After teleporting the first things they could see were big rocks and steep cliffs all around. Even on the ground was hardly any plant growing. Nearly simultaneously they descended the teleport-platform and looked around. In some way it looked like the mushroom rock ravine. The teleport-platform was placed near the edge of a plane that was surrounded by high cliffs. Actually some sunbeams would still be able to reach the ground - even if only weakly, Tidus thought. After all they did it at some spots. But mostly the ground was covered by a big shadow. So Tidus looked upwards: Above was the Remium-temple, hanging maybe 200 metres above the ground. "Look!" he said to the tree girls as he pointed up at the temple.

"The temple," Yuna said, "so the teleport-platform brought us to the ground of the chasm it is hanging above." Paine looked around again. The plane was more or less circular and maybe 400 metres in diameter. Here and there were some small coves, but at first sight there seemed to be no way going on.

"Safe from most of the fiends, but still trapped. Guess we better look for a way out." she said. And so they split up and explored the plane and the cliffs. But hope faded with every step they made, for there was no path or something similar to lead them out. "Here's not even a chance of getting out." Yuna called with desperation in her voice.

Tidus examined and tapped the wall rising up in front of him closely, but there was nothing but a hard and massive stonewall. Face to the wall, he supported himself with his hands against the cliff and looked down at the stony ground. Then he turned to the girls and answered "Here it's not much different".

But then Rikku called: "Hey, look! Maybe here's a way". Taking new hope, they all went towards Rikku. In front of her was a thin gap in the cliff. It was too thin for a person to go through, but it allowed a sight towards the other side of the rock face. There was a short, about 50 m long, tunnel and at its end sunbeams fell in and lightened the ground. There even seemed to be grass growing.

„This seems to be the only chance for a way out, for the rest the cliff is continuous." Paine said. Tidus scratched his head. "But how do you plan to get through? I guess the sword won't help us widening the gap."

"Step aside!" Rikku alerted as she used her special dress sphere. With Machina Maw it was a simple thing to extend the gap so a person could pass it easily. Tidus was a bit surprised and impressed he watched Rikku drilling a passage. After she had done so and put on her thief-costume again, they walked through the short tunnel. On the other side was a path leading through a broad ravine downhill. It ended in a small grass covered mountain ledge that was hanging maybe 500 metres above the ground. Except for one side, where a steep rock face rose about 300 metres into the air, it gave sight to all directions. Tidus looked around: Below was a big area of waste land, here and there crossed by some smaller rivers and chains of hills. Near the horizon was the sea, he guessed. He knew he had seen this area before. That was when he was standing on the edge of the calm lands, two years ago. So he looked up the rock face. On top of it must have been the calm lands. Then he looked further around and to his left the path was going on, leading downhill towards another mountain ledge. There it went a bit uphill again, but on the whole it seemed to go downhill.

Yuna went next to him and looked at him. As she asked: "What do you think: where will the path lead us to?" he turned his eyes towards her. "I can't say for sure, it seems that it leads to the waste lands below. But one thing I'm sure of: on top of the rock face are the calm lands."

"That's what I thought too." She responded as her eye fell up the rock face and then to the area below. "There seems no path going up again. Since our little communicators don't work at the moment, we can nothing do but follow the path."

Then he looked to the two other girls who were standing a few feet away. Rikku was tinkering about with her microphone, but she couldn't make it work.

"Give it up!" Paine said to her. "Maybe it works again later."

"Does this happen from time to time? Tidus asked Yuna again. "I'm not sure. I can't remember them not working - except for one time: That was when I had fallen into the Farplane. Shinra tried to contact me, but it didn't work until I was back in Bevelle."

Then both were silent and paused for a thought, before they followed the along moving Rikku and Paine.

Via some more mountain ledges the path led down towards the waste lands. Noticeably the vegetation turned from grass and some flowers on the upper mountain ledges to only some scattered, specialized plants on the lower ones. Having arrived at the waste lands they looked around:

The waste lands seemed endlessly. The sea they had seen from the highest mountain ledge wasn't on view anymore - only rock-filled soil, a few scattered plants, huge rocks and hills and a river in the distance. At their backs was the high cliff with the calm lands on its top. It was connected with hills and rocks, forming a mountain range whose highest mountain Mt. Gagazet was.

Halfway between the river and the group Yuna could perceive two figures, drawing nearer to them. Paine saw them too. "Looks like we're not the only ones down here."

Yuna nodded. "If I could only recognize who or what it is, maybe they could help us."

"Maybe", Paine responded, "but they could also attack us. We should be careful."

Then the two figures changed course and went straight towards another, less steep spot of the mountain chain.

"But we never find out when we keep standing here." Tidus said.

"Yeah." Rikku agreed. „We should go and check up who or what it is."

So they started walking along the cliff towards the spot the two figures also seemed to be heading to, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. After a while the two figures stopped and looked towards the group. "I guess we've been detected." Yuna said. Then the two figures chanced course again and went straight towards the group. Drawing nearer and seeing their faces they seemed to be familiar figures.

Paine stopped. "Are that – "

"Young Ronso!" Yuna interrupted gladdened. „I'm sure that are Lian and Aid."

"Hey!" Rikku called and waved her arms to them. "It's us, the gullwings!"

Having recognized them, the two Ronso were obviously delighted and moved faster towards the gullwings, who were fast moving towards the Ronso as well.

"Lady Yuna! Lian and Aid are pleased to meet you."

"I'm pleased as well." She said, "What are you doing here?"

"Elder Kimahri allowed Lian and Aid to explore sacred mountains surroundings. Young Ronso should see the world with own eyes, elder said. Now Lian and Aid are on the way back to sacred mountain. What is Lady Yuna and friends doing here?"

"Well" Yuna said "Actually we've got lost and are looking for a way back to the calm lands. If you don't mind we'd tag along with you. Then I'll tell you the whole story."

The two Ronso nodded, and so the gullwings followed the two Ronso and explained what had happened. About 3-4 km off the path that had led the gullwings from Remium to the waste lands, another path led into the mountains. It was a long way; some parts were very steep and made it necessary to climb. After a while Yuna could feel it getting colder and colder with every elevation gain. But finally they came out on top of an icy and snow covered mountain spur, from where they could see the archway and the ronso.

"This way." Lian said, and by a little devious route they got downhill to the ronso.

Kimahri!" Yuna run square to him. A bit surprised he turned around to her with a smile on his face. Yuna could swear that it grew bigger, as he caught sight of Tidus. As he walked towards Kimahri and Yuna the other Ronso turned to him. Kimahri smiled again and then said to him: "Kimahri glad to see Tidus with own eyes standing there again. And Kimahri glad to see Yuna smile and be happy again. Kimahri never seen Yuna happy like this throughout last two years. "

"Hi!" Tidus said. He first didn't know what to say. Of course, they had spoken via the commsphere before and Kimahri had said something similar to him. But now it left him speechless. Maybe it was because he became aware of the grief Yuna had to bear while he was gone.

Then Kimahri looked to Lian and Aid and asked: "Where Yuna and friends coming from?"

"Right," Yuna said "I guess I start at the beginning of the story." and so she told the story once more…

Kimahri listened carefully and the thing about the strange spheres seemed to awaken his interest. As Yuna was coming to the end of the story, it seemed he wanted to say something, but he stayed silent and pondered over something.

Meanwhile Paine turned to Rikku and asked her: "Rikku, what about your communicator, does it work again?"

"Don't know, that's a good question," she answered as she looked at her pocket "what about yours?"

Paine shook her head. "It's still not working."

So Rikku put hers out of her pocket and switched it on. As she put it to her ear she said "Nothing.", then she started walking around, looking for some reception. Paine followed her a few steps before she said to her "This didn't work either". Thereupon Rikku stopped "I wonder why they are not working - Ohh! Hey, I can hear something!"

"What?!" Immediately Paine put her communicator to her ear as well.

„Hey!" Paine called to the group around Kimahri and pointed to her headset. Hastily Yuna put her communicator out of her pocket as well.

"Are they working again?" Tidus asked after she had put it to her ear.

„Im not sure," Yuna answered "I can hear some kind of… it's hard to describe. It almost sounds like a kind of whispering. But I can't understand anything." Then she was quiet, listening to her communicator.

"Whispering?" Rikku asked. „I can only hear acoustic noise." Then both, Yuna and Rikku, looked to Paine. "Now there's dead silence." She responded. „But I have to agree Rikku, I heard only acoustic noise"

„But I still hear the whispering" Yuna said. "If I could only underst – Ahhhh!"

"Yuna!" Tidus called.

Quickly Yuna removed the communicator from her ear. "I'm ok." She said as she rubbed her ear. Rikku and Paine had removed their communicators as well and run towards Yuna.

"Suddenly the whispering was gone and I heard something like a heart-piercing cry." Yuna explained. "It was so loud that it hurt." Then she took her communicator to put it to her ear once again. "I have to check if there is still something-"

"Aid!" Lians voice interrupted her. Immediately the group turned to the two young Ronso. Lian pointed to Aids bag as he said: "Look!"

Something inside the bag was glowing. So Aid opened the bag and got a crystal clear, gleaming thing out of it. It had the shape of a human heart. He turned it around in his hands as he looked fascinated at it. Then he went closer to Kimahri and held it up to him with extended arms. "Lian and Aid have found this in the waste lands at the foot of sacred mountain. Great River washed it up to Aids feet. But when Aid picked it up, it was not glowing."

Kimahri looked at the thing. Then he turned to Yuna and the gullwings. "Kimahri does not know what it is. But maybe Yuna can make use of it." Aid nodded and handed it to Yuna. It had not only the shape of a human heart, but at one side it had also two hollows: one hollow was big enough so that a normal sized sphere slotted into it. The other was far smaller. First Yuna turned it around in her hands as well, but then she held it tight with both hands and looked at it.

"I've got an idea. Could you hold this for a sec?" she asked Tidus and handed it to him as he nodded. Then she opened her pocket. The little sphere was also glowing, if only faintly. She put it out of her pocket and took the strange thing in the other hand. Then she put the little sphere into the smaller hollow - it fitted perfectly. After that the whole heart-shaped thing flashed for a few seconds, then it grew weaker and finally the gleaming was gone.

"What was that?" Lian asked as Rikku jumped for joy. „Seems to me we've found the missing link. I'm sure it is connected to the other spheres."

Paine, Tidus and Yuna nodded. „I guess you're right." Yuna said.

"So, let's get back to the Celsius and tell Shinra." Rikku said motivated. Yuna nodded and turned her head to the Ronso. As she caught sight of Lian and Aid she said: „Just wait a sec".

"Lian and Aid hope strange thing will help Lady Yuna finding out more about strange spheres. Lian and Aid will try to help Lady Yuna, if she wishes."

„That's nice." Yuna thanked them. "If we find out something, I will tell you and keep you informed". Then she turned to Kimahri. "Kimahri delighted Yuna and Tidus been here." He said and smiled.

"I wish we could have stayed longer, but we'll visit you soon again." Yuna responded whereupon Kimahri nodded.

After the others had said goodbye as well, they set off for the Celsius. As they walked down the path to the calm lands it was already getting dark. "It's getting late. Time that we get back." Tidus said, whereupon Paine turned her head to him. "I guess the others will already be looking for us."

"But just think of their looks when we show them the… er … by the way what is this thing anyway?" Rikku joined the conversation.

"I would say it's kind of a…um… sphere-…?. I don't know it either." Tidus responded.

"Well" Paine thought aloud, „Let's just call it a sphere-crystal. I guess that's what describes it best."

"Hey, that's a good idea. So it is a sphere-crystal. Why didn't I think of that?" Rikku said.

"Maybe because I'm the clever one of us." Paine grinned.

"Hey!" Rikku complained and run in front of Paine. There she put her hands on her hips and looked Paine in the eye. „ Are you saying that I'm not clever?"

"Maybe" Paine responded with a grin as she went past Rikku.

"That's mean!" Rikku called as she run after the now laughing Paine. Tidus couldn't restrain laughter too and looked towards Yuna: She smiled, but somehow it was a weary smile.

"At least Yuna stands by me." Rikku interrupted his thoughts.

"What makes you think that?" Paine asked her.

"Because she's not laughing"

"But that doesn't mean anything." Yuna joined the conversation with a grin.

"Hey, that hurts like hell." Rikku tried to act all offended, but she had to grin instead. Now the whole group started laughing heartily at this as the sun cast its last warm rays of the day on their way.