Persona: His Sapphire Eyes – Chapter One

Can't Sleep

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The moon outside was shining its half-glowing phase, seeping through the thick curtains that tried to restrict its radiant light. Everyone's windows were wide open, only to let a single breeze of warm air to be the only thing to cool them off. But the humidity of the hottest season ran sweat down their faces as they slept through a lively night into their pillows.

Dogs were heard out of the open windows as they howled to the moon, praising and worshipping its golden glory as it sits in the heavens above. And even though the canines were awake, the whole city was asleep, but only one couldn't, regardless of it being midnight when the air was at its coldest in the summer night. She tossed and turned in her bed, sinking her head into the pillow, hoping that her thoughts would drown into its feathers.

Yukari was in deep thought, unable to remove it from her head. All she could do was sigh, moan and groan, hardly able to exhaust her mind for any much-needed sleep. "This is so can I ignore a beautiful thought? How can I sleep when...?" she muttered to to the ceiling, staring at the cracks in the paintwork with folded arms, desperately trying to remove a disturbance she couldn't wipe from the front of her mind.

She turned on her side towards her bed-side table, with a mobile phone that sat on the top of it. She reached for it, using her fingertips to bring it closer to her, and as she flipped it open, she started pressing the small buttons with her other set of fingers to dial a number, holding it against her ear afterwards. Four rings were heard before a sweet but croaky voice was heard.

"Hey, Yukari..." Fuuka's voice mumbled through the earpiece. Before Yukari could say anything, Fuuka let out a huge yawn from the other end of the line. "Hey, sorry to bother you Fuuka..." Yukari apologised in a whisper, "...could you come to my room please? Just for a moment..."

"At this time...?" Fuuka asked, almost as if she found Yukari mad. There was a moment of silence as Fuuka held her phone away from her ear to check what time it was on her clock, only to feel even more shattered upon reading it. She groaned. "But it's after midnight..."

"Please Fuuka," Yukari asked with desperation in her tone, "I'm not gonna be able to sleep if I don't hear your advice...just only for a few moments, and I won't bother you anymore." Fuuka sighed into the phone before answering. "All right then, I'll be right over." she croaked, giving in to Yukari's urgent plea before hanging up to end the call.

And with that, Yukari was left again in her quiet room, rubbing her arm with her hand with the thought still looming in her mind.

After a long while of waiting patiently, a soft knocking was made on her door. Yukari whipped the bed covers off of her and got up onto her feet, groggily walking towards the door in her tight pink shorts and pink tank top. As she opened the door, Fuuka came in, rubbing her eyes and yawning as she stepped through the door.

"So...what's wrong, Yukari? asked the turquoise-haired girl, sitting on Yukari's to return some form of comfort back to her body. As she looked up and down the corridor for anyone else, she closed the door and twisted the lock, turning back to Fuuka. "This is probably the tenth time I couldn't sleep...I think I might be coming down with insomnia..." she explained, sitting next to Fuuka with fidgety fingers.

Fuuka looked around the room for any kind of distraction that would have caused Yukari's potential sleeping disorder, and her first clue lied behind the windows. "Is it because of the moonlight?" she asked as her eyes squinted to the surprising amount of light that seeped through the curtains. "No..." Yukari mumbled, "'s about-"

"Is it too hot in here?" Fuuka interrupted, getting up from the bed to adjust the windows, which Yukari quickly yanked Fuuka back down into a sit from doing. "No, its not that either," she said, hesitating as she started to stammer.

Yukari rubbed her hand against her arm again, blushing a bright red, but Fuuka didn't realise because of the darkness in the room. "Yukari, what is it? You can tell me..." she urged for answers, but Yukari still couldn't help the stutter in her voice.

"W-Well...I..." Yukari began with a shaken tone, making Fuuka lean in her seat with intent ears. But when she was on the verge of telling, she threw her arms in self denial. "You know what? Maybe this was a bad idea." she said hastily, grabbing Fuuka's shoulders and trying to push her out of the door. But Fuuka stopped herself with a dig of her heels into the floor and walked back into the room as she broke free from her grip.

"No, you wanted me to help, and I will," Fuuka said as she stood her own ground, "take all the time you need..." At this point, Yukari had no other option but to come out with it. But even so, it was just too hard. "...Y-You're right...well..." she spoke with the upmost difficulty, still rubbing her arms and traversing up and down her room as a means of calming down, which wasn't very effective.

She gathered up her courage and sighed before coming out with it, with one long breath. "...It's...Minato..."

Upon hearing his name, Fuuka felt surprised as to why Minato was the one causing Yukari to have this insomnia. "Minato-kun?" Fuuka asked with some slight confusion, "But...what has he...?" And as she saw Yukari's blushes shine in the moonlight, it suddenly hit her. Yukari looked away from Fuuka as her blushing became stronger, knowing that Fuuka had the correct idea.

Fuuka took a brief moment to confirm it in her head, and after coming out of her thoughts, she was right. It may have been dark, but Yukari saw Fuuka's face clearly and saw a wide smile come across her face. Fuuka then began to giggle with a hand over her mouth. "Stop it...oh, this is so embarrassing." Yukari moaned, cupping her face into her hands to hide away her blushes, which only made Fuuka giggle more. "I'm sorry, Yukari," Fuuka apologised with no control over her chuckles, "but it's just so adorable." Yukari didn't know whether to feel put off guard by Fuuka's comment, or to smile helplessly at the thought of Minato as he sprung into her mind again.

"You can't sleep because you're always thinking about him?" Fuuka then asked, keeping the sweet grin on her face, "Aww! You're lovesick for him!" Yukari couldn't deny it, the blushes, the nervous voice and the fidgety body language were all too great of a giveaway to go against what Fuuka was saying.

"...Yes..." Yukari finally admitted, "...he's all I can think about, and I can't get him out of my head. He's too perfect, too lovely to ignore." To Fuuka the words Yukari said were like poetry, hearing the endearing tone in her voice.

"So why don't you tell him?" asked Fuuka, changing Yukari's expression from daydreaming happiness to gobsmacked startle. But even though it didn't seem like a good idea to her, Yukari took a brief moment to think about it before coming to an answer.

"Are you kidding?" Yukari asked as if it was obvious that it was another rule in relationships. "If I ever get close to him I get butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks become red and I get so nervous when he calls my name. Besides..." And them something sprung to her mind, which put her off greatly, "...he keeps calling me Yuka-tan."

"Oh...what's wrong with that name?" Fuuka asked again, only to make Yukari less discouraged than she was. Yukari gave a croaking moan. "It means that we're only just friends...if he saw me as something more than that, he would call me by my real name." she explained, failing to see how it would ever happen. Piecing the puzzle together, Fuuka was ready to give her advice.

"Ah, I see now," she said after confirming it in her head, "you love him, but you feel that he doesn't love you, right?"

"...Yeah...that's right..." Yukari answered as her head fell to the floor, leading Fuuka onto her advice.

"Well, apart from the name, how do you know that he doesn't love you?"



"Well...I can't think of anything else..."

" Then there you go. There is an opportunity for you..."

Upon hearing those words of hope, Yukari's head shot up and quickly turned to Fuuka. "R-Really?" she asked with excitement, "You think there is?" Seeing Yukari's growth in happiness made the corner's of Fuuka's lips curl into a smile. "I'm positive," she replied, "and you know what?"

"What?" Yukari asked.

"I bet he can't sleep either just thinking about you."

"You think so?"

"Yes...and he may have called Junpei over for advice!"

The two girls laughed at the thought of Junpei giving love advice and ended up staying up chatting about it for a long time, mimicking his voice and coming up with possible lines of what he might say with clumsy and low tones.

As the hours flew by, the summer sun started to peak out from the horizon, shining its light brighter than the fading moonlight.

"The sun's coming up...we should turn the lights on." Fuuka suggested, which Yukari agreed to as she stood up from the bed. "Okay, I'll get them." Yukari replied.

As soon as Yukari illuminated the room with bed-lamp lights, Fuuka saw the colour of Yukari's lips, noticing the odd colour on her cheek as well. They were smothered in bright red lipstick and some of it looked like it had been wiped off from different sides of her face. She then saw her left hand, seeing that the side of her index finger and thumb were also covered in lipstick. Fuuka pieced the puzzle together quickly and almost instantly popped the thought into her head, starting the giggles again.

"Um, Yukari?" Fuuka asked, trying to speak while controlling her laughter, "Are you wearing lipstick? And...why is it also on your hand?" The questions were easy for Fuuka to answer.

Yukari used her right hand to wipe her lips, looking at it to see that she was wearing lipstick. And as soon as she looked at her other hand, her blushes returned to her cheek with warm sensations. "Oh, um...well...I-It's not what you..." Yukari stammered again, unable to speak her words in the right diction. At this point, Yukari was blushing so hard and so bright that she had to turn away from Fuuka, hiding her lipstick-covered hand under her chin.

"Did you imagine your hand being Minato's mouth?" Fuuka asked again, and as she did so, Yukari quickly turned back round, but didn't have that much to make a perfect speech. After a few stutters of not knowing what to say, she finally gave in. "Okay...I did." she admitted, hanging her arms and head in embarrassment.

Fuuka made a squeal of adoration and raised her voice slightly. "Oh my goodness, that is so cute!

"Shh!" Yukari shushed Fuuka and lowered her voice into a whisper, "The others will hear you!" But even though Fuuka could quell her giggles, she couldn't help the large smile that teased Yukari into more blushes.

"Oh! I just remembered." Fuuka shouted in whisper, slapping her forehead in near forgetfulness, "Minato's playing at the Summer Festival tomorrow. Are you going?" Upon hearing the question, Yukari started to feel a slight panic, feeling as if her heart just missed a beat. "There's a Summer Festival tomorrow? No one told me! Do I need a ticket to get in?


"Oh god! No!"

"Don't worry, I've already got two tickets here. I got one for you, just in case you forgot."

Fuuka reached into her pyjama pocket and pulled out the ticket and giving it to Yukari, immediately quelling her panic. "Oh, phew! Thank you so much, Fuuka," Yukari thanked with huge gratitude, "I don't know where I would've been if I hadn't called you here!" She then gave a friendly hug to Fuuka, and she returned it with open arms.

When they both pulled away from the hug, Fuuka stood up from the bed. "Do you think you'll be okay now?" she asked, walking towards the door and twisting the lock. Yukari gave a nod. "Yeah, thanks for the talk, Fuuka. And thank you so much again for the ticket." she thanked her again before she stepped through the door. Fuuka then gave her nod before closing the door softly behind her, trying to reduce as much sound as possible.

Yukari was then left in her room, holding her ticket with two hands, reading Minato's name that was printed on it in big, bold letters.

She sighed as she dropped her head gently onto her pillow. "Minato-kun..."

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