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Chapter One - Prolonging

It had been months since Captain Jack Harkness had seen either the Doctor or Martha, but he didn't mind; they both knew where he was now if either of them wanted to contact him.

He'd been a bit surprised to find the TARDIS in his office one morning. It seemed real enough, so it couldn't be an illusion or a fantasy. He ventured inside to find the Doctor huddled in a foetal position against the console, and his instincts took over as he ran to him.

"Who did this to you!" his face and voice were filled with rage, but he knew that inside his heart was breaking for him. The Doctor didn't have any cuts or bruises on him, so the pain could be internal, he reasoned. The Doctor was shivering from cold, when in actual fact the TARDIS had turned up the temperature to try to cool him down, as she told Jack when he began to examine the Doctor, trying to get him to talk.

He knew what would make him feel better; tea, it always seemed to work. So he dragged the Doctor's limp body to the kitchen, silently thanking the TARDIS for moving it next to the console room.

He knew the Doctor wouldn't drink as he seemed to be in a state of semi-consciousness, so he grabbed a funnel the TARDIS had helpfully provided, and she also supplied some painkillers that she told him wouldn't worsen the Doctor's deteriorating health. He'd made sure the Doctor swallowed it all, and waited for the drugs to take effect.

"Jack…?" he seemed to be in some kind of stupor, but at least his brain was now registering another presence in the room and he was speaking to it.

"I'm here." he said, as he couldn't think of anything else to say, "What happened to you?" he said in a much calmer tone than he had used earlier.

"I'll die if I don't…"

"Don't what?"

For a brief moment, his eyes fluttered open and he said, "This." then he grabbed Jack by his shirt collar and pulled his in for a kiss.

After a minute or two Jack finally pulled free, "Whoa, what's brought this on!" 'Not that I mind…'

"I told you; I'll die if we don't have sex."

It was like all his Christmases had come at once, "Okay, that's good, but why will you die if you don't get laid?"

"That's not important right now – just kiss me!" the Doctor was, once again, the one who initiated the kiss – Jack was still trying to figure out what it all meant as the Doctor rammed his tongue down his throat. He greatly obliged to join in when he realized that he was being kissed by the Doctor. It was better than anything he'd dreamt; the Doctor, when he was aroused, obviously put it into every part of his anatomy, and his mouth and tongue were no exception.

The Doctor had always ignited that one spark of pure love inside of Jack that no-one else had – and now the spark turned to pure lust as he felt the Doctor fiddling around with the front of his trousers whilst still trying to keep them liplocked. He pulled away, saying "Let me." and unzipping his trousers himself, letting them fall to the laminate flooring in a crumpled heap and taking only a moment to step out of them before at last being the one to initiate a kiss.

The Doctor seemed to shed all his clothes as fast as he'd shed his trousers, and Jack took the time to admire his physique. He had a strong build for someone so scrawny, and lean legs that showed his centuries of running. He had smatterings of chestnut hair covering his torso, and how he'd love to run his fingers through that hair – but the sight of the Doctor's cock had him nearly coming in his underwear. All in all, he was enjoying having to save the Doctor's life.

"Jack, I know this is all very fast and sudden, but…" some kind of carnal instinct seemed to overcome him, and he stopped talking but instead turned around and wiggled him bum – involuntarily yet invitingly, "Please Jack, I don't think I can…"

Jack was currently having a conflict on conscience – the Doctor might not have full control of his actions, but then again, he was asking for it, literally. His tantalizing bottom jutting out in front of him as he bent over; it was too much to bear.

"Look, Doctor, maybe we can…"

"No, Jack, please! There's no other way! If you don't do this I'll die!"

A Dead Doctor or having sex with a living Doctor – it was a no-brainer.

He quickly removed the rest of his clothing, saying, "Okay – have you ever had anal sex before? Because you know we're gonna need some kinda lubrication…"

The Doctor looked like he was straining against invisible bonds as he waited on all fours, "Please, Jack, fuck me now!"

As he looked at the Doctor's arse for an answer, he realized that he'd never heard the Doctor use profanity before then – and his answer came, "Oh, the hell with it!"

He winced as he heard the Doctor scream – he hadn't intended for their first time together to be so painful. He allowed the Doctor a few minutes to get accommodated to him, but the Doctor was, as ever, an impatient man, "Jack, d'you think you could get on with it? I'm not getting any younger here."

He started a rhythm – which was soon lost as the Doctor started thrusting his body back in time with his own thrusts, never faltering even when Jack did. He felt it – the surges of raw stimulation coursing through the Doctor which were doubling back into him, putting a halt to any thoughts of stopping. Or putting a halt to any thoughts really, as his brain wasn't working through a dirty haze. He was finally doing it, he was finally fucking the Doctor, and the Doctor was letting it happen, he could have sworn he was dreaming but it couldn't be a dream – not when the Doctor had asked for it, begged even, and in Jack's fantasies the Doctor had never initiated – he'd always thought the Doctor wasn't the type to be so forward about sexual intercourse, but he had proven him wrong in so many ways.

He felt the Doctor's arse clenching around him, making it harder for him to keep going – then he heard it, that wonderful sound that never even happened in his dreams, that sound of the Doctor having his orgasm, making a guttural noise as he found his release, it was music to his ears. Then he felt his own climax, and inside the Doctor it was wonderful – he was about to yell his name, when he realized he still didn't know it, and so just went for a yell of "DOCTOR!" as he felt himself unload inside him.

As he pulled out, he noticed that the Doctor wasn't moving. OH MY GOD, I'VE KILLED HIM!

"Jack…" and the Doctor turned to him, with lidded eyes and a flushed face; it was nearly enough to make Jack orgasm all over again. He felt the head of his cock twitch as new stirrings of desire occurred inside him, but he ignored it for now.

"Doctor… what the hell was that?"

"I think… we should both get our breath back first."

"Yeah." Jack said, grabbing a nearby stool and sitting on it; his legs felt like melted rubber.

The Doctor grabbed another stool, and drank out of it, looking like he'd done a 100K run and stopped off at a café halfway through. Naked.

"Nobody's done this to me, and it's not some sort of virus…"

"What was it?" Jack was listening as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"On Gallifrey, as a way of prolonging the species, at a time of sexual peak, we needed to have sex or we'd die."

"Why?" Jack asked, still dumbfounded.

"Prolonging the species – it still tends to work between two different humanoid species. Reproduction? You must be getting it now."

"You… you just had sex with me to get pregnant?"

"Get pregnant or die, Jack, it's not a choice I take lightly and you were the only person I could think of in the situation that would agree to it without question."

"You used me!"

"Yes, and how many times have you thought of using me?"

"Allot…" his expression turned from ashamed to angry, "But it still doesn't make what you did right!"

"I know, Jack, and… look, your easily manipulatable infatuation with me isn't the only reason I chose you. If anyone were to be the father of my offspring, it would be you."

"What do you…?"

"On Gallifrey, we fell in love well in advance of becoming sexually active because otherwise two people couldn't conceive when the time came."

"Which mean what exactly?"

"I love you, you idiot; I can only conceive with someone I love."

"So… you love me and we're having a kid together?"

"That's the gist of it, yes."

Jack put a hand to the Doctor's face and kissed him, never having known a feeling of such joy before. "Doctor… you've just confessed you love me and we're still naked." he said, his eyes sparkling with false innocence.

"What did you have in mind?" the Doctor replied, a toothy smirk plastered across his face.

"You know what I have in mind – but on one condition."


"You're the mother, and we're doing it on a bed this time."

The Doctor grinned, "That's two conditions, but I think I can manage that," he moved to kiss him, but Jack put a finger to his lips.

"One more thing – we're getting married."

The Doctor's eyes widened considerably at this, Jack's finger still at his lips.

"What, did you think I was going to go into this without making an honest man of you?"

The Doctor removed Jack's finger and said, "You can make an honest man of me in bed today; a wedding can wait."

"Who's gonna be maid of honour?"

"Donna, obviously."

"I've never even met the woman."

"Middle aged, ginger hair, likes you allot."

"Oh yeah…"

"Yeah… she's kind of my best friend, and it is the bride who gets to choose the maid of honour."

"Can Martha be my best man, or would that be 'best woman?" Jack said, both of them falling into hysterics.

"You can have whoever you like sweetheart, as long as you introduce us beforehand." the Doctor laughed, snuggling into Jack's side.

"What will you wear?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I assume you won't be wearing a dress."

The Doctor chuckled, "Oh, I don't know about that; I do a very good Scottish accent, do you think I could pull it off with a white kilt?"

"I don't even think there's such a thing as a white kilt. Can you do Braveheart?"

"Why does everyone think that someone who can speak in a Scottish accent can also speak like Braveheart? It's actually a very uncommon skill. Now, the fat ginger Scotsman from the Austin Powers movie 'I shagged a Spy', I can imitate him fairly well."

"You watch Austin Powers movies?"

"Oh, I've been around a fair bit – more than a care to let on. Did you know I have a cinema somewhere on this TARDIS? It also doubles as a theatre, but I haven't been able to find it in decades – the old girl keeps moving things around after a while."

"Do you have a TV?"


"Wow, you're really mellowed out in bed, aren't you?"

"You have that effect on me, you know."

"What other effects do I have on you?"

The Doctor yawned, "Well, right now you're making me sleepy. Good night."

"Are we going to be making wedding arrangements in the morning?" Jack smiled.

"Let's see…" the Doctor, falling into sleep.

Captain Jack Harkness lay awake all night, staring up at the ceiling and contemplating the Doctor's intentions.

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