My very first fanfic. I don't normally like writing but I've had an idea for this ever since I saw On Stranger Tides. Also I'm not a fan of cursing so there will be either no cursing or if I come up with a way for you to fill in the blanks as you read. Hehe enjoy! Help with the title much appreciated!

Angelica POV

"There is something I want to tell you, ever since the moment we first met." I was trying my best to keep him from leaving me on this island, but now my lies have become truths.

"Well go on." he said this as if it was just another thing to him, but I had to tell him. This is the first time in years that I have been able to tell him my true feelings.

"I love you."

"As do I, always have, always will," those words were enough to make me forget about everything that he did, that he did to me. We were moving closer to each other, I was forgetting everything until he did yet another thing only he would dare do, "Gotta go!" he said making me angry in a way only he can.

"JACK!" I was just about to forgive him but then he does this to me.

I soon remembered I had 'one pistol, one shot.' As it shot all I heard was a small splash of seawater.

"Missed!" he yelled, that lucky jerk.

Jack POV

I can't help but wonder why it felt like I was supposed to come to Spain. "Probably just for a brothel," I muttered to myself "but I can't understand a bloody thing."I continued walking down the streets until I came across a building with little light far as I can see.

I wandered around it maybe five times until I felt, not annoyed, but deprived of my 'precious rum.'

But just then that odd feeling came back, the same feeling that told me to come here in the first place. Something told me I had to go to a certain window that had the only light as of now.

Angelica POV

As I was getting ready to finish things for today and escape to a few hours rest, I heard a noise outside my window. I assumed it was nothing and continued my work. Then I heard a very unfamiliar voice, but instead of one of the women who I may not have known, it sounded as if it were a man.

"Excuse me love, does this happen to be a brothel?"

What was this man saying? I understood English, but everybody should have already known what this place is. "I'm sorry but this is a women's convent, you should not a here."I hoped that this would make him leave.

"A convent, eh," he said this rather oddly, "you don't look like someone who should be here, love."

What was this man saying just like that, but this was not the time to think about that, I had to make him leave.

Jack POV

"Why don't you come with me, love, just for a while," being who I am I could almost always tell if belonged where they were. She most certainly does not belong here.

"I cannot, I shouldn't even be talking to you so please go!" she said sounding worried and nervous.

"Oh come one, love," having that feeling that there was something about her "a little while wouldn't hurt, eh."

Angelica POV

"Fine," this man was relentless, I had to make him leave no matter what "but only for a while, you have to promise to bring me back before morning."

"Ah I knew I'd get you to come along, now let's go love."

"You have to promise to bring me back before I go with you."

"Okay, you can have your way I'll bring you back by morning, but in turn I expect you to try and enjoy our time together."

"Agreed," I said preparing everything just in case someone came to check on me. "I'm sure to regret this," I said to myself before I left with the mysterious man.

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