Update author's note (January 2017)

This story is quite 6 years old and the plot is set right after X-2. If you're looking for (the beginning of) a story which follows the audio drama, check out my other fanfiction entitled "The eternal spiral" in the Final Fantasy x category. It is supposed to follow the same basic ideas as this one, but adapted to the new story line.

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Hello. This is my first fan-fiction, I hope you like it. It's a story about love, death - and a dream. The cover image is not mine, but permission to use it was given by the artist.

Here's a blurb:

If I had only the key…I could make this dream come true" a female voice said. But what does this mean? And what does a strange pyrefly has to do with it?

Actually Yuna wanted to live a peaceful life without any trouble – and now she finds herself being on another journey. A journey its destination she does not know, being on the track of a mystery. It started when Tidus found a part of a strange, big sphere that was washed ashore. Soon after mysterious events started to happen, haunting them wherever they go.

Go along with Yuna, Tidus and the Gullwings on a journey, at its end they will not be the same they have been before - a journey that might seal Spiras fate for good.


Some notes that might be helpful before reading. (If you don't want to read them, please scroll down towards the first horizontal line)

1. Note for all readers:

I've seen that many people only read the first two or three chapters. I guess that's because these chapters might be a bit boring. So I'd like to ask you to read the next chapters. At the latest by chapter 5 it gets fascinating, I promise ;)

2. Note (only of importance for those who have played the HD-Remaster/international and last mission. There might be some spoilers):

This story is set after the good/perfect ending of FF X-2. I know that it's based on a no longer current storyline. But when I started writing this story (in 2010/11), I didn't know of International and last mission. So I set it right after FF X-2.

Well, as time goes on, some things change. When I started writing this story, I had the idea of bringing back something to Spira it has lost: namely some magic and Fantasy (and maybe also some seriousness). And that's what I'm still trying to do. So after all I hold on to this story, as I think its core is still worth it. I also have an idea of how this story could be integrated into the latest storyline. But therefore I would have to rewrite a large part of the story since most of all the babble so far is referring to the time during and right after X-2. And since my time is still short and I want to finish this story at last, I can't do this right at the moment.

Nonetheless I hope you take the time to read the story and accept it as a worthy Sequel to the Final Fantasy X series.

_End of the note _


The fan-fiction starts with Yuna's last thought "It all began when I saw this sphere of you" at the end of the good ending. So you should at least recall the good ending.

I'm pleased about every comment.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. If there is any similarity to other fan-fictions it is not intentional.

It all began when I saw this sphere of you

When they arrived at the beach, everyone greeted them. "Hey, how you've been?" Wakka asked. However, before Tidus could answer he heard a loud "welcome" shout from behind him. As he turned around to see from where it came, he saw Rikku running towards him and Yuna, nearly hitting them because she couldn't slow down.

"Hey, this can be no one else but Rikku. Do you want to kill us or why are you running so fast? " he asked happily.

"Because I'm so happy, "she answered. "We all missed you a lot. We feared we'd never see you again, you know. Oh, by the way, this is Paine. "she said as she pointed to a woman with short, silver hair and black clothes walking towards them.

"Hello. Therefore, you are the mysterious man from Zanarkand. Nice to meet you, I'm Paine. Yuna and Rikku told me a lot about you."

"Nice to meet you Paine" was all he could say before the crying of a baby caught his eye. As he looked around to see from where it came, he saw that Lulu was cradling the crying baby in her arms.

"Welcome back" she said. "Hello Lu- "

"May I introduce you our son Vidina?" Wakka interrupted. The astonished Tidus looked from Wakka to Lulu and to the baby and then back to Wakka. "Your Son?" he asked incredulous. "Yours and Lulu's? How..? - I knew it! I told you, you two would make the perfect couple."

"Yeah, but they didn't want to hear it. Isn't it so, daddy?" Rikku said, teasing Wakka.

"Hey hey, don't get cheeky!" he responded.

Meanwhile Tidus let go of Yuna's hand and reached out to Vidina who took hold of Tidus' thumb as he said "hello little boy." to him.

Yuna could do nothing but smile. She was happy. She was very happy. She was too happy to express it in any way. All she could do was smiling and watching him as the Aurochs and the other villagers greeted and hugged him. Rikku and Wakka were still teasing each other and Lulu was standing beside them, smiling. Everyone was happy to see him again. Even the ones who didn't know him at all were happy. However, they were happy because he made her smile, Yuna guessed.

"You're very happy to see him again, eh?" Paine interrupted Yuna's thoughts. She nodded, her hands clasped behind her back. "Let me guess: You want some time to be alone with him?" she nodded again. There was so much she wanted to tell him. About the time he was gone, Vegnagun and the adventures she had together with Rikku and Paine, and…her feelings for him. She felt the urge to say it again. To say again that she loved him, that she had loved him all the time, even though he had been gone for two long years.

"I guess here on Besaid you don't get the chance to be alone with him, at least for the next two days"

"I think you're right, Paine." she responded. "But what should I do?"

"Why don't you take him and go somewhere where it's quiet?"

"That's a plan. But where shall we go? Moreover, how shall I get him? I guess I have to kidnap him because they won't let us go that easily. That's not really possible." she said, amused about the thought of kidnapping him. "Who says that?" Paine asked, a grin on her face. Yuna looked up at Paine, a grin appeared on her face too.

"Yeah, let's kidnap him!"

Yuna and Paine turned around to see Rikku, who had stopped teasing Wakka and must have heard their conversation.

"Let's make a plan" Rikku continued. Paine looked around to make sure no one listened. Then she said: "Ok. Rikku, you distract the Villagers while Yuna goes and takes him to the airship. I think this won't be very difficult."

"Yep yep! And what about you?" Rikku asked. "I'm going to the airship and make sure that Buddy and Brother follow my instructions. Is that a plan?"

"It's a good plan." Yuna answered.

"Ok" Rikku said "Are you ready?"

"We're ready!" Yuna and Paine said both at the same time.




"Let's go!"

Paine set off and went to the airship while Yuna and Rikku joined the group around the Aurochs and Tidus. "Hey Wakka" Rikku said, "How are the Aurochs doing as baby-sitters?"

"They're doing well, but Lulu fears that Vidina is a blitzballer before he is able to speak."

"I think this is legitimated. Yesterday they gave him a blitzball and he didn't let it go. I wonder when he is doing his first shot" she said.

"In a few years he will be a starplayer" Letty said. Rikku, Wakka, Lulu and the Aurochs were talking about Vidina and blitzball. Meanwhile Yuna took Tidus by the hand. "C'mon", she said, "I'd like to show you something."

"Ok. What do you want to show me?" Tidus asked. "You'll see soon enough." Yuna responded with a grin and started running towards the airship. "But why do we have to run?" he asked, lagging behind Yuna.

Wakka, noticing Yuna and Tidus running towards the Celsius, asked:"Where are they going?"

"Eh, I guess I have to go!" Rikku said and started running towards the airship too. "Hey, what's going on?" Wakka called after her. "If you really want to know it:" Rikku called while running "We're kidnapping him! Tomorrow we'll be back, so just wait with the welcome-back-party. "