Zoro strapped his three swords to his waist. He would have to admit he sometimes can't find his way, but this time he can't lose his way even once. He just hoped no one was going to do anything stupid like not leave when he told the too.

-character change-

Luffy, Robin, Usopp, and Sanji came to the palace. "Alright, we'll go find Zoro, you two go find Sanako." said Luffy.

"Alright! Sanako, we're coming!" shouted Sanji as him and Usopp went one way, and Robin and Luffy went another way.

"Captain, are you sure that swordsman didn't just brake out himself. He is quite a capable swordsman after all." Robin said as they ran.

"I'm sure Zoro is free, we need to find him though." Luffy shouted, serious again. Robin nodded as they continued to run.

"I think I know where he is." Robin said with a smile.

-character change-

Sanako started down the aisle. She glared at Sanako with as much hatred as she could muster, ready to kill him if she could, but that would just put Zoro in danger. She came up to the alter, there the priest started the ceremony. Then he turned to Taro. "Do you take this woman to be your beloved wife?" he asked. Taro gave an evil grin and nodded. "Sanako, do you…" he started, but the alter blew up. They all jumped back, and looked over to see Sanji and Usopp, with Usopp's arm still back from using his sling shot.

"Exploding star!" Usopp said with a huge grin.

"Kill them!" Taro shouted. The royal guard and Isao surrounded Sanji and Usopp. Usopp panicked, but Sanji just smiled, then in a flash, kicked all of them down. The second they all hit the ground though, they all got back up onto their feet. Taro reached over for Sanako's hand. He kept reaching, so he turned to see she was gone!

"Looking for her?" came a voice. He looked in a different direction along with everyone else to see Zoro, holding his little sister close. She almost cried in relief that her brother was safe and that he came for her.

"So, you escaped did you?" Taro asked.

"Obviously." said Zoro with an irritated growl. Sanji growled.

"ZORO! I WAS GOING TO SAVE HER!" he shouted in anger.

"Then watch her!" Zoro shouted. Without waiting another second, Sanji kicked away two guys and ran to Sanako, with Usopp at his heels.

"Aren't you supposed to be doing something?" Sanji asked him. Usopp nodded and pulledout his flair, shooting it into the sky.

"Let me guess, your signaling your crew." Taro said, angry that he should have figured that out a long time ago. Usopp nodded.

"Usopp, me and Sanji are going to take these guys down. Don't let them near Sanako." Zoro said. Usopp shacked his head to show he understood. With that, Zoro drew all three of his swords and Sanji rolled up his sleeves. Then they ran at the royal guard. They all drew swords and blocked Zoro's and Sanji's first few attacks. The two kept coming and knocked down the guards.

"GUM-GUM PISTOL!" came a shout, and all the guards were down. They both turned to see Luffy and Robin.

"Hope we're not too late, we came as soon as we could." Robin said with a grin. Luffy started punching some of the royal guards. "We have them, you two can go for Isao and Taro." Robin added. Sanji and Zoro nodded, running off for the two men who had made this whole mess.

Sanji came up to Isao. "Alright you bastard! I'm gonna wipe the floor with you." Sanji shouted. He came at Isao with a hard kick, but Isao blocked it with a sword. Sanji then jumped up into the air, flipped, and attempted to bring his foot down hard onto Isao's head, only to have Isao move at the last second, leaving Sanji to leave a large deep crack in the pavement. Sanji leaped up and brought his other leg down, getting Isao in the side. Isao stumbled to the side and slowly got back to his feet. "I'm not done yet" he added. He spun on one leg and kicked out with a second, hitting Isao in the gut, knocking him off his feet again.

"Don't think it's gonna be that easy kid." said Isao. With that he jumped up and kicked Sanji in the face. Sanji was caught off guard as Isao followed through with his sword, cutting a deep cut into Sanji's shoulder. Sanji kicked him back, dragging the sword through his shoulder as he fell back. When the sword was finally out of his shoulder, Sanji grabbed ahold of it, holding back a cry of pain.

"Be careful!" came Luffy's voice.

"You are too weak." Isao said. He stabbed at Sanji again, but Sanji dodged it.

"This one is for Nami!" Sanji shouted. He kicked Isao hard from behind his legs, knocking him onto the ground. "And this one is for Robin!" Sanji added, kicking Isao in the side, then he jumped up, spun, and brought down his leg as hard as he could onto Isao's stomach. "And this is for Sanako!" he shouted. Isao fell unconscious on the floor.

Zoro tied his bandana around his head, drawing Wado Ichimonji and putting it in his mouth, then drawing the other two in his hands. He faced Taro with murder in his eyes. "Your first mistake was thinking you can marry Sanako. Then you made an even bigger mistake by trying to kill me, and then you made the biggest mistake trying to kill her. You should of killed me while you had the chance." Zoro growled. Taro drew two swords as well. Zoro tock his stance. "ONI…GIRI!" he shouted, and slashed a large x in Taro's chest. While Zoro was finishing his move, Taro stabbed him in the side with a small dagger. Zoro didn't move back, but slashed at Taro with all three swords again. Taro leaped back a step and Zoro tock the opportunity to try and pull the dagger out of his side. When he reached for it though, Taro lunged forward to slash him across the chest. Zoro kicked him back and pulled the dagger from his side, chucking it away. Then he slashed at Taro again, but Taro dodged the attack. Taro then lunged forward and stabbed Zoro in the leg. Zoro dropped his one sword to punch Taro in the face, sending him flying, then he pulled the sword out of his leg and through it across the room. Zoro then walked ober and held up his sword.

"NO!" came a scream. They all looked over to Sanako. "Please Zoro, you're not a killer, you're my brother. Please, don't lower yourself to his level." she pleaded, not wanting to see Zoro kill for her.

Zoro sheathed all three of his swords and tock off his bandana. Sanako ran over and hugged him as Luffy and Robin tied up Isao and Taro.

-one hour time skip-

Luffy, Nami, Robin, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper stood by the 'Going Merry'. Zoro and Sanji were bandaged up. Sanako emerged onto the docks. "So, you're leaving." she said.

"Yah, we gotta go." Zoro said with a small smile.

"We have Isao and Taro on the ship, we're going to drop them off with the marines at the next island." Nami said.

"That's good." Sanako said.

"So are you staying here?" Sanji asked her, love struck.

"Yah, they asked me to stay, as I am their princess anyway and they are in need of a leader." Sanako said. Nami and Robin saw that she wanted to talk to her brother, so they grabbed the others and pulled them away, much to their disapproval.

"I'm glad you're alright Sanako." Zoro said. She gave a small smile.

"I'm sorry Zoro, I messed up, and again had to rely on you. I'm not strong like you, and I thank you for helping me." she said.

"I heard you stopped using our family name." Zoro said with a smirk.

"It's not that I'm not proud of being your sister, it's that I want to be treated like a normal human, without people worrying about me sending my brother after them." She said. Zoro pulled her into a tight hug.

"I'm always around if you need me. If you need anything at all, send out the word and I'll be here. You're a strong kid and I have no doubt that you will be able to take good care of yourself here." he told her. Then he slipped something into her hand and kissed her on the top of the head. "Take care Princess, I'm really proud of you." and he jumped onto the ship.

"BYE SANAKO!" shouted a love struck Sanji. The whole crew were waving and Zoro held up his sword. Sanako watched them until they disappeared in the horizion, then opend her hand. Clenched in her fist was Zoro's black bandana! (1) With a large smile she tied it to her left arm and decided to be exactly like Zoro. She would be strong and dependent person.

(1) I didn't see Zoro's bandana in the skypiea arc, and in my mind it's one of his few possessions so it could mean something to him!

I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you fmdevil, Red voident dragon, lumarmidnightwolf, Ultra one piece fan, Sasuna123, hiya120, raxii,DieEierVonSatanSatanBalls, and silendtdarkness101, as well as everyone else who read this story. Thanks for all the support and reviews!