Yukari: Hm...

Kanade: What?

Yukari: You are a way better cameramon, er cameraman... Camerawoman, than Yue. (holding Yue the Vulpix)

Kanade: ...Right.

Yukari: (looks at camera) Hello! And welcome to...



Asuna: Wow... Calm down...

Yukari: ...Sorry. I'm just frustrated at these people. Let's start a letter... Here, It's from our good friend, StormBrisingr:

Woah, nice and long one this time. Great! XD And don't worry, I'll watch out for Haruna.


- Chisame, kiss Asuna or Setsuna. Your choice.

- Evangeline, speak L1K3 TH15

- Asuna, be a good girl and follow every command of Yukari-chan's obediently while smiling. For the entire episode.


- Haruna, do you hate me? :3

- Yukari, do you like Asuna?

- Yes, Chachamaru, I was joking. Probably. Maybe. Scared yet? }:)

Chisame: ...What!

Yukari: Just kiss one of them already.

Chisame: ... (walks over to Setsuna and kisses her)

Setsuna: (blinks)

Evangeline: ... I don't want to speak L33t in front of these n00bs...

Yukari: So?

Evangeline: ...G33Z... F1N3...

Asuna: Are you serious! God... Fine.

Yukari: She gave up easily. Haruna?

Haruna: Of course I don't hate you... When I have control of the world, you'll be one of my hardest-working servants...

Yukari: Uh huh... Do I- what? ...Well, I kinda like her...

Asuna: No comment...

Chachamaru: ...Storm-san, please shut up.

Yukari: Anyway, next letter! From 0iris:

Hello you said you want more parring dairs so I have some for you.

Negi give Yue a full body massage while you're both nude and blindfolded. And I mean full body back, front, tits, tush, thighs,and feet and don't forget the oil.

Nodoka whould you kill Yue to be in her place right now?

Haruna if Nodoka said yes to her question give her a full body massage.

Mana and Keade cuddle with each other while watching Die Hard.

Negi: E-EH!

Yue: ...

Yukari: Why the uber-perverted Yue Negi pairings? Whatever. (Rips their clothes off and forces them to do dare)

Negi: I'm telling my daddy about this!(Hesitantly starts)

Yukari: Uh huh... You do that. Nodoka?

Nodoka: She's my best friend! ...Yes...

Haruna: (grins and grabs Nodoka, forcing her clothes off while Nodoka screams rape)

Yukari: Next! From Nami Uchiha 1313:

Lmao at the chapter. Just asking, what kind of music do you listen to? That aside, what does my mind have in store for me... By the way, can Kanade also accept dares (some truths) along with being camera person? Oh and let her comment or lol/rofl/lmao at some of the dares plz! :)

Truth for once:

For everyone, what was ur most embarassing moment during this entire show?

For Kaede, do you love Mana or another girl in class? If its another girl then who is it?

For Negi, who would you go gay for?

For Akira, in chapter 116 of the manga, did you grow any feelings for Negi at that time? If not, then could you imagine loving him in the future?

Now some dares:

Ok I dare Kaede use shadow clone jutsu to give Negi a harem attack of seductive ninjas. Kiss passionately ok? then let Sayo take a picture of them in place of Kazumi. Send it to Yukari for some blackmail to be used for the her own use.

I dare Evangeline to ballet dance to the nutcracker in a pretty sparkling pink bathing suit while wearing cat ears. Everyone else is watching.

Chachamaru, I want you to go all terminator on the fanpit. Just because I wanna see some action. (Yukari, I want you to have a remote that can turn off terminator mode. Turn it off whenever ur ready.)

Chisame, I want you to willingly let the person you are most likely go lesbian for to make out with you.

Negi, besides Nodoka, Yue or Asuna I want you to throw the girl you love into the fanpit, no questions asked.

Yue, I want you to make out with someone you haven't already locked lips with already, but it has to be in the center of a paintball game.

Asuna, how about you try put on something really erotic and poke dance in front of the camera , Negi has to watch. (Yukari, can you give the tape to Kurosaki so she can show the pole dancing to takahata?)

Setsuna, my favorite swordswoman, besides Konoka, strip the girl you would go lesbian for.

Sayo, try to make Evangeline and Kurosaki have a fight by telling Evangeline that the ballet thing was Kurosaki's idea. If you somehow can't, smack them both in the face invisibly.

If Konoka is still there somehow... How about we let her have a make out session with Akira. Now that would be an interesting pairing... Oh and Setsuna has to sit in an electric chair. If she tries to go and stop the session, give her a shock.

Hey Akira, love you and all, but... Let's do the shark tank bit from the last chapter but put her in that situation. When ur done kissing ok?

Then Yukari, I want you to blame all the dares on Kurosaki. Why don't we have an angry mob moment there? If they think you're lying, then use her as a human sacrifice so to speak. No fanpit, but maybe some bloodsucking, stripping, beat up action. Oh and review the last couple of chapters of "Under a Full Moon" would ya please?

Before Kurosaki faces her impending doom, let her read this:

Sorry Kanade but it will get ur mind off of what I have In store for you later. Don't worry , ur tough so you'll survive... Well hopefully at least. ;) love ya. Oh and no spells k?

Thanks again Yukari! Keep on writing! :D

Yukari: That's a long-ass letter. And sure, Kurosaki-chan can...

Kanade: Uh, cool. I guess.

Negi: (still massaging Yue) I would go gay for fath- Kotarou. The only person even close to my age...

Yue: ...I'm disturbed...


Evangeline: \/\/l-lA7! Grr... (walks out and returns wearing a sparkly pink bathing suit and cat ears and started reluctantly dancing, while everyone ignores her)

Chachamaru: TERMINATOR MODE: ON. (starts going terminator on fanpit)

Yukari: Bo~ring. (turns off and Chachamaru blinks and falls into the fanpit)

Chisame: Again...

Yue: That would be me. (putting clothes back on, while Negi is getting arrested)

Chisame: ... (glares at Yukari before kissing Yue)

Yukari: ... (Takes out paintball gun and shoots at the wall) there. paintball game.

Asuna: No way!

Yukari: C'mon, do it.

Asuna: Gr...

Yukari: With a smile~!

Asuna: (goes into random changing room, returning in a playboy bunny outfit) ...Don't look at me, this is all that was in there! (Starts dare)

Yukari: (holding extra camera)

Setsuna: (reads dare) ...Why me! Again! Rrgggh...

Everyone: (ignoring Setsuna and paying attention to Asuna)

Setsuna: (looks around) Uh... (Steps back and accidentally trips and falls into the fanpit, screaming)

Yukari: Uh, you hear something?

Vulpix: ...?

Kanade: (shrugs)

Sayo: (talking to Evangeline) and it was Kurosaki-san who sent that...

Evangeline: ...KUROSAKI.

Kanade: ? Yeah?

(Eva kills Kanade)

Yukari: Hm... Hey Great Will of the Macrocosm! One reset cycle please!

Great Will: With my amazing powers, I will bring Kanade back to life. (Does that)

Kanade: What... just...

Yukari: Just do your job and hold up the camera.

(Konoka and Akira are already making out)

Yukari: ... (pulls Akira away and ties her up) By the way, all this was Kana-chan's idea!

Censored because you don't wanna see this

Yukari: Great Will?

Great Will: With my amazing powers, I will bring Kanade back to life. (Does that)

Kanade: What... just...

Yukari: Just do your job and hold up the camera. And... I'll review... eventully... maybe... I suck at reviewing. Next! Letter from Thousand Wings:

this is funny


-Negi: do a french kiss with random girl(using 15 year old form)

-Asuna & Nodoka: Take a bath together with Negi for 3 days

-author: cosplay as high school girl with car ears and cat tail for the entire day

-Setsuna: Do not watch over Konoka


-Negi, do you like Nodoka in any way and why?

-Everyone, what is your most favorite moment with Negi?

Yukari: Negi has been arrested for an unknown reason. Also, 3 days, really? No one stays in a bath for that long. Cat ears and tail... Why am I always the cosplayer?(Well, and Eva, but no one cares)... (Leaves and returns with cat ears and tail) I found them in Setsu's room. Moving on... our next letter is from some anonymous person:



Yukari: Then don't bother to read it! Or take the time to review something "stupid!" NEXT. A.A. Wade:

I love this. Zazie3


Haruna. I dare you to draw a yaoi manga of Negi and Kotarou.

Sayo. I dare you to turn invisible, go to Chizuru's room and steal one of her bras.

Chamo. I dare you to jump into Chachamaru's shirt

Yukari. I dare you to jump into the fangirl pit :)

Chisame. I dare you to use one of Mana's guns as a dildo.


Negi, have you ever kissed a boy?

Chachamaru, have you ever done the nasty with anyone?

Sayo: (holding a bra) I read ahead and did it...

Yukari: ...Remind me to kill you. (jumps into fanpit)

Asuna: ...I'll take over again, I guess... Our next letter's from Wolf Hanyo:

Hi there Yukari-san! Loving the story. About who should guest starr, well i'll let you pick any of them you want. Oh, right the truth and dares.


Kazumi: takes horribly embarresing pictures of everyone and post them online.

Evangeline: which ever one of my characters comes out I dare u to bite them.

Konoka: here, (hands her a test tube with a cork sealing the top) it's a truth sirum. Use on anyone want. Have fun.


Yurkari-san: got any ideas for my story? Also who's ur favorite character?

Evangeline: I bet you don't hate being at Mahora tht much, right?

Well thts all for now. Can't wait to see who u choose and the next hilarous chapter.

Evangeline: F1/\/E, 1 \/\/1ll 617E 7I-IEM!

Konoka: Hm... (runs off)

Asuna: Konoka? ... I bet she's gonna dig Setsuna outta the fanpit. Well... I'll answer for Yukari. My- Uh, her favorite character is Sammy, who's also the guest star, who'll appear next chapter/episode. Ideas? More fluffy-ness and pairings?

Evangeline: Yes I do hate it!

Asuna: Uh huh... Next, TheAnimeGeek21:

I really like this story!^^ anyway..


Setsuna;Go Yandere(don't what that is look it up)and beat up Yukari.(Sorry Yukari)

Yukari;After that beating from Setsuna go to a two day trip to Hawaii to relax.(Everything is payed plane ticket, hotel etc.)

Konoka;Go grab your shovel and beat the living daylights out of Setsuna.

Evangeline;Torure Negi and Asuna.(Mhuahahah!)


Setsuna;Is it true to what Evangeline said that you dyed your hair black and wear colored eye contacts?

Nodoka;What kind of feelings do you have for Yue?

Well that's it bye-bye.=3

Asuna: (sweatdrops) Setsuna, Negi, Yukari, and Konoka are gone...

Nodoka: Uh-Uhm... She's just my friend, that's it!

Asuna: Next letter, this one is from GreenFire:

just keeps geting better

so hows about we give the urmine another chance

chamo how about you get negi after he feels better to use a time reverse spell on your body to see what you looked like before you were an urmine

chachamaru what is evas most embarrasing moment(tell everyone with out her knowing)

eva take negi and turn him into a vampire also

ku fei why is it that you like to kick in a way that reveils your panties all the time

kaede did you like the bath with negi in that barrel

yukari have you ever seen negi with any of the other girls completely nude without them being dared

Asuna: Most of these people are not here...

Kaede: But I am! I liked the bath, but not that way.

Asuna: Moving on... Next one's from DonoBionic:

I really love this I could not stop laughing

Dare : I dare Asuna to knock out Evangeline (anyway as long as it has violence) and once she's knocked out to shave her hair in a mohawk. 2) I dare Setsuna to give konoka a big red hickey on her neck in front of everyone

Truth: Asuna if you had to choose to make out with would it be Konoka or Ayaka. 2) Haruna would you rather kiss Chisame or Sayo?

Asuna: ...(tackles Eva, only to die, with no one calling for The Great Will of the Macrocosm to save her)

Kanade: ... (poke) ...I'll be the host for now then! Haruna?

Haruna: Eh?(drawing KotarouNegi manga) Oh, that'd be... both of them!

Sayo: (shivers)

Chisame: (steps back)

Kanade: I'm not even commenting to that. Our next letter is from Twilight Master Hero:

This is great keep it up and now my truth/dares hehehe


Evangeline glomp Negi for the entire episode

Yukari and all watch the entire series of Hetalia Axis Powers and World series plus the movie Paint it White and then entire cast including you tell who is your favorite character from the series.

Setsuna by the way you are my favorite character in Negima so forgive me I love you now go up to Konoka and say "Ojou-sama! You are My Goddess!" and of course make out with her again I am sorry.

For the Mahora Sentai Bakaranger bring in Makie and think of names of your vehicals I got the a name for your robo formation Baka-oh after that try to defeat Evangeline that is glomping Negi then use the robo to finish her big form if Evangeline declines from this or her first dare make her watch teletubies for as long as you want. MUWAHAHAHAHA!

Yukari wear the maid outfit the original Yukari Sendou wore in Rosario Vampire for the entire episode


Yukari why exactly did you chose the name in the first place not that I have any problems with it.

Akria How long can you hold your breath under water (I know it's a common question)

Kaede can you preform a chidori and rasengan? if so prove it

Haruna if there wasn't any yaoi material for your "enjoyment" do you transfer to yuri just wondering

Nodoka and Konoka why are you two so cute

Setsuna my favorite character why are you so SEXY! sorry fanboy cried out please answer

well thats all I can think of Keep it up

Twilight Master Hero

Kanade: Uh... I think Yukari told us her name was cause Yukari Sendou was her favorite anime character ever... But now her name's changed, but for now, she'll still go by Yukari.

Akira: (not tied up or hanging from a shark tank for some mysterious reason) Five hours.

Kanade: ...Really?

Akira: Yes.

Haruna: Of course I read yuri! Yaoi's not the only thing I read!

Nodoka: Why am I cute...? I-I don't know...

Kanade: Moving on, next, Kaien Kurayama:

Mark Frey from Wolf Hanyou's Wolf and Crow: Told you Tri! I told you that Wolf Hanyou found another one

Kaien Kurayami who was formerly known as the TriOblivion and Mark's creator: I changed my screenname so call me Kaien now. Any way what's up not Yukari Sendou. I say not because I know the real Yukari.

REAL Yukari Sendou: Yes he does.

Mark: I think I heard that Moka and Tsukune might let you join on them making out if you leave now. (Yukari is already gone and in walks Negima character Tsukuyomi)

Kaien: Okay our trio for the dares and truths is assembled. Mark you go first.

Mark: Okay then...first I have a special request...can I come in for a co-host gig with Wolf's character? Dare for Sayo: Posses the girl who you think has the hottest body and use it to seduce Negi unless you think Setsuna has the hottest body...then you have to seduce Tsukuyomi here. Dare for Asuna...get a life and admit you like Ayaka sexually before jumping her and making out with her. Truth for Zazie: Why do you refuse to talk?

Tsukuyomi: Dare for Setsuna-sempai!: Make out with me while pleasuring Konoka-sama. Dare for Negi-kun: Call your friend Anya and your sister Nekane and tell them all of the details of how your training's been going. Truth for Yukari: Why use that Rosario + Vampire character?

REAL Yukari Sendou: Mark-san lied to me, desu! (Kaien creates a portal using Kingdom Hearts powers and Yukari disappears)

Kaien: My turn to end this. Dare for Yue and Negi: Move in together and just you two for the next three episodes. Dare for Kazumi install hidden camera system in their home. Challenge for Mana: Your collection of guns versus my infinitely shooting demonic twin handguns and my Kingdom Hearts powers tonight on the beach in the middle of the full moon. Truth for Konoka: Who out of your class would you want as part of a harem?

Kanade: (sweatdrops) I guess you can... But most of these people, once again, are gone. Sorry. Well, shows over.

Chisame: Don't we have more reviews to do?

Kanade: Well... We have to get the chapter out soon, as promised, and the chapter's really big now, so... We'll do the rest next time.

Ropponmatsu: Hello!

Kanade: Who're you?

Ropponmatsu: Yukari is dead, so I'm the new host...

Kanade: Name change?

Ropponmatsu: Mmhm. Anyway, viewers... Sorry this episode was so late, also, our show's gonna be on hold... Not gonna get another chapter out for a while. I am really busy now, so hehe... Yeah, sorry! Bye bye!

Kanade: Wait, that was sudden! And I just got on here!

*Camera is OFF*