Altair stared at the infamous "Apple Of Eden". To be honest, it wasn't much to look at. In fact it reminded him of a small child's toy, something to be kicked around and, well, played with. He lazily reached out to it, letting his fingers just barely graze over its surface.


Ezio, rather lecherously, admired Leonardo's backside as he bent over to retrieve the numerous pastels that had gotten knocked over by Malik, Leonardo's curious new cat-friend. Apparently he had become struck with wanderlust late one evening and decided to quench his newfound thirst for the unexplored outdoors and off he went to take a stroll outside. Maybe he would discover a short cut or find an interesting object to take home. He wandered down an alleyway, idly searching the stars as he went. Meowwwww. He stilled, his head turning to the side trying to identify what exactly that had been. Again the soft noise came, and he cautiously followed it to a dark corner, where nestled in the grime and dirt of Venice he found a small starving kitten. The kitten's left front paw was badly damaged. He gingerly picked him (as Leonardo quickly discovered him to be) up and carried him back to his workshop.

Ezio personally didn't like the thing, and it didn't like him either it also managed to steal most of Leo's attention, blasted thing. Besides it was just plain creepy how it would get this glint in its eyes as if it could understand you or knew something you didn't, not to mention it was unusually adept to the ways of human kind. Leonardo thought it was remarkable and that maybe he was reincarnated as a cat when he was originally a human, or that maybe… yea like he wanted to listen about a creepy cat that acted like a man. A possessive one at that, sure as hell doesn't like it when people get to close to Leo. His face still stung from those devil claws. Ezio turned his attention to the "Apple Of Eden" his hand reached out, fingers splayed across the cool surface.


Desmond did his best to drone out the incessant ramblings of one Lucy Stillman. He grumbled something about women to which Lucy started a whole new rant about how much of a sexist ass he was being. The door opened and Shuan and Becks(as she had been nicknamed) waltzed in looking quite content. He had no doubt why as he took in Shuan's slightly disheveled hair and rumpled shirt, then Rebecca's bruised neck and swollen lips. He returned his attention to the computer screen in front of him and started a new game of Solitaire; thankful that Lucy's angry rambling was now directed at them for being late. Desmond had to repress his grin when she demanded why. As strong of an assassin as she was, she could sure as fuck be oblivious sometimes or maybe she was just that innocent and naïve. Desmond didn't care either way because the stuttered out lies were enough to get him grinning like a mad hatter. He ignored his strange comrades and zoned in on the "Apple Of Eden", he tentatively let his hand drift towards it, a bad feeling creeping up his spine then going back down and residing in his stomach. He let his fingers gently touch it almost in a tender caress.


A white light flashed, blinding all three of the assassins upon contact of the apple. The sensation of falling overwhelmed them and they found movement impossible, a paralysis overcoming their limbs. Their vision still inept and all action unavailable, panic spread like wildfire through all of their minds.


Altair groaned, he had hit the cold stone-ground-pavement thingy hard, it knocked the air out of him and left him breathless. He barely had time to open his eyes before something fell on top of him. Needless to say Altair was pissed, which is why he had his hidden blade out and at the throat of the offending…person? He grunted as another fucking 230 pounds got dumped on him.


Desmond hadn't felt this shitty since…when the fuck had he ever felt this shitty? He was abruptly blinded, immobilized, than slammed down on something hard yet mushy… It weird to say the least; especially when he opened his eyes and realized that "hard yet mushy" thing had a blade at his throat. But he didn't have much time to absorb that before 230 mother fucking pounds came down on him sending his face straight into said hidden blade. SHIT. Thankfully, when the fucking elephant landed on him, the blade was jerked way from his face and instead of looking like shredded tuna, he was currently suffocating. His face ended up jammed into the crook of whomever's neck, whatever this guy was wearing was, conveniently, making the process of breathing very difficult. AND he couldn't pull his face away to breathe because the elephant had him pinned. Just great.


Huh well that was different… Ezio looked down at what he had landed on, which was surprisingly comfy. He realized rather quickly that he had landed on people. Huh.

"Gurumph!" A very displeased sounding voice had said, "Get off." No one however had understood him because, not only did it come out muffled and warped, at the very same time he had decided to speak Altair shoved them both off of him and stood. He swiftly strode over to them and kicked the fat one off of the other. The quick gasping of Desmond was the only thing heard, apart from the groan the elephant had emitted when he had landed.

"You fat fuck!" Was the first thing Desmond said as he stumbled onto his feet and loomed over an innocent Ezio.

"Are—Are you talking to me?" Ezio asked; disbelief laced into his voice as he stared in shock at the strangely dressed man who was both younger and shorter than him.

"Who the fuck else do you think I'm talking to?" He was out of breath and pissed. Something fucking broke when Ezio had landed on top of him and it hurt.

"I am NOT fat." His astounded voice said "fat" as if it was a horrible disgusting thing. Desmond paused and stared and then stared some more.


, NO. That was NOT Ezio Auditore he was looking at, nope. Just some freak look alike. NOT him, he was looong dead. Impossible, he was dead, so obviously he couldn't be in front of him. It was a freaky look alike. Yes just a man who was dressed in the exact same thing Ezio was fond of wearing, the exact same haircut Ezio had had since he was 13, and happened to look exactly like him down to the scar on his lips. But definitely NOT him.

Desmond's feet sent him stumbling backwards in shock. Stumbling backwards right into Altair. He swiveled his head around the second his back had bumped harshly into something. What he saw sent him stumbling backwards yet again, until he feat tripped over Ezio's laying body. He landed sharply on his ass, but continued to crawl backward until his back connected with the wall. A wall? Desmond took in his surroundings, and realized that he was NOT in Kansas anymore.

The walls were a stark yellow that was bright enough that it hurt his eyes. There were no windows to be seen, and the door was made of some type of metal, which was on the wall opposite of him. The square room wasn't that big either. Desmond froze than quickly searched himself, where the fuck was the Apple Of Eden!


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