Negima! Truth and Dare

Yukari: Hello! Welcome to... uh... (looks at title) Negima! Truth and Dare! I'm your host, Yukari, and these are my minions-er co-hosts, Chamo...

Chamo: Yo babes! (Smoking)

Yukari: And Chachazero!

Chachazero: (Is here cause she heard there would be torture)

Yukari: Yes, truth and dare, and the victims should be here any minute.

(Negi, Asuna, Nodoka, Haruna, Konoka, Setsuna, Evangeline, Chachamaru, Chisame, and Sayo all walk in.)

Yukari: And there they are.

Asuna: Could you tell us why we're here and why I was gagged with my own panties?

Yukari: You are all here for Negima! Truth and Dare.

Setsuna: Not another one of those again...

Yukari: Yes another one of those again.

Negi: Well, I don't see any harm in playing truth or dare.

Asuna: Negi, you don't understand...

Haruna: You don't know the people on this site, Negi.

Negi: What about them?

Yukari: Never mind that. Anyway, peple, you know what to do. Send in questions and dares in your review.

Chisame: Don't I have a say in this?

Yukari: Nope. (turns to camera) Time to go! See you next time! Bye nii~!


Yukari: That means turn off the camera!

Cameraman: Oh...

-Screen goes black-

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