Persona: His Sapphire Eyes – Epilogue

Two Years Gone By

Hey there dudes and dudettes! Welcome to the last EVER chapter of this story. As I may have said before, this chapter will give a little sneak peak of what will happen in the next story, so look carefully! Let's GT-R-DONE!

"And now for the special report this evening." a man was seen speaking into the camera, handing the news over to the man that was sitting next to him.

"Thank you." the other man said as he readied his papers that sat in a messy pile in front of him.

A young girl was sat down at a small table on a large cushion, watching the news with a careful eye. A plate full of cooked food was ready in front of her, but the news interrupted the first mouthful. The small girl looked towards another place on the table, seeing another plate of untouched food. The only difference was that the person who was meant to sit in that seat was still not home yet.

"You're gonna be late again, aren't you daddy?" she said as she looked back to the television screen with a downed expression. The man whose image was closed-up on the screen started to speak.

"It has been almost two years since the mysterious death of a Gekkoukan High student, Minato Arisato had doctors of the Tatsumi Memorial Hospital shocked. With the failure of finding a single disease or disorder that may have caused his death, the Inaba Police Force continue to investigate the true cause..."

As the man continued to talk about the follow up of events that concerned Minato's death, the corded phone that sat on a small bookshelf in a small corner of the room, rang. Since the little girl was the one who had the whole house to herself, she quickly stood up and walked towards the phone, picking it up and holding it against her ear.

"Hello? This is the Dojima Residence..." she sweetly said into the phone. "Hello Nanako." greeted a low and tired voice.

"Daddy!" Nanako squealed excitedly. "Nanako, I know I promised today that we would go to Junes when I get home..." Nanako's father sounded apologetic. "Uh-huh..." she said back to him with slight sadness in her tone.

"It's just that this case with this Minato kid has made me stay in to make plans for occupying in Iwatodai. And it looks like it might be demanding my time for other nights as well. I'm gonna call you a babysitter when I get some free time, okay?" He said grouchily.

Nanako sighed into the phone, and her father sighed after her. He seemed deep in thought. "Hey, Nanako..." He said with a more suspenceful voice. "Yeah?" She asked him in wonder and curiosity.

"How would you like your 'big bro' to come over and take care of you?" The two words 'big bro' made Nanako gasp in great excitement and squealed into the phone. "Yeah! That's a great idea dad!" She shouted in happiness.

Nanako's dad laughed in response and then spoke with a more confident voice. "Okay then, I'll call him up. But don't get your hopes up though, it's just a possibility for now." he said, not being able to change Nanako's happiness. "I'll see you as soon as I get some time off, okay?" He said as if he made it a promise. "Okay daddy, bye!" Nanako said his farewell to him and quickly sat back down to watch the television with happy thoughts coursing through her mind.

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The sequel, Persona: Spirits In Pixels, is out now! Please check it out!