keep worrying about me your four-head will stay like that." Hinata opened her eyes and looked up at him, his smile was showing thought his mask and he looked in to her eyes. He held her gaze for a few minuets and then smudged some bubbles onto her nose and began to rinse her hair, they both laughed and she wiped the soap from her nose and tried to wipe it on his face, he dogged it and rinsed it off her hand. After he'd rinsed the conditioner from her hair he wrapped a towel around it and sent her off to get dressed. He cleaned the bath room sweeping the lose water into the drain and then joined Kurenai in the Kitchen.

'I hope she doesn't take this the wrong way.' He thought as he began to make some green tea. "Look this morning in the bedroom wasn't what you think it was." he finished scooping the tea leaves into the tea pot. Kurenai had finished making the onigiri, she'd made some that looked like cute little cats, they had the face, ears and the front feet on the front, she'd also put a tale and hind feet on the back. She'd made rabbet and dogs to. (AN: In Japan a lot of young people make their onigiri [= rice balls] with faces on them.) She went to the sink to wash the rice off her hands.

"Sure Kakashi-kun. Even if it was it wouldn't be my business." She smiled at him and tidied the counter she had been working on. Kakashi filled the tea pot up with water and then lit the stove.

"Since she had her nightmares she wanted me to sleep in bed with her. She was suppose to sleep in a raised bed when she came back from the hospital but I didn't have time to get one and since she was having nightmares every other night I didn't see the point in getting a new bed for her as I was sleeping in the same one." He watched the flames of the stove flicker. Kurenai had set the table for three and was now sitting in one of the chairs.

"Kakashi-kun if you think I am mad about this then you're wrong." She paused to see if he would reply or react in anyway, as he didn't she continued to explain. "Did you not take anything from are talk last time? You have been single for too long Kakashi-kun and even when you have tried to date no one makes you happier more than Hinata-chan does." She watched him for any changes. "Hinata-chan needs you, both of you together have changed each other and will continue to, accept it Kakashi-kun don't worry about what anybody else thinks, but I'm sure they would agree with me."

'Is that really true? How can she be so calm about it? Although I didn't do anything to her so I haven't done anything wrong. Would it really be ok for me to be with Hinata?' He imagined Hinata with someone else like her crush Naruto and it pissed him off that she didn't think of him that way. He new how he felt about Hinata but the age difference between the two of them was making him worry. Kurenai saw the worry in his eye and changed the subject.

"So how is she?" she asked not knowing what was to come.

"She is terrified of me." He said with worry in his voice, "Or she was last night, she had another dream, she didn't tell me what it was about but when she woke up and looked at me she was terrified, her eyes where like they had seen 'me' hurt her." Kakashi didn't face Kurenai knowing that his eye showed the emotion he was feeling, "She cried when she looked at me, she never does that 'after' a dream, she's normally crying 'before' she wakes and her sobs where like id taken a knife stabbed it into her and was twisting it my-self." Kurenai had stood up and was about to comfort him when the tea pot whistled, Kakashi took it off the stove and then moved to look out of the window.

"I'm sure it's nothing bad Kakashi-kun. She'll tell you about it in her own time, just give her time." Kurenai was concerned she wanted to comfort Kakashi but new he would prefer his own space so went to help Hinata change.

After Kakashi said bye to Hinata and Kurrenai he jumped out of his window, dressed in his shinobi uniform and instead of heading to the centre of the village Kakashi went in the opposite direction. He came to one of the smaller squares in Konoha, there were five in total and each symbolised Konoha in very different ways. This particular square however, not one of Kakashi's favourites, represented Konoha in the times when war was pat of life. When shinobi were thought of nothing more than tools. The square had been here since the village had come together, the roads where old and bumpy, in the centre where the ground had at least been smoothed out was a statue of a shinobi warrior, his weapon of choice was a samurai, which was held in his right hand. Made of stone his cloths where much similar to that of the first Hokage, and although the guy was probably a warrior of the leaf, a long time ago, he had no face so there was no identity for the warrior in this square. The buildings around the outside were probably as old as the square it's self, each sold different things, there where butchers, fisheries, hard were shops, cloths shops and then of-corse the reason why Kakashi had come hear in the first place, because here was the best of Konoha's weapons shops.

Kakashi walked to the farther left corner of the square. By-passing the many old citizens of the village, who where resting on the benches to catch there breaths, and the few young children as they chased a flock of birds from the streets causing them to fly up out of their reach. The shop he was concerned with was the one that was tucked into the far corner of the square. The paint on the shop exterior was flaking because of weathering, the glass although looked a little tainted with dust looked surprisingly new. The window display had nearly every weapon a shinobi would desire, kunai, shuriken, senbon, knifes, nun-chucks, manriki-chains and samurai swords of many different shapes and sizes. This was one of Kakashi's favourite shop and the clan that owned this shop where the Masamune clan.

The clan had been a part of the hidden leaf from when it first begun although it wasn't a clan that had territory near the leaf, in-fact they never held any territory and still do not, they were nomads wondering the country settling no where working for others. The members of their clan though had only a few principals and only one was absolute. The clan was known for its no killing attitude, however they where not a clan that would be easily stepped over either, and they would deal in barter (AN: barter is the exchange of goods for goods of the value of which is being exchanged) which meant that they where never a very rich clan but they would always make deals and pay for deals with nothing more or less than equal value, which was one of the reasons why they where never left out in the rain. Making bargains that would help them gain something and would always be of consequence to the buyer and seller never to themselves.

Kakashi had known this clan since when he was a little boy and had grown up to appreciate the clan, in many ways they where like a second family to him. He entered the shop thought the wooden door, it had frosted glass panels on it and a brass wavy handle, the old bell at the top of the door rang when he open it. The room was not properly lit, the poor light however made the room more authentic, the shop was filled with the aroma of mettles and leather. He was greeted by his long time friend Kazuya, who had long shoulder length black hair and kept it tied back, his deep brown eyes looked almost black in the poor light and his baby face made him look younger than Kakashi. (AN: although who knows what he looks like)

"O look chichi its Kakashi otoko no ko" (AN: chichi = farther and otoko no ko = boy, but I was really going for Kakashi boy because Kazuya is a little older than Kakashi and always looked after him when he was younger and I didn't want him to add Kun or San ect you get what I mean it's a bit like how papa toad and mamma toad call Jiraiya.)

Kakashi's smile was visible through his mask as closed his eye and waved his hand side to side.

"Yo Kazuya-senpai, I haven't seen you in a wile, did you get the delivery I sent you?" Kakashi closed the door as he waited for his eye to adjust to the poor light.

"Hmmmmmmmm…." The black haired male was rubbing his chin and than he bumped his fist onto his flat hand, "Aaaa yes that peace, we did and we where all amazed, we didn't think we would see something so valuable in our life times." The man smiled, he walked over to Kakashi and swung his arm around him. "How did a rat like you get your hands on such an item in the first place?" (AN: he is not referring to Kakashi to be a bothersome rat but a lucky sod.) He pulled Kakashi into a head lock and then realised him.

"Oy Kazuya stop messing around and leave the ko alone." (AN: ko = child)

"Hey Ryuu-samma long time no see." Kakashi stood up straight and corrected his cloths. The man in front of him was the clans head, however he was very old, his skin was wrinkled and his hair was a silvery white, not as white as Kakashi's though, Ryuu too had the deep brown eyes which his son got from him, he was wearing a gray yukata and was hunched over because of old age. Kakashi new the story of this old man and it pained him to see one of the legendary weapons crafters and a fine shinobi lose to old age.

"Yes it has been a wile, but I'll forgive you for bringing that parcel to use the other day they are certainly a one in a million find legendary in-fact." The old man bowed to Kakashi and he retuned the gesture. "Would you care to stay a wile and have some tea wile we talk about that item?" Ryuu was about to walk back into the back room, 'I haven't seen him in a wile and it would be nice to catch up but I really can't be late.' Kakashi was pondering the idea but was shaken at an image in his mind.

"I am grateful for your offer however I must be getting off there is an important matter I need to attend to, maybe I can drop in next time and have that cup of tea?" he looked at the old man and waited for him to reply. The old man slimed,

"Of-course ko you are welcome anytime however there is the small matter of payment for that item." The old man scratched his head, and Kakashi new he would have to repay him somehow but the only problem was he didn't want it to cost him too much time.

"Ya about that…." Kakashi was interrupted by Kazuya.

"Hinata-chan can cook right?" Kakashi looked at him trying to remember the time he had told them about Hinata's ability to cock, "Relax, as payment for your item have her make use some rammen." On the inside Kakashi's jaw dropped, 'Hinata-chans r-r-r-ramen… n-no no that dish I wont allow it they'll make her make it more than once and use this to their advantage.' He thought as the old man butted in.

"Make that rammen and sake over here we will have a party, we haven't seen you two in a wile so it would be a good chance to catch up and I will have Kazuya deliver the item to your house." Kakashi didn't say anything, 'I knew it would come to this you dummy. I'm sorry Hinata.' He made no attempted to answer him so Ryuu made it a deal then all three shook hands and arranged a date to deliver Kakashi's item and a date for the dinner.

After he left the shop Kakashi walked toward the centre of the village. 'Now that's taken care of I need to hurry I don't want to make her mad epically today.' Kakashi shook the image of being tortured out of his mind, 'that wouldn't be good for me, she's the devil am sure,' he was in no hurry to get to where he was going considering the place he had to go and the price he would have to pay for using the Masamune clan's service which was something he didn't want to happen.

"Hinata-chan's rammen of all things…. Gee." 'Of all the things to pick they would chose rammen, my sweet little Hinata-chans best dish.' (AN: read the last part again and imagine Kakashi holding his face stairs in this eye and wiggling his body from side to side and harts coming from the top of his head.)

"No! I can't let them have her rammen I'll make it instead they will never know" Kakashi said as if he was plotting an evil plan.

"His aura looks scary." Some young woman said to her friend.

"Ya its all black and purple, do you know that guy?" Kakashi straitened him-self up and calmed himself down, 'get a hold of your-self Kakashi, don't worry about it.' he told him-self and then he froze again. 'Crap how can I make rammen when she hasn't taught me how to make it?' he cursed himself and was trying to remember if he had seen Hinata cook the dish.

"Erm… Kakashi-sense?" a voice interrupted his train of thought, he looked up and right in front of him was Hinabi huygua, he scratched his head and forced a smile through his mask hoping she didn't think he was going insane.

"O hay Hinabi-samma. What are you doing here?" he asked.

"O I just went out for a walk and am returning home now, this is my home you know, are you ok Kakashi-sense?" she was looked at him with a worried expiration on her face. 'Grate! look you made her worry now hurry up and make an excuse to cover it up.' He told him-self and for the first time he took in his surroundings, they where at the Huyga clans property.

"Am sorry lady Hinabi I was a little distracted by a few things but there nothing to worry about." He made his smile more clearer thought his mask.

"Ok then Kakashi-sensei what brings you this way?" she asked him curiously.

"O I er… have some business with Neji-kun." He looked at her with his right eye.

"Well then why not come with me, you can come in and wait wile I get him for you and then you can tell me how Hinata-chan is doing." She began to walk towards the gates and the smile on Kakashi's faced disappeared but he had to stop her before she got too far.

"Hinabi-chan you know I can't go inside that house." His voice was serious but he wasn't trying to make a point. "I'll tell you anything about Hinata-chan anytime but I will not in that house." He forced the smile to return on his face so that she would be reassured.

"Hai Kakashi-sensei do not worry I know how you feel and I understand that you are protecting Hinata-chan." She bowed in front of him to apologise. "You can wait out here wile I go and get him. I will see to it that farther does not know you are requesting him." she turned and walked towards the gate's again, Kakashi watched her until she disappeared through them. 'she looks worn out, I hope that ass hole hasn't been pushing her too hard, Hinata wouldn't stand for that and in her condition at the moment she doesn't stand a chance.' He told him-self.

Settling for a long wait Kakashi lent his back on the fence, he took his book out from the weapons pouch at the side of his hip and let it fall open to a random page. He knew the page well, of-corse the books where read many times by Kakashi so he new all the books and its pages well, but this particular page was in his favourite chapter. The chapter wasn't the most erotic part in the book but it was one of Kakashi favourite fanaticise of Hinata and he would always imagine him and her as the characters in this chapter.

(In the story (Kakashi's imagination))

"So we meet again" otaro said to the little female in front of him.

"E-e-erm…" she stuttered nervously 'shit have I been caught?' she had created a gen-jutsu in-order to hide her identity, and was sure this one hadn't been used in over a year.

"O what you forgot about me already?" he asked disappointed, "As if I could forget that chakra signature." He smiled at her and took the set next to her at the bar, "didn't I tell you that it was unique?" she had become embarrassed in front of him and her face had turned red, "you really are innocent, even your ears have gone red." She looked away trying to calm herself down. 'What is wrong with me I don't usually get this embarrassed on under cover missions' she tried to compose herself and felt the blush fade from her face, 'get a hold of your-self this is suppose to be an undercover mission, don't blow your cover.'

She looked at the man who had joined her again.

She couldn't quite make out his figure from the cloths he was wearing, and his forehead protector gave away his village, although so did his cloths. 'So he's from the leaf huh?' she made a mental note, last time they met she hadn't known where he was from. He scratched his messy white hair.

"What are you drinking?" he didn't bother to wait for her to reply as he had now ordered two big sake bottles. "Sake fine with you?" he asked and then nodded his head. He looked around the bar for any available seats however there wasn't any free, she noticed his disappointment and then decided to play a trump card.

"I don't feel comfortable here, why don't we rent one of the back rooms where it will be quieter?" she had to stop her-self from going red, 'may as well learn something off this guy and this way I won't blow my cover.' She hopped off the stool her kimono hugged her body perfectly it had drawn otaros eyes to her body, 'she's seducing me now and she doesn't even know it.' he watched her as she got to the corner of the bar and stretched over to take a set of keys from the hock for the back rooms. 'She's sleigh too, so she's a sleigh type this could be troublesome, never mind I'll have her writhing on-top of me in just a few moments, she'll have experienced nothing like it.' he promised him-self that this was going to be worth it.

he kept his eyes on her as he watched her move to the back of the room heading for the exit, she'd slotted something behind a picture on the wall and looked in his direction with a smile on her face, she disappeared out of sight and he was left on his own with his lust on the verge of bursting. Deciding to make her weight he stayed at the bar for all of five minutes, 'man am whipped if she has this much effect on me.' he thought as he slid a peace of card out from behind the photo, it simply said '011', slipping it into his pocket he headed to the back rooms, once he stood outside room 011 he hesitated with his hands above the handle, the image of her curvy small body in his hands on-top of him made him push the handle down. He was expecting a luxurious double bed with her lay on-top ready for him, however their was only a kotesue and there she was sitting drinking sake.

"Kakashi-sensei?" (AN: some one called him in reality)

(end of story(Kakashi's imagination))

"Kakashi-sensei? Hinabi-oni said you wanted to talk to me?" Neji had interrupted his story and he was a little miffed, 'it was just getting interesting.' He looked at Neji, shut his book and shoved it back into his weapons pouch.

"A yes she wishes to see you." He said as he pushed himself from the fence, "We need to be going now or we really will be late."

"Couldn't she have sent an anbu like she always does, it looks suspicious that you came to pick me up … wont be happy if he finds out." Neji's words sounded like they where full of worry but he didn't look it.

"Under normal circumstances she would have but at the moment I am here, but we must be going, you'd better keep up if you are not to be late, you know what she's like with people who are late." And then he jumped up-onto the nearest roof and started running.


"Bye" she waved to Kakashi from the window, 'Kakashi why don't you ever use the door? Do you not think it's strange that I'm saying bye to you from the window?' Hinata pondered the idea of Kakashi using the door to come into the house, 'although for anyone who knows Kakashi this is normal for him.' she closed the widow and then turned to face the room. She was in his room, however you could say that it was their room now that they had been sleeping together in the same bed for a number of months. Once again he'd forgotten to make the bed and had left his cloths lying on the floor.

"Kakashi-kun will you ever learn?" she asked her-self allowed, she occupied her-self with picking up his cloths, putting the clean cloths on the back of the seat and the dirty ones in his laundry basket. Then she moved onto making the bed, it was a double bed so she was moving back and forth from one side to the other to make it properly. 'His room hasn't been so clean in his life.' she thought as she left the room and met Kurenai in the living room.

"There you are Hinata-chan how are you feeling?" Kurenai asked when she joined her at the kotatsu. 'Did Kakashi say something wearied to her again?' she questioned.

"I'm fine, but where is Akiyo-kun today?" Hinata had finally realised he wasn't with her and seemed to be trying to remember if she had ever seen Kureani away from Akiyo since he was born. 'It's like the old days.' She thought as she remembered the times when Kurenai was her sensei.

"O didn't I tell you?" Hinata saw her former sensei was trying to remember, she shrugged her shoulders and continued. "Shikamaru-kun has him today Ino-chan and Choji-kun are watching him too I figured if Shikamaru-kun couldn't deal with him then at least Ino-chan can help him." Hinata watched her a few moments and she could see that Kureani was thinking about Asuma and Akiyo with his former team.

She felt a strong connection between Shikamaru and his team, not that any of the other rocky nine weren't close but this was a connection that was formed, when Shikamaru and Hinata had found out Asuma and Kurenai where engaged, knowing that Akiyo was with Shikamaru was like knowing Akiyo was with his farther, she felt comfortable and was happy her sensei had given him to Shikamaru. Hinata smiled and lowered her head to look into her tea cup, the leaves where bobbing in the hot green liquid.

"Are you worried about something Hinata-chan?" Kurenai said suddenly, Hinata hadn't realised that she was wearing her worry on her face. 'O not I can't let her see me like this.' She thought, taking a breath in and letting it out again she replied.

"N-No everything i-is fine…. Am j-just n-nervous K-Kakashi-kun never t-told me where I-I was going today." She was trying to hide any falseness in her woods.

She watched Kurenai as she registered what she had said. Hinata took a sip of her tea trying to make her words stronger.

"O well, lady Tusnade-samma wants to see you." Hinata nearly choked on her tea.

"Why would she want to see me? I am not due an appointment and I'm well off being able to do any assignments." She didn't stutter, with a confused look she had forgotten about her worry.

"Maybe she wants to assess you?" Kurenai questioned but carried on, "Maybe she just wants to make sure your ok? she is the Hokage she will be busy and Sakura-chan is still her apprentice after all she can't do everything!" She put emphases on the last part as she could see Hinata was about to question her about it. Hinata thought about that for a moment and then shook her head. She went back to looking at her tea leaves.

"You'd make a great mother Hinata-chan." She wasn't leistering properly and just nodded as she heard it a lot from Kurenai, but she did note that she had been saying that a lot, Hinata felt the blood rush to her cheeks.

"E-Errrmmmm…." She didn't know what to say she'd never felt uncomfortable in Kureani's company until now and she didn't want to look up at her.

"We should be going now we don't want to be late for Tusnade-samma." Kurenai got up and took her cup and tea pot to the kitchen. 'Why did I feel like she meant something different by that?'

"'You'd make a grate mother Hinata-chan.' That's what she said. So why am I feeling this way?" she said allowed to herself, she tried to forget about it, stood up and took her cup to the kitchen. She then put her shoes on at the door, she was dressed in a white vest with fish netting under it covering her arms and chest, her trousers where black and she wore her head guard as a belt, where Kurenai was waiting for her.


"Ready." She said as she got up and took the keys from Kurenai's hand. She locked the door and they headed out to the Hokage tower.

They walked down the hall too the Hokage's office, Kurenai knocked on the door. Shizune opened it, she always looked worn out, Hinata wondered if it was really heard work looking after the Hokage, but this time Shizune looked different, she looked normal and for the first time Hinata thought that she looked younger. 'Wow she looks the same age as Kurenai, I thought she was older than her.' Her thought was cut off when they where invited in.

"Lady Tusnade-samma, Hinata-chan and Kurenai-chan have come." She said and bowed to her, the Hokage was sitting in her chair was petting her pig, there where a number of scrolls on her desk which where stacked in a holder.

"Hello Hinata-cha Kurenai-chan." Tusnade smiled, Tonton looked up and towards Hinata, the little pig let out a squeak and tried to jump off Tusnade's lap, however she caught him just as he was about to make a leap of faith.

Hinata smiled as the pig was wriggling in her hands, Kureani bowed and greeted her.

"Gee Tonton, I'd be hurt if it wasn't Hinata-chan you wanted to go to, sometimes I really don't know where your loyalty lies." She let the pig down, Tonton squeaked happily and trotted around the desk to Hinata, who picked him up and held him to her chest.

"So Hinata-chan how are you?" the Hokage was now looking at Hinata who had now taken a seat in-front of her desk, the small hog had settled into her lap.

"Hai Hokage-samma, I feel fine nothing feels bad." She remembered that she had blacked out yesterday and was concerned about Tusnade. "Although I don't remember much from yesterday." This was the first time she had spoken about it and out of the corner of her eye she saw Kurenai was fidgeting with one of the tassels on her sash.

"Well I wouldn't be so worried Hinata-chan." The Hokage stood up and walked around the corner of her desk to where Hinata was sat, "I am most concerned with your health. Would you let me do a chakra assessment Hinata-chan?" she held up her hand, Hinata nodded, closed her eyes and clasped hold of her hand. She felt Tusnade's chakra enter her body spreading through her muscles, she didn't slow her chakra down this time and she just waited for Tusnade to finish.

"Your chakra flow has returned…." She paused and was still holding onto her hand. "Although it is a little slower than yesterday not by much though, how do you feel?" Hinata opened her eyes when the Hokage let go of her hand. She shrugged.

"I-I feel fine, B-But I am feeling a little week." She didn't think that was a concern.

"That shouldn't be a problem as long as you get enough rest, keep an eye on you chakra flow thought." Tusnade smiled at her. "I couldn't heal your wound so there would be no scar, so your body will have to heal its self from this stage, but that will mean you will have a scar on your chest for the rest of your life." Tusnade's voice was comforting and reassuring and Hinata knew she had done everything she could. She shook her head to let Tusnade know she was ok, "could I have a look at your wounds to be sure there ok?" Hinata shook her head, she picked Tonton up who protested a little, with little squeaks and grunts, and popped him on the floor, he immediately ran to Shizune who scooped him up and held him in her arms.

After Tusnade had finished, she when back to her chair behind her desk. There was a gentle knock at the door, Hianta had just finished putting on her top and had returned to her seat when Shizune opened the door.

"Hey Shizune-chan." Hinata new that voice and then Shizune introduced Ten Ten, Lee and Gai to them. Hinata was confused, she new that the Hokage had unexpected visits to her office but the way the three of them greeted her, made her think something was up. She looked at Tusnade who was smiling happily to the new guests of the room.

"You are on time, I would expect nothing less from Gai's students." Hinata could almost see her comparing their time management to a certain shinobi that was nothing less than a failure when it came to time keeping. The Hokage cut off Hinata's thought as she began to talk again.

"Hianta-chan…" She looked at the Hokage who was leaning forward over the table.

"Hai." She straightened up ready for what the Hokage had to tell her. 'It can't be a mission, can it?' she asked her-self.

"I have something important for you to do." Hinata was becoming worried, 'it feels like she is putting all this responsibility on me all of a sudden.' She felt her face turn red and her body turn hot, she didn't dare to look at Kureani. "You have been assigned to take up an s ranked mission." Hinata felt the colour drain from her face, 'I new it… I am not ready how could she assign me to something like this. It's too soon.' She thought as she felt a cold shiver slide down her back.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked to see Kurenai was looking at her. The exasperation she wore was reassuring and she nodded her head at her. It made her calm down a little but Hianta still needed to know the reason why the Hokage would do this. She straightened up in her chair.

"I-I d-don't know whether I-I can d-do this Hokage-s-samma." She looked at Tusnade who was still leaning forward in her chair, her nerves where clearly showing in her body language.

Tusnade didn't move, she was watching her and Hinata felt like she was being jugged.

"This is an assignment that only you can carry out Hinata-chan." She paused and then lent back into her chair, "If I didn't think you could do this Hinata-chan I wouldn't have assigned you to this."

"But I am-" she was cut off by Tusnade.

"Your mission is to become a Jonin." Hinata froze, 'how am I meant to become a Jonin when I can barely walk properly.' She didn't know what to say and she just looked at the Hokage confused. "You will train in nin-jutsu, tai-jutsu and gen-jutsu as well as perfecting your byakugan and specialising in ninja weapons." 'How is this going to be even possible? Even before the accident I was barely at the top in my squad in only tai-jutsu.' Her thought was cut short by Tusnade's next words."You are to become a Jonin in four years and you will train with skilled shinobi…" Tusnade paused, got out of her chair and walked over to Lee and Ten Ten. Hinata had twist sideways to look at her.

"Teaching you tai-jutsu, Rock Lee." Lee was dressed in his usual were green jumpsuit, green shinobi vest, head protector around his waist, orange leggings with black shinobi shoos, his hands where rapped and he had his usual bowl cut hair stile. He bowed to Hinata which made her fell like she was being treating like the Hyuga air again. She was reminded of how hard is was getting the rocky nine to stop calling her lady after her farther had abandoned her, she had no time to ponder this thought as Lee had pulled her attention away.

"I will help you train and be the best." He said with a huge grin on his face. Tusnade smiled.

"Gai-kun will help Lee train you, he will always be in the background if you need him." she said and Gai who Lee had copied his style off was dressed exactly like him minus the bandages.

"If you have any troubles do not hesitate to ask for help." He said with a bow. Hinata could feel her cheeks flush red and Tusnade moved on.

"Teaching you in the art of weaponry Ten ten." Ten ten was also in her usual shinobi outfit long-sleeved white blouse with a high collar and red fastener and edges paired with similarly coloured, puffy pants that look like a hakama, with the exposed parts of her legs near the waist covered in bandages. She bowed and then said.

"I am so happy to be working with you Hinata-chan." She smiled and then looked at Tusnade who was looking in Hinata's direction.

"Teaching gen-jutsu, well there is only one person for you Hinata-chan." Hinata saw her eyes move and she new she was no longer looking at her but behind her.

She felt a warm feeling as she turned around and looked at Kurenai who was smiling at her.

"Yuhi Kurenai." She heard Tusnade say behind her. Hinata didn't know what to say and all she managed to say to her was.

"Y-You have A-Akiyo-kun." Kurenai laughed and then hugged her because she could see Hinata was shocked.

"You'll always be my student Hinata-chan and now I can help you again, I am looking forward to training you, but do not think that it will be easy by any means." They both let go of each other and then looked at the Hokage who was now sitting back in her chair.

"W-Wait what a-about nin-jutsu and my b-byakugan training?" Hinata was confused, 'Am I meant to develop those by my-self?' she asked her-self knowing that it was impossible. Tusnade who had looked pleased in her seat was now looking quite uncomfortable. She didn't have to say anything because just then there was a knocking at the window behind her which made her close her eyes, she in-haled and said something Hinata couldn't hear. She swivelled in her chair and outside the window was Neji and Kakashi.

"You're late." Tusnade said as she opened her window. Kakashi hopped onto the ledge and jumped in he signalled Neji to do the same, he looked uncomfortable coming in through the window but because Kakashi had brought him he had to. "At lest come through the door at times like these." She said as she sat back down in her chair.

"N-Neji-kun w-what a-are y-you d-dong h-here." Hinata was so happy he was there, she hadn't seen him since they had lunch at the barbeque, she stood up and hugged him as he walked to her. Their hug lasted a few seconds longer than normal and when they broke free Hinata looked like she was going to cry. Sudden shock appeared on her face, "farther." Neji new what she meant and so did all the other's in the room.

"I requested him on Hokage orders." Tusnade said from her set. Hinata smiled, 'I hope this isn't too dangerous for you?' she knew how much trouble he would be in if her farther found out.

"I've missed you." She said trying to hide the worry on her face. She didn't think he noticed as he hugged her ruffled her hair and replied with a ditto.

Hinata straightened her hair out and then turned to Tusnade, who carried on with her previous introductions. Neji was to be her byakugan sensei and Kakashi, he was her nin-jutsu sensei. She was happy with her new sensei's but then she new that even though they where teaching her how to improve her skills they had things of their own to do. Neji was the hardest one to figure out what was going to happen? They had nearly been caught by her farther once when they where training.

"What about them." she didn't stutter as she was being serious and was full of concern, she was hoping Tusnade had a grate plan because if she didn't Hinata didn't know what she was going to do.

"Leave the minor details to me all you need to know is when, where and who you will be training with each day, that will be sorted out tomorrow and you will have your time table then." Tusnade was still sat in her seat and didn't show signs of moving.

There was a sort silence which was interrupted by Tonton squeaking, Shizune put him on the floor and he ran over to Hinata, his hooves making a racket on the wooden floor, she scooped him up and held him out in-front of her. He looked at her with the cutesiest eye's she had ever seen and immediately thought of Kakashi and Pakun, she burst into fits of laughter and everybody looked confused. (AN: like cartoon figures with white ovals for eyes, lines for mouths and little droplets on there head.)

"Tonton you know just when to cheer me up." She said and hugged him, there was little harts coming out of his head as he let out happy little squeaks.

Back at the apartment, Kakashi and Hinata were alone for the first time since that morning. Hinata new last night was going to be a hot topic for Kakashi, but she also knew that he wouldn't ask her about it if she was uncomfortable and she was hoping he didn't. 'He needs to hear something right?' she asked her-self, 'may-be I should just tell him about the dream?' she considered this and then shook her head, 'No that would only worry him more than my usual dreams.' She didn't know what to tell him and she was running out of time, she new that any minute now he would be finished in the kitchen and bringing in their food. 'Should I tell him it was only the same dream as the last one?' she remembered them all as if they had actually happened, 'would he believe me?' she was a bad liar and she new it. It was too late anyway because now Kakashi was setting a plate down in-front of her. On it was about half a dozen shrimp dumplings and a small bowl of dipping sauce, he placed a rectangular plate with sliced vegetables on it. That was then followed by placing in-front of him-self a rectangular plate of the onigiri that Hinata had left this morning. She looked at him and they both made eye contact, she was about to say something but he cut her off.

"I ate mine yesterday, its ok I can have these." He pointed to the onigiri, "and have some vegetables too." He picked up a rice ball and began to munch.

Hinata was still looking at him as he finished his first rice ball, she never saw his face even though she new he'd pulled down his mask. He looked back at her and then made his smile visible though his fake mask.
"You know if you keep staring like that I'm going to think I have taken something of yours." He when to pick up another, Hinata beet him it and then slid the plate of dumplings in-between them both and picked one up, dipped it in the sauce and popped it in her mouth. She stopped chewing and her cheeks flustered, 'this isn't half bad, I think all my tutoring is paying off.' As she continued chewing a burst of flavours flooded into her mouth and this time it was Hinata's turn to control her emotions.

"I told you already Hianta-chan I ate mine yesterday, I'm ok with these." he tried to push the plate back towards her but stopped because of her firm tone.

"I didn't ask to eat steamed shrimp dumplings on my own." She didn't stutter and carried on eating taking a bite out of her rice ball and popping a carrot in her mouth. The rosiness on her cheeks had just about disappeared. Kakashi was frozen in place and Hinata watched him from the corner of her eye. She finished her first rice ball picked up another and popped another dumpling in her mouth.

"Food's good, you should get it wile its hot or are you ok going hungry?" she was still watching from to corner of her eye and she saw him switch back to reality and scarf down a rice ball.

They both finished their meal and felt stuffed, Kakashi made sure Hinata had more dumplings than him but he ate a few which Hinata accepted. After they had finished neither got up to move the dishes from the table, Kakashi piled them and pushed them aside. They had the TV on but they weren't really watching it. Hinata was waiting for Kakashi to ask about her dream, she was staring at the TV only seeing flashes of colour, before she new it she felt sleepy. 'This feels nice.' She liked the warm feeling in her stomach and it was making her whole body relax. Hinata closed her eyes and felt her body get lighter, she felt the small bump as she landed on Kakashi's shoulder, she felt him take hold of her shoulders and shift his weight, she then felt her body being picked up and placed in his lap. She opened her eyes wondering what he was doing.

"You'll get cold." She saw the smile, "This way you can stay warm… am guessing you don't want to go to bed yet?" she shook her head, she didn't so she closed her eyes and floated in the bliss of comfort. She felt his arms rap around her, 'this is ok right?' she didn't see anything wrong with it after-all if people thought this was weird how about them shearing a bed? 'No this feels ok… it feels right… warm…" she lent into his chest, she could feel his muscles that weren't firm, his relaxed body was soft, she used his chest as a pillow and listened to his breathing.

His breathing was making her more lethargic, she was matching her own breathing with his, she could feel her-self drift off.

"Are you ok now Hinata-chan?" he asked, she herd it as a rumble in his chest. She shook her head. "I know you probably don't want to talk about it…" she didn't really know what he was saying but his voice was rumbling through his chest and it comforted her in a wired way. She inhaled a breath through her nose and smelt the earthy smell Kakashi always wore, 'his natural smell is amazing.' She thought as she rapped her arms around his waist, she felt him jolt a little but not too much then the rumbling came back. "I have a bad feeling about your dream last night Hinata-chan… what made you so upset?... will you tell me?" she felt his chin on her head. 'My dream?' she was feeling very drowsy and his body heat was calming her.

"It was about you Kakashi-kun." She managed a whisper, she heard a flutter of his heart beat, 'o it was the same dream as last time Kakashi-kun I was just a little more scared then usual.' She felt her body give up control of her muscles and sleep take her into the true bliss and her arms, that where raped around Kakashi, loosened and fell limp. Kakashi looked at her and saw her sleeping face, a small tear was trickling down her cheek. He kissed her cheek and stroked her hair.

"Sleep well Hinata-chan." It was a whisper into her hair but she heard it faintly.

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