When it had all started it had been an average day at the Kira Investigation Head Quarters. Light had just gotten out of school for the day and showed up at the HQ to help with the investigation. But Light wasn't just there to help out that day. He had an evil plan up his sleeve. He had promised himself he would never play with people's emotions. But this WAS L after all… he would die in the end anyway.

Everyone had gone home but Light insisted that he might be on to something so he stayed a little while longer. But he was actually putting his plan into action.

Light stood up and walked over to where L was sitting and sat right next to him.

"Hello, Yagami-kun. Is there something you need help with?" L asked not even looking away from his computer.

"Well… no not really…" Light replied

"Then do you have something to show me? Have you found something?"

"Well…" Light paused, "I have more like discovered something" Light moved a little closer to L.

"Oh? What is it you discovered?"

Light grab L's face by his chin and turned his head towards himself. For probably the first time in L's life, he had a confused look on his face. Light leaned forward and pressed his lips against L's.

He pulled away from the kiss and said "I love you, Ryuzaki"

L was still in shock from the kiss, but when Light said this, his eyes grew even wider. "Yagami-kun I am not supposed to have intimate relationships with co-workers."

Light kissed him again, but this time L couldn't help but moan into the kiss. "But you want to" Light said after the broke apart, smirking.

"That was a natural hormonal response." L said matter-of-fact-like.

Light's eyes grew wider as he faked emotion as he looked down at the floor, pretending to be embarrassed and depressed by L's rejection. He tried to make himself look innocent and attractive so that L would give up easier. He wasn't sure that L even liked other men, but he was pretty sure he could force him to.

"Yagami-kun? Are you crying?" L asked, his voiced full of curiosity and concern.

Light did a genuine sniffle and whipped a tear from his cheek. "No." He said stiffly.

L crouched down further to get a better look at Lights face. Light quickly snapped his head away from L's gaze but L had still got a look. And what he saw made him feel horrible. HE had made Light so incredibly sad. It was HIS fault Light was crying. He felt disgusted with himself.

L grabbed Light by his chin and forced him to look into his eyes. "Yagami-kun…"

Light shook his head. He hated this feeling of being pitied. Even though it helped his plan, he couldn't stand it. It made him feel weak. Weak and pathetic.

"Yaga…Light-kun?" L said, switching to his first name to lighten up the moment "I… Light-kun…I don't.." L sighed sadly. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Lights. Light acted shocked and kissed back. When they broke apart L said "I'm… sorry…"

Light leaned his forehead against L's "I love you.."

L looked into Lights sad eyes "I…I love you, too"

Light smiled and pressed his lips against L's again. The fourth kiss. To Light the fourth kiss was just signifying that his plan had worked and he is putting the bigger plan into action. What Light had not known was how his plan could backfire completely.