I uhh still had writers block and didn't know what to write... so i wrote this... i'll be getting to some actiony parts in a few chapter don't worry. Enjoy.

It was dark and he was alone. He didn't really know where he was but it didn't really make a difference. He sat on the ground under the impression that he was waiting for something. He was pretty sure he was in the hotel that the task force occupied so that might give a hint as to what he was waiting for. Suddenly Light was in the picture.

"I thought you were in England?"

Light shrugged "Nope" Light stood up and started walking out of the room. L got up and started to follow him.

"Light-kun? Where are you going?"

"Shh… just follow… we can't get caught." There were others in the room now. But it seems like they were there the whole time, L just hadn't noticed them. They were just faceless background people that didn't really matter to what he and Light were doing.

Light turned around and hugged L. He smelled like coffee. L wrapped his arms around Light hand felt his hands get all wet. He stopped hugging him to look at his hands. They were red. Then he was standing behind Lights looking at cuts on his lower back.

"Light-kun we should bandage these up…"

"Its fine, I have to go now."

"Why? I want you here, Light-kun" They were hugging again. L felt a headache coming on from holding in sobs.

Light pointed at a door with light shining through the cracks. It was the only light in the dark building, other than Light himself. "That's where I have to go, Ryuzaki. But you can't come until you're done."

"Done with what?" L said with a heart breaking look on his face.

Light started to walk away, "Done."

L grabbed him by the waist and said "Don't leave me in the dark, Light. You're the only Light in my world. "

Light turned around to look at L with a worried look on his face. He put his hand on the back of L's neck and kissed him. L heard a sob escaped his mouth as he placed his hand on Lights cheek. "Don't go Light-kun… please without you… it's too dark…"

"I have to, I have no choice."

L hugged Light to try and hold him there but he slipped out of his arms and walked to the door. He said "I love you L. Lawiet." He opened the door and looked inside. It was brighter than the sun.

"I love you too, Light." L said as Light walked through the threshold and disappeared in to overpowering brightness. The door closed behind Light and the room that L was in got impossibly dark. "L-Light…"

L woke up laying on his side with his knees curled up to his chest, and he was facing the window as he heard "Attention passengers, this is your captain speaking. We are going through some turbulence at the moment so it might be a bit bumpy."

The pillow he was using had a wet spot where the side of his face was. He felt tears in the corner of his eye and brought and hand up to his face to wipe the tear away.

He sat up and looked around. Soichiro was looking straight ahead with a serious look on his face and a cup of coffe in one hand, it looked like he was trying to avoid L. Had he said something aloud in his sleep? He hoped not.

"Yagami-san what time is it in Japan?"

Soichiro looked at his watch still avoiding L's eyes "Its 2:36 there."

L bit his lip. It had been 3 hours since Lights first cut. L wondered how badly he was being tortured. He wanted to kill kira with his own hands slowly and painfully for doing that to Light. The things he would do to the hooded man where undescribable.

If he killed Light, L would become the kind of person that he was trying to stop. But he wouldn't be able to live in darkness. It wouldn't be possible to go through a single minute without Light. The dark was too much. Too painful.

Okay so i had L have a dream... yeah its weird and confusing but thats the way dreams are... Comment.