Amai ran through the door with a envelope in her hand "JENSKDBDJSKDNDJ!" Amai stuttered. "What Amai?" Her older brother Mato sneered. "WE GOT ACCEPTED!" the brunet shouted. "ALL OF US!" Mato pointed to me and our friend Haru and our other friend Renae "YEA!" At this point Haru got up and started jumping around.

"That's good news" Renae said with very little emoticon in her voice, "Yea" I said back in exactly the same tone, "Well. We better start getting packed we leave on Friday" Mato exclaimed then ran out the door. "I dont see what the huge deal about this is... We only got accepted in Crypton College" I said with a 'I don't care tone'

-The trip to the school-

On the drive to the school Haru kept on singing that song Friday "ITS FRIDAY FRIDAY GOT TO GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!" Haru singed and shuffled about her in seat. Amai and Mato just ignored her and Renae had her head phones in so... I was stuck listening to her, "IT'S FRIDAY FRIDA-" "SHUT THE HELL UP!" I shouted, I couldn't listen to her anymore... "Ok I'll just eat my grapefruit then" Haru took her grapefruit out and started eating it.


"OOOO THERES A MC DONALDS! CAN WE GET SOME!" Haru shouted... "No Haru... Mc Donalds is bad for your health" Mato said like a "responsible" person "But stuffing your face with Celery isn't" Renae corrected him... Mato stuttered and shut up.

-At the school-

We finally got to the school and Mato parked the car, I opened the door and got out. The fresh sea wind hit my face cause the school was built near a beach, and I started walking when I heard a "Ouch" I turned around and Amai had fallen and this yellow haired idiot fell with her. I ran over and the blonde hair kid shouted "Watch where you are going bitch!" At this point Renae and Mato looked disgusted,

"What did you just call my sister?" Mato shouted, "I called her a bitch, and you should keep her from doing stupid things" the blonde haired kid continued, I went over and helped Amai up "You ok?" I asked her and I helped her up, "Yea I'm ok" Amai smiled. "And another thing, what's up with that kid with the black hair! Is he a alien cause that eye colour is not normal" The kid continued, mocking my Blue but halve brown eye.

I walked over to that kid and grabbed him by the collar, "What's your name!" I screamed, "L-L-en sir" He replied scared. "Ok I want you to calm down... Or I'll rip out your stomach and stick it into a bath tub of rootbeer" The kid was terrified at this point... I let go off him and he ran off...

Mato:Wow Miro you really took it out on Len!

-Miro just ignores Mato and drinks his rootbeer-

Mato:K then...