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Gillian sighed as she realised she had been asleep longer than she had intended. The sunlight had already begun to creep through the curtains. She knew that she had to get herself out of bed but it was just so comfortable. Sighing heavily she stretched as she heard Cal walk back into the bedroom. She smiled as she realised he was talking to the baby.

"Right then." He whispered as Laura looked up at him. "You've been home less than 12 hours and you've already turned this place upside down. Finally got Loker and Ben to help me move your mum's stuff." He watched as the baby closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.

"Hi." Gillian sighed. "You should have woken me."

"Nah." He sat on the edge of the bed. "She's ok, we did the bottle and the nappy routine without too much disaster, didn't we?" Gilian smiled as the baby opened her eyes and stared at her father.

"You're a natural."

"Practice. When Emily was a baby I did my fair share." Cal met her eye as Gillian sat up. She knew that Zoe had not been particularly hands on when Emily was the same age as Laura.

"Well." Gillian stiffled a yawn. "It seems there is another little one that has you wrapped around her finger." She touched the baby's soft brown hair as she spoke. Cal nodded.

"It seems that it's my luck to be surrounded by beautiful women."

"You poor thing." Gillian smiled. "How will you cope?" He loved the way that they could still tease each other. He shrugged his shoulders at her words.

"You know? I think I'm just going to play that one by ear."

"Just like everything else." Gillian smirked as he kissed her.

"Worked out alright so far."

"That's true." Gillian closed her eyes as he kissed her lips. Laura began to wriggle in her father's arms. She was growing well and had thrived in the time she had been in the Special Care Baby Unit. Cal, like Emily and the entire staff at the Lightman Institute had fallen in love with the little girl now sleeping next to her mother. Gillian ran a finger over the little girl's short hair as Cal watched.

"Torres called. She's picking Heidi up and heading over here at lunchtime." Cal explained. "I am to make myself scarse." He raised an eyebrow.



"Well, the girls are going to help me plan my wedding outfit. Trust me, I wont be marrying in white. I'm 38 and a mom. I think the gig is up!" She smiled as he pulled a face. "Emily said she'll be my matron of honour."

"She loves you." Cal replied. "Always has. You know it was her that saw what was going on between us first."

"Yeah." Gillian nodded. The teenager had always been able to read the adults around her as easily as other teenagers read magazines. Gillian couldn't help but smile as she thought of her curly haired step daughter. "Well, she means the world to me too. Both our girls do."

"I know luv." Cal took her hand in his own. "Now, I'm going to round up Ben and Eli and see what disasters they have planned for me. God I really hope there are no strippers on my Batchelor Party!"

"I'm sure you do." Gillian giggled. Cal fell silent as he appraised her . The wedding was in less than three days and there was still so much to organise. He'd booked the Registrar and the venue the minute Gillian had agreed but once Vicky had headed back to England and Gillian and Laura had been discharged from hospital time had got away from them both. Gillian met his eye as he grew more serious.

"No one compares to you, Gill." He kissed her gently on her lips as her eyes fluttered closed. He rested his forehead against hers as she held him to her. Laura clearly thought enough was enough and proceeded to scream the house down as music from downstairs let them know Emily was home from visiting Zoe. Gillian pulled back from Cal as she scopped the baby into her arms. Laura instantly settled as Gillian craddled her.

"Now, who's the natural." Cal smiled as he stood up and went off in search of his oldest child. He had a feeling things were going to work out for the four of them. He just hoped he was right.


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