Chihiro got up, and got dressed for school. It had been almost 6 months since their epic trip to the Spirit World, but now everything was back to normal.

Chihiro ran down the stairs, and picked up the mail. She flicked through, and stopped as she came to a lovely ivory envelope. It was addressed to her, so she opened it. Inside was a thick card, I nthe same ivory colour as the envelope.

"What's that?" A voice said behind her. She jumped, and turned to see her mother standing behind her.

Haku and Rin had moved out a few weeks after they got back into an apartment nearby. Since they didn't need to go back to the bath house, they had decided to stay here and act like humans.

It was kind of strange not to see them around the house, but Chihiro still got to see Haku after school.

"I don't know." Chihiro replied, and handed the rest of the letters to her mother. She walked with her letter to the kitchen ,and sat down at the table. She pulled the letter out of the envelope, and gasped.

To Miss Chihiro

You are invited to witness the marriage of

Laura Samantha Tanaka


Shuichi Drake Yoshida

On the

16th of July 2012

At the Spirit Gate

Starting 12:30

Chihiro beamed. So he had found her after all. It was so lovely that they finally got to be together.

Yuko walked in and looked over her shoulder at the letter.

"Who's Laura?" she asked politely. Chihiro turned to her, still smiling.

"She's the author of my favourite book, and also a dear friend." Chihiro answered. Yuko nodded, and wrote down the date of the wedding in her diary.

Chihiro ate breakfast, and ran to meet Serebi on the corner. Serebi was a much healthier weight now ,and you would of never guessed she had been put through everything she had been though.

"Hey Chi!" She laughed. "Did you get an invite to Laura and Shuichi's wedding? I did!"

"Yeah! It's really cool they finally got to be together, isn't it?" Serebi nodded. They walked to school chatting about what they were going to wear.

After the bell went, they went to homeroom and settled down. Miss Parker too roll call, and then spoke.

"Alright, settle down, class. Today we have a new student joining us! Now, please be kind to her. She is 15, but she will be joining this class because she has not been taught at all. Please make her feel welcome."

There was a knock on the door.

"Please, come in!" Miss Parker called. The door slid open, and the new girl walked in.

Chihiro's eyes went wide.

A pure white girl walked in. She was wearing heavy eyeliner around her dark green eyes, which had flecks of chocolate brown in them. Her dark brown hair was up in twin buns, held by some pins with flowers.

"Hello." The girl said. She turned to the class, and deliberately caught Chihiro's gaze. She smiled at her.

"My name is Yuki. Yuki Ikumi"