To My Dearest Mother was so well received that I decided to write a letter for Father's Day. This one is from Carlisle to Edward on Edward's first Father's Day.

June 17, 2007

To My Son,

The last time this day passed I was thrilled that my son had just announced that he was bringing another "daughter" into our lives. Bella already had our hearts long before then, but we were excited to officially bring her into the family.

I never could have imagined the journey that we were all about to take, and the impossible blessing that would surprise us all. I never could have foreseen that this Father's Day you would be celebrating this day as well.

I've always felt a fatherly inclination toward you, and have been, on more than one occasion, overwhelmed that you have embraced me so completely in this role. I have constantly tried to do right by you and provide guidance, love and support. I felt like I was watching you mature before my eyes as you became a husband, but I never have seen such a change in you as when you became a father.

I know it wasn't something you wanted at first. You were more concerned about Bella as I would have been for your Mother if I had been in your shoes. From the moment, Renesmee was born though, it was like you were born to play the role of father.

You see the world through different eyes as you watch your daughter grow and interact with the world around her. She brings a calmness and a different type of affection out of you as daughters have a tendency to do to their daddies. She makes you worry more because I can tell from experience, that's an automatic thing for any parent – undeniable love and constant worry are two hallmarks of parenthood. She made your heart bigger and when you think you can't possibly love her anymore she does something to make your heart grow again. Your love and tenderness for Renesmee is a wonder to behold.

I am so proud of the husband and father that you are now and forever. Happy first Father's Day, Edward. As your father and now a grandfather to your beautiful daughter, I am elated to share this holiday with you for the first time and look forward to many more.

Love always,


Happy Father's Day to all the daddies!

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