Hi! So this is going to be a story in the future of the Sky High gang., but I need some OCs. I need two kids (one has to be a guy) older than my character (she's going to be a freshman at Sky High so she's 15) for Warren Peace and Freeze Girl. Twins and 2 other kids for Will and Layla. At least one kid for Zach and Magenta. 2 for Ethan and OC. I will also need some OCs that aren't related to them. Will also accept a few teacher OCs. If you want to suggest hero/ hero support names for the gang include it in your submission. Form is at the end of the chapter.

It's been over twenty years since Will Stronghold and his friends saved Sky High from Royal Pain. The Commander and Jetstream had retired about a few years after they graduated. Warren had finally lived down his father's reputation. Will had become a real estate agent as his cover. Layla became a baker and owns her own bakery. Warren became the manager at the restaurant where he worked and still does. Bridget is a figure skating teacher. Zach is the manager of a convenience store. Magenta owns a music store. Ethan is a CEO of a computer company. Cailee is a singer. Warren Peace had married Bridget, who was still refered to by some classmates as Freeze Girl, and had three kids. Will and Layla's marriage came as no surprise to anyone, neither did them having a big family with four kids. Zach and Magenta had married which surprised some of their former classmates that didn't know them. Ethan married his best friend before Sky High, Cailee Jones, and had two kids.

Note: this chapter will probably be rewritten after OCs have been chosen.

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