The Mormon

And along with the group was a member of the clergy,

A Mormon who would easily commit perjury.

While he preached to his flock

About how God had eyes of a hawk,

The Mormon had no care for what God saw—

He would as easily lie about his beliefs, as he would break LDS law.

He carried a thermos filled with hot coffee, which he would claim

To his last dying death was decaf. However, he would condemn those who did the same,

For lying was not looked well upon in his church. His only relief

From what would come when he died, is he would describe to God in brief

That at least, he convinced others to not drink caffeine,

No matter how much he drank it in extreme.

He had no notion of changing his habits, while here on earth,

And coffee was not his only blunder of worth.

The Mormon was there very clearly, not to make amends,

But instead to show just how holy he was to his friends.