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He remembers the first time he ever kissed a girl, not because it was awkwardly wonderful, but because it was bitterly disappointing even before Callie Mitchell slapped him. She called him a cold fish, but he thinks he's just doing it wrong.

Two years later, Amy Masters tells him he could be kissing the wrong gender. She lets him take her out, though, and he buys her gifts on Valentine's Day and if he brought her home after prom, he takes her to an amusement park the next day to make up for it.

They kissed for the cameras at graduation, and hugged each other in private for college.

He remembers the first time he ever kissed a boy, how he had anticipated finding all the answers and ending up even more disappointed. John liked it though, and didn't seem inclined to punch him. Therefore, he thinks that maybe it's something he needs to get used to.

He sleeps with Kevin fall of his sophomore year and with Julie in the spring, and in the end, finds himself even more confused.

Junior year starts with the completion of a bet and he goes with Kevin to a GLSBTA Alliance meeting. There, he finds an answer to his question of why romance, which most people ignored, came easy to him, but sex did not.

Her name was Amanda and in the middle of the post-meeting party, read, too many people, too much beer, she told him that she was the 'A' in GLSBTA. He asked if it was for Amanda, and she said it was for 'asexual'. In five minutes, she took his world view, turned it upside down and shook it lose of all his expectations of love, sex and romance.

Amanda lasted four months. It was the best four months of his life. For once, he was in a relationship that moved slow, there was no headlong rush to a bedroom, but slow walks on the boardwalk, and beautiful sunsets.

Amanda got tapped for a government job with NASADA and he found himself on the verge of a major decision. He'd spent a childhood playing army. He had more pictures of him in camo than in any other outfit. On the other hand, he was on track to graduate in three semesters with a Bachelors.

The solution came in a way he didn't expect. Her name was Kendrix, and she wandered into an Alliance meeting on accident and never left. Kendrix was on her way to a big government project as soon as she got her degree, and said project was looking for college graduates will to step into a paramilitary role. The pay was better than any other military job, and they'd even settle his college loans if he made it into the project.

He applied, and they accepted. After an interesting job interview, he was on his way to a leadership role in the GSA. In less than a month, he had a new best friend in the form of Kendrix, and a slower building friendship with one of his fellow officers, Mike Corbett.

Then it was time for the last GSA exercise, and when confronted by a stowaway masquerading as a soldier, he made a big mistake.

When Leo Corbett met his eyes the first time, a jolt of recognition ripped through him, and Kai Chen, without conscious thought or permission, fell. In love.