Emily rushed through the halls of Stonehill High. Adriane and Kara had told her, via dragonfly, to meet them at the Ravenswood Manor right after school. Adriane had found something very interesting in the library that she eagerly wanted to show her mage friends. Emily was curious about what the warrior had to say. Plus, the mages had to work on the fall tours and website information. Emily tightened her grip on her backpack, walking faster through the empty halls. She figured that it would be better if she waited until the halls were empty so that she could travel faster. It was worth the wait. The halls of the high school were totally empty. Easier to walk through without no one around, the healer thought. She glanced at the rainbow heart jewel hanging from the end of the silver chain around her neck. Mixtures of blues and greens danced across the jewel's surface, emitting a soft blue green light. Oh, how wonderful it was to be a mage, Emily thought. And not just any mage, but a healer! Using magic was a really great feeling to Emily.

The healer smiled.

As Emily stared at her jewel, she bumped into another girl going in the opposite direction. Emily stepped back and stared at the other girl. She was about the same age as her, with auburn hair and stunning blue eyes.

"Uhm... Sorry," Emily mumbled.

The other girl smiled and nodded. "It's okay."

Emily smiled back at the girl. As the girl was starting to walk away, her arm brushed against Emily's. Suddenly, the healer's jewel flashed white. Emily was nearly blinded by the strange light. She quickly pulled her arm away and examined her jewel. As quickly as it came, the light disappered. What was that? Emily wondered.

How could that strange light just...

At the same time, the girl froze, only for an instant. Something tingled up her spine. It wasn't a warning of danger, but a familiar, friendly feeling. The girl kept walking as Emily pulled her arm away sharply.

The girl stopped and looked back. She saw Emily studying her bracelet with an odd expression on her face. "You okay?" Emily looked up, the girl watching her carefully.

"I'm fine."

The girl nodded and continued walking in the other direction.

That was extremely weird, Emily thought. When that girl touched her, her rainbow jewel flashed. Did that girl possibly harbor magic? There was only one way to find out. Emily was about to see if that girl had a magical aura, but the girl had already disappeared around the corner. Should she go after her?


Barney suddenly appeared in front of Emily's face. "Emee!"

"Hi, Barney."

The mini landed on Emily's shoulder and beeped, signaling a d-fly call. Emily poked the purple dragonfly's belly.

"Emily, where are you?" Adriane's voice rang through Barney.

"I'm on my way."

"Okay, don't waste time."

Emily poked the d-fly's belly, severing the connection.

She looked down the hallway where the girl had walked off to. "I guess it would waste time if I followed that girl," Emily said to herself.

"Oooo?" Barney flew into Emily's backpack and started rumaging around for something to eat.

"You're right."

Emily turned and started walking in the other direction.

"Look, I'll go shopping with you guys another time, okay?"

Kara walked out of her house, her pink cell phone glued to her ear.

"But K," Molly whined,"you haven't gone shopping with us in, like, ever!"

"I promise that I'll make it up to you guys."

"Come on, K!" Tiffany yelled into the phone.

"It'll be fun!" Heather added.

"I have Ravenswood stuff to do today guys," Kara tried to explain. "Hmmph," Tiffany huffed. "Fine. We'll just go without you then."

There was a click and the line disconnected. Kara closed her phone and stuffed it into her pocket. Who needs Heather, Molly, or Tiffany? She has her real best friends at the Ravenswood Presevre. At least there she could use her magic freely and not be noticed. There, she can really shine as the blazing star.
Kara made her way to the presevre. While she was walking, she noticed that some cheerleaders from Stonehill High were practicing in the local football field. "Hmm..."

Kara said out loud. "I think I wanna see what they're doing."

The blazing star walked over to the gate and watched as the cheerleaders cheered and chanted. Oh, how she wanted to be a cheerleader, but there was just too much work to be done at Ravenswood. She sighed and turned, then stopped short when a pair of brown eyes were staring at her. Kara squealed and jumped back. Only then did she realize that the brown eyes belonged to a gothic looking girl. The girl's eyes went wide in shock. "What're you doing?"

"Sorry," Kara said brushing herself off.

She looked at the goth up and down. She had short black hair and black masquera that made her look like a car. Eww, Kara thought. The girl had piercings. She would never be caught wearing piercings. Even if they were fake.

"Excuse me." The girl pushed past Kara.

The girl's shoulder's touched each other. Suddenly Kara's unicorn jewel flashed with a silver light, then disappeared when the girl walked away. Kara looked back at the girl.

Whoa, she thought. What just happened?
The blazing star shook off the experience. It was probably nothing, she thought.

Adriane and Dreamer were standing outside of the Pet Palace, waiting for Emily and Kara to arrive. The warrior patted her bonded on his neck and watched the roads carefully.

"Where are they?" Adriane asked to herself.

"They're probably late," Dreamer said.

"You're probably right."

The mistwolf smiled his wolf like smiled and looked up, his coat shining. Adriane looked around, just in case. The door to the Pet Palace opened. A short girl with shoulder length black hair and glasses walked out. She pushed her glasses into place then glanced at Adriane. Adriane looked at the girl, then quickly looking away, sensing that this girl was not a threat.

Dreamer suddenly tensed.

"What is it?" Adriane asked her bonded telepathicly.

"I can sense magic." The mistwolf sniffed the air.

"Where? Can you find it?"

Dreamer sniffed the ground then pointed his nose at the girl. "There."

"Good job, buddy."

The girl looked at the warrior and mistwolf. "What a beautiful dog," she said calmly.

"Uh, thanks," Adriane replied, feeling a little nervous.

The girl nodded then walked back inside the Pet Palace. "Okay, how weird was that?" Dreamer asked. "Very weird," Adriane replied to her mistwolf.

"I sensed magic from that girl, really strong magic..."

Just then, Kara walked up to the warrior. "Hey," the blazing star said. "I thought you were gonna be at the mansion."

"We decided to wait here."

"Good idea, I guess."

The two girls walked around the Pet Palace and headed towards the entrance to the Ravenswood Preserve. Emily was waiting at the trail.

"Where were you guys?" she asked.

"I'll explain later," Adriane said. "Right now, we should get inside the mansion. What I found should be very interesting to you two."

The mages where standing around a large table that was covered in books inside the Ravenswood mansion library. Adriane reached over to another table and grabbed a large black book, handing it to Emily. There was no title on the cover and the spine was empty too. The healer opened the large book and read the first page.

"'Elemental Magic and the Zodiac?'" she read.

Adriane nodded. "This is a really cool book."

Emily started flipping through the book, skimming the pages. Kara looked over her shoulder, reading along.

"Whoa! Stop for a second! Go back to page 32!"

Emily stopped flipping and turned back to page 32. The headtitle was The Zodiac Mage.

"Look at this," Kara said reading. "'The Zodiac Mage is a mage that can control elemental magic depending on their Zodiac signs.' How interesting!"

"Told you," Adriane smiled.

"This is pretty cool." Emily smiled as she read on. "It says here that they're a different race of magical beings though, so I guess we can't be these types of mages."

"Good point."


Ozzie, the furry ferret, jumped into Emily's arms. Emily squealed in delight as she hugged the magical ferret.

"Hi, Ozzie."

"Don't knock her over," Lyra, Kara's magical cat, added.

"Gah! I'm too small to knock over someone as big as her."

"Thanks," Emily said putting Ozzie down on the table. "Oh!" Kara shouted. "I've got something to tell you guys."

"Well, spill it out, girl," Adriane said. "When I was walking here, a girl bumped into me, and my jewel flashed!"

Emily gasped. "That happened to me too! It was weird."

"That is odd," Ozzie said, not really paying attention. The fuzzy ferret was stuffing potato chips into his mouth, making his cheeks puff up like balloons.

"Wait a second," the warrior said. "Dreamer sensed strong magic coming from this girl we saw earlier."

"Really?" the other mages gasped.

Adriane nodded.

"Do you think they're other mages?" Kara asked excitedly.

"Do you think they could be trouble?" Emily asked.

"I don't think so." Kara shook her head. "Although, the girl I saw had piercings, soooo maybe."

"What should we do?" Lyra asked.

It was silent for a moment, then Ozzie said,"I think we should just watch out. Keep an eye on things while attending everyday life, you know?"

"Sounds like a plan," Kara said.

"Good, now let's get to work," Adriane said. "We need to fix up the website and set tour dates."

Let me just warn everyone who is reading this: this fanfiction contains blood and cussing. I wanted it to be more interesting. Not that much though... So please! Enjoy my FanFic! :)