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Haters gonna hate.

Players gonna play.

Flamers gonna flame.

But I don't give a shit.

So there.

:D To all the assholes out there who think it's okay to make someone question their wonderful existence in this world.

No one deserves to suffer the pain that comes with doubting ones own life, do not ever tell another person to commit suicide or kill themselves. Never. Not if they are cruel to others, if they are homophobic, if they are fat, if they are insecure, if they aren't the prettiest, if they don't wear makeup, or if they do wear makeup. Just don't.

In your life you will feel pain, you will cry, and you will lose the ability to trust, or to care, or to think. But you know what? Those people who are mean and rude, that say offensive things have been hurt just as badly as you have. Do not let that pain control you, be better than that awful feeling of wishing you didn't exist.

There will always be that time in someone's life when you get that phone call at midnight that explains to them how their best friend in the whole wide world committed suicide. They weren't dramatic about it, they didn't post it all over facebook or twitter, nope. They didn't say anything; they just locked their door, turned the fan on, turned on music, and then hung themselves in their closet with a belt.

And you know what? I've gotten that call. I've had to answer an unknown number and have a detective explain to me that a close friend has run away and hasn't been seen or heard from for days. I've had to be told to stop crying because this is going to be recorded and no one can understand you over your sobs. And that's more embarrassing than you'd think.

I didn't write this to make anyone feel bad or to bring up sad memories that everyone says will heal with time (the liars). No. I wrote this with the hope that someone out there is going to read it and think about a tumblr dash that got spammed by an anon who said awful things or a facebook profile that gets trashed everyday and that someone is going to send a pm or write in an ask or post on their wall and tell these poor people that they are beautiful and they are loved and no they don't deserve this.

I'm not the best writer, I'm not the best singer, I'm not the best dancer, I'm not the best artist, I can't play sports, I really can't play my instrument, I'm not the best student, I'm not even the best person. But I'm really good at being a friend. So, do whatever. Pay attention to this, ignore it, say it's stupid, say it's not. Do whatever you want, because it's no one's business what you believe or what you think. I don't care if you're a college student who struggles to make ends meat, I don't care if you're a wealthy little rich kid, I don't care. I care about who you are. Not what you eat, not how aesthetically pleasing you are, not how good you are at football, not about how fanfiction and anime are a big secret and your household and friends wouldn't approve, not about how much money you make, not about how old you are.

I care about the squishy mass of organ residing in your head and about that other one in your ribcage beating away. You need that one. I hope everyone has an amazing day.

And now for a little something something that actually relates to this story – sorry for it's shortness -


The Chronicles~

It was those little things really. The average normal things that you didn't think about being particularly something you should notice, that really made him smile. Ezio was used to Leonardo's constant inventing and being amazed by new improbable things, but Altair was not in any way used to anything of the sort.

Like, take for instance, the first time Altair had noticed the strip of metal that held Desmond's clothing together. That had been priceless, over and over and over again Altair unzipped his hoodie, playing with the "astounding" mechanism until Desmond finally just gave him the jacket. It was those little things that made him smile, the ones that made Altair gasp in surprise.

Trying to explain to him what a refrigerator was had been the most difficult though, second only to (just maybe) elevators. It was worth the trouble though, to watch the steely I-know-all aura fade away to reveal a curious and inexperienced "novice". It was also at these moments when Desmond found himself envying Malik. What it must have been like to live with that side of Altair all the time. From the simplest of stances to the most complicated assassinations, just to watch those eyes lighten with realization and glee once he finally understood, he didn't doubt the man was fortunate.

You could fascinate Altair for hours with something that would seem so simple until he asked and asked and asked and suddenly what was once a simple thing turned into a complicated mechanism that not even he fully left him frustrated and tired. But then again everything he did with Altair left him frustrated and tired on some level, typically one more than the other.

Those little fucking things. The arrogant smile that would slide onto his face molasses slow but be gone in a blink. The way his fingers would glide through his hair in the early morning, far too early for the sun to say hello, but late enough for Altair to be wide awake. He never knew Desmond forced himself to awake to feel those fingers carelessly slide and scrape just lightly over his scalp, well if he did know he never confronted Desmond with it.

The first time Altair experienced a pet shop had been hilarious. They had left with a red tailed beta and two fat goldfish, but like a small child he'd been so proud; making a point to feed them himself. When one of the goldfish flopped out overnight Desmond rushed to the pet shop to get a replacement so that Altair wouldn't know. But he did. The second his eyes rested on the tank, he knew. And Desmond knew he knew. But Altair just smiled and said nothing to Desmond; just kissed him softly. It wasn't like he had to do much else; before the day was over they had held a mini funeral and even Ezio said some words to their dear departed Pedro.

The sun glinting off of his golden eyes, making them glow ethereally. His rare genuine smile, the one that only came out when he thought no one was looking. Desmond used to send him off to the grocery store for shopping and he would always, without fail, buy limited edition poptarts in bulk. "But Desmond, they're limited edition! They'll be gone the next time!" Altair hated them, but he bought them because he knew they were Ezio's favorite. Just like he'd get chocolate ice cream for Desmond. He probably just wanted to ensure their fatness so he would stay the best.


It was the little things Desmond loved the most.

It was the little things he found himself missing the most.


It was different with Ezio.

Time travel, now that was bizarre. A zipper, a machine that kept food longer, a platform that lifted people and objects to higher or lower levels of a building. He got that, it was realistic, it had a purpose. But time travel? That was purely absurd. But at the same time irritating, simply because Altair took it in stride. A man who furrowed his brown at the thought of electric lights didn't bat an eyelash at the plausibility of multiple dimensions and the ability to travel into multiple time periods.

Everything about Altair frustrated Ezio. Every arrogant comment, every lift of his eyebrow. That was supposed to be him. He was supposed to be the arrogant, over-confident, charming, hilarious, flirtatious yet handsome man .

It was almost like a punch to the gut whenever he turned around and saw Desmond with that shy smile while Altair had his eyes narrowed with a wry smirk on his lips. Yes, Altair was irritating, very irritating. But Ezio could never find himself angry at the man for long, and usually it was around the moments when he realized that Altair was his yummiest.

And the sex- holy shit was the sex amazing. He left him open and raw, and aching to be filled like no other man ever had. Desmond would never be given the opportunity, but Ezio on special occasions was allowed to top. And fuck was it good that way too.

He never though himself fond of Altair. He was damn infuriating. He didn't know when the man had found himself a place in his heart next to Desmond. He hated that he had.

But when Ezio wasn't angry, when there wasn't a sobbing Desmond to hold, no enemies to fight off. It was that side of Altair, the predatory, assertive, arrogant Altair he found himself missing.

Found himself yearning for.


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