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Chapter 1

Chihiro sat down in the car and took a deep breath. Had that just happened? All of it? Her parents finished taking the sticks and leaves out of the car, got in, and they drove off.

"I wonder what your new school will be like?" Chihiro's dad, Akio said. Granted, he was trying to start a conversation, but it was a rather stupid thing to say. Yuko, Chihiro's mother, turned to look at him, and glared.

"Did you not listen when I explained it?" scolded Yuko. "It's a fancy all-girls school, perfect for out little Chihiro."

Akio went very silent after that, and did not say another word until they pulled into the drive of there new house. The delivery people had already been and gone, and so all they needed to do was find out what rooms were what, and then set up the stuff.

"Well!" Yuko exclaimed "The delivery men could've waited around to help us!" She shook her head, and muttered something about men.

"Don't worry, dear. You've got me! We'll be fine." Akio grinned at his wife, who shook her head, smiling.

"Chihiro, dear. Go up and find your room. It's the smallest one."

Chihiro nodded, and rushed upstairs. She quickly located the smallest bedroom, up in the converted attic. After her father had brought the boxes that held her stuff up, she quickly unpacked them, and put her toys, clothes and old school books and other random stuff around the room. Once she was done, Chihiro thought it looked so much more like her old room.

"There! All done." She sighed happily, and flopped down on the bed. "I think I might read a book." She looked at her newly-filled bookcase, and picked one about river spirits. As she read, she found herself looking for a certain dragon.

"I wonder if it was real or not. I swear it was, but why in the world would anyone believe me?"

She flicked through, and caught a glimpse of a dragon with green fur and pale, cream coloured scales. She stopped, and looked at the page. She read the title.

"Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi. Haku…" She looked at the picture, and her eyes went soft. It was just a drawing of what he should look like, and the artist left out most of the details, but it still resembled him.

"Wait, if the author knew what he looked like, maybe they went to the spirit world as well?" She looked at the front cover, trying to find out who the author was.

"Laura Tanaka... She has a western name!" Chihiro was surprised to see that the author of a Japanese book was a young woman with a western name. She rolled off the bed, and went to the desk. She plugged in her laptop, and waited as it flickered to life.

She brought up the search engine, and typed in Laura Tanaka. She clicked on the first result, and Wikipedia came up.

"Laura Tanaka, born October 4th 1988 (32)." She read out loud. "That's the year of the dragon!" Chihiro laughed, and carried on reading. "Laura, who originally came from England, came to Japan when she was 12, and has been living in central Tokyo ever since. However, her family takes long holidays in the more rural parts of Japan." She stopped reading, and just looked at the next part.

"Tanaka claims to have been taken to the spirit world at the age of 15."

"What…" Chihiro just stared at the screen. She read it over and over again, until her mother called up the stairs.

"Chihiro! Chihiro! Come downstairs now please! Its time for dinner, and then we need to go shopping for your uniform!"

"Coming mum!" Chihiro yelled back, and then closed the Internet and unplugged her laptop. She put the book on her bedside table, and rushed downstairs to eat.

After eating the chicken curry her father had ordered in since the kitchen was still all over the place, Chihiro put on some socks and shoes. Yuko grabbed the keys to the car, and they went out.

Chihiro chose this time to ask her mum about spirits.

"Hey, mum? Do you believe in spirits?" Chihiro looked at her mum, expecting her to tell her off for being so childish. She was rather surprised (again) about the answer she got.

"Well, not really, but ever since we set off this morning, I've been having second thoughts. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason. I was reading a book and they mentioned them."


The two sat in silence until they reached the school-wear shop. They got out the car, and went in.

"Welcome! Can I help you?" A woman, about 30, who was wearing a t-shirt with the shop logo, welcomed Yuko and Chihiro as they walked into the shop.

"Yes!" Yuko flashed a bright smile at the woman "My daughter is starting at Amber River Elementary in a few days, and I need a uniform for her." Yuko took Chihiro by the shoulders, and showed her to the lady.

"Okay. How old is your daughter, eight? Nine?"

"Ten, actually."

"Oh, sorry! She looks so young! Anyway, please come this way."

The lady lead them towards a rack which held a dark green uniform, consisting of a green plaid pleated skirt, a white polo shirt, and a dark green jumper with the school logo and name. It also had a choice of ankle, knee or over knee socks in white with a dark green stripe around the top.

"Okay, do you know the measurements for your daughter?" The lady asked Yuko.

"No, I don't. I was hoping she could be measured here?"

"Yes, she can. May I take her to the dressing rooms over there? You can come too."

"Yes, that's fine."

The three walked over to the dressing rooms, where the lady took out a measuring tape, and took Chihiro's measurements.

"Looks like she needs size 4, which I will just go get. Would you like the ankle, knee or over knee socks?" The lady looked at Chihiro.

"Knee socks, please!" Chihiro said before her mum could say anything.

"Okay, I'll be back in a second!" The lady turned to the rack, and pulled out each piece of the uniform in size 4.

"Here, sweetie, would you like to get changed please?" She handed Chihiro the garments, and Chihiro went into the changing room and pulled the curtain. She got dressed quickly, and went out to show her mum and the lady.

"Well, what do you think?" Chihiro turned in front of the two, and Yuko nodded.

"Yes, we'll take them. Can we please have two skirts, five polo shirts, 2 jumpers and 5 pairs of socks, please? Chihiro, get changed, please."

Chihiro pulled the curtain and started to get changed, while the lady went and got the rest of the order.

Once Chihiro was changed, Yuko paid for the clothes, and they both started to leave. It was only then Chihiro thought to look at the woman's nametag. She looked, and took a double take at the writing on it.

'L Tanaka'

Laura Tanaka.

Yuko said goodbye, and they both got into the car.

'It can't be the same person, can it? Of course not, Laura is a famous author, who writes about spirits, why would she be here?' Chihiro sat in deep thought until they got home. She went straight to bed, since she was supposed to start school the very next day, much to her dismay.

While she slept, she thought over what had happened. She still did not know if she had actually been to the spirit world, but now she knew Haku was real. She had a nice, long dream, which replayed exactly what had happened while she was at the bathhouse. She woke up early wondering.

"Why did her not want me to look back?"

It then hit her. It had been real! And not a dream! She had been to the spirit world! She jumped up, and did a quick victory dance.

"Chihiro! Stop that, you're making a racket!" Her sleepy mother banged on her door.

"Whoops, sorry mum!" Chihiro laughed silently, put on a dressing gown, and went downstairs to help make breakfast.

Chihiro ate in silence, starting to worry about school. It was the middle of the year, and everyone would already have their friendship groups and everything. She would be the weird one, the new girl.

She shoved down the rest of her rice, and ran upstairs to get dressed. She discovered an on-suite bathroom next to her room, washed, dressed, and packed her rucksack with the things she would need. She checked herself in the mirror, and tied up her hair into a ponytail with her special purple band Granny had given her. It didn't match with the green, but she didn't care.

The last thing she did was grabbing her lucky charm. It was one of Haku's scales that she had grabbed when he transformed after getting his name back. She slipped it into her purse, and went downstairs.

The school was quite close by, so Chihiro walked. She left the house, and started to walk to wards the school. She had already walked there, for when they had looked at the house, she had walked up to see the school, and get enrolled.

As she turned the corner, she bumped into a girl. She shrieked, and fell forwards. Chihiro, surprised by the shriek, fell as well.

"Hey, watch here your going, okay?" The girl rubbed her nose, but didn't look angry.

"Ahh! I'm so sorry! Please, let me help you." Chihiro stood up, and held her hand out to the girl. She smiled.

"Thanks. My name's Serebi, I haven't seen you around. Are you a new girl?" Serebi looked at her, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, my name's Chihiro."

"Well, do you want to walk together?"

"Yes! If that's okay with you." Chihiro looked at her, and Serebi nodded.

"Let's go then!"


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