The Fan Fiction Writer

A young girl also joined our large group of pilgrims,

Who was strangely obsessed with the outcome of relationships in films.

When not complaining about who ended up with whom, she would write

Her own stories where the characters always ended up with those who could fight.

She shipped her favorites with others filled with brave and brawn,

But she could never read slash, for she felt it too strong.

While many flamers would come on her case, hating on her particularity and

Her Mary-Sue characters who would take long walks in the sand.

The reasoning she had for joining the trip,

Was to get new ideas for stories that were much more hip.

She felt no dedication to the religion of Christ,

Her love of pop culture and fantasy were sufficed.

Although, not to say her view was shocking or anything of the sort,

This fan fiction writer simply had other priorities to court.