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Squeals could be heard from across the school as girls from other classes watched as the Class 3-9 boys played soccer in p.e. Not only because the hottest senior in that class but also because they were playing skins versus shirts.

"Oh my god! He's so hot!"

"I'm so glad that I came to school today."

"Damn, look at those muscles."

Some of them even started drooling at the sight of Hyuuga Neji's shirtless form running after the ball.

"I think I might die!"

All of the junior girls in Class 2-7 were crowded around the windows facing the fields, except for one. The quiet junior sat in her seat by the window with her chin resting on her palm and just calmly and quietly watched the boys kick around the ball, seemingly not interested.

Down by the side of the field, a brunette with her hair in two buns just sighed and shook her head at the commotion caused by her classmate being shirtless. She admits that she thought that he was hot, but she was not going to act like the immature juniors.

"Kyaaaaaaa~! I'm so glad I'm in his class!"

Nevemind, it wasn't just the juniors that were immature. It seemed like everyone was immature!

"Shit, I wanna have his babies."

Scratch that, the seniors weren't immature, they were just sex-crazed.

"Holy shit," someone muttered. "Is that a tattoo?"

"Yeah, I also thought it was a tattoo."

"Can you see what it is?"

"I don't know, it kinda looks like a sun, but I could be wrong."

Tenten, the girl with the buns, also tried to decipher what the tattoo was of. But it was hard since it was constantly moving. It was on Neji's left pec and it looked hella hot.

"Damn, who would have ever thought that such a serious person like Hyuuga Neji would have a tattoo."

"I know, but that makes it even hotter."

"Shit, I'm hella horny now."

"Good luck getting through the rest of the day, especially since you sit near him!"

"I know! It's going to be torture!"

Tenten stayed silent as her classmates just kept on talking about how hot Neji was and how horny they were.

She looked up to the window where the junior girls were crowded around. They were talking to each other and squinting their eyes; seems like they also noticed the tattoo on Neji's chest.

Tenten wondered if it was new. Neji rarely ever took his shirt off in front of others. Some guys might've seen it though, when he changed in the changing room for p.e.

This was the first time that the girls have ever seen it, though. Because, before, even when the guys played shirts versus skins, Neji always ended up as a shirt. This was the first time ever that he ended up as a skin. That was why all the girls seemed like they were getting high off the sight of a shirtless Neji.

They were usually pretty psyched out whenever they saw him running around getting all hot and sweaty, but this was on another level.

Tenten looked to the left of the screaming girls and saw one that was set apart from the others, quietly watching. Tenten knew who she was, practically everyone knew who she was. She was Hyuuga Hinata, Neji's younger cousin.

Tenten heard that she was popular among the junior boys. Actually, she was popular among all of the boys. But she never had a boyfriend, at least not from their school. Neji was just too overprotective of her.

Tenten could see why Neji''s cousin was popular with the boys. Anyone could see why. The two of them shared the signature pale Hyuuga eyes, except Neji's had a blue tint and his cousin's had a lavender tint. Not only did their eyes make them unique and stand out, but they also made them more mysterious. It also didn't help that the two of them were quiet and tended to keep to themselves.

Hinata also had long navy hair; how was that possible? Tenten will never know. Well, Hinata wasn't the only one with navy hair. Uchiha Sasuke, a junior, also had navy hair but that wasn't the weirdest hair color in their school. There was Haruno Sakura, another junior, who had pink hair, which she claimed to be natural. She even brought baby pictures to school and everyone saw the pink peach fuzz on the newborn baby's head. There are still some people who think it's fake, though. There will always be those who oppose.

Now, getting back on topic. Not only did Hyuuga Hinata have the pale lavender eyes and long, silky navy hair, but she also had the slim hourglass figure that every female desired and yearned for. The only "flaw" about her was that she was below average height at about 5' 3" or so.

If Tenten were to compare herself to Hyuuga Hinata, which she shouldn't 'cause it was bad for her self-esteem but she still does it anyways 'cause that's what everyone does, then she would call herself a commoner and call Hyuuga Hinata a princess.

But it's not like Tenten was ugly or anything, she actually had some self-confidence and thought that she was somewhat pretty, it was just that anyone compared to Hyuuga Hinata would seem less pretty or even uglier.

Tenten, herself, had average brown hair that she always kept in two buns on top of her head so no one really knew how long it was (it went down to her waist). And she had the brown eyes that everyone had. The only thing not average about her was her above-average height at 5' 9". And since she loved to play sports, she never gained any weight and always stayed slim.

Now that Tenten thought about it, how does Hyuuga Hinata do it? Tenten heard that she loved to eat sweets and that she had a sweet bun everyday for lunch. Tenten shivered, that would be way too much sugar for her (she preferred savory over sweet).

Hyuuga Hinata must have a major sweet tooth or something. And she must also be the naturally thin type, because someone who wasn't and ate as much sugary foods as her, wouldn't be able to stay that thin without having to workout everyday to keep the pounds off.

Tenten sighed. She got up as she heard their teacher telling them to go back inside and get changed for lunch.

Hinata listened as the girls in her class complained and whined about how they wouldn't be able to see a hot and sweaty Neji anymore because Class 3-9 was going back in.

The only reason why all the girls were able to crowd around the window and oogle at Hyuuga Neji was because their teacher was absent and there wasn't a substitute so they had self-study.

They did actually self-study for the first ten minutes or so, getting homework done for the next class, until one girl announced to the whole class that 3-9 was playing soccer.

Some of the girls rushed to the window to see their idol. Then when another announced that they were playing shirt vs skins, the girls held their breath, waiting for the teams to be decided.

Hinata watched from her seat by the window as Neji pulled his shirt off and that's when she heard the girls squealing at the top of their lungs, causing the rest of the girls in her class to rush to the windows.

Hinata watched boredly as the 3-9 boys kicked the soccer ball around. She heard as the girls gossiped to themselves and commented on how her cousin looked.

She stayed quiet and kept to herself. She didn't join in with the other girls in her class. She rarely talked to anyone while at school and if she had to, she avoided talking for a long period of time. Every conversation she had outside of home, and sometimes at home, was short and straight to the point; usually just a few words from her. She didn't like talking to others.

Besides, she didn't have anything that she could talk about.

The only person she really talked to was her cousin. She barely even talked to her sister.

Hinata heard the girls in her class talking about a possible tattoo on her cousin's chest.

This perked Hinata's interest.

She listened in as the girls tried to guess what it was. She heard one of them guessing it to be a sun of some sort.

Hinata almost smirked. That girl didn't know how close her guess was. Of course, Hinata knew what her cousin's tattoo was of. She knew it like the back of her hand. Not only because she saw it a lot but also because she had the exact same one on the back of her left shoulder. But no one but family knew that.

Actually, only her grandfather, father, sister, Neji's parents, and Neji knew where it was and what it was of. No one in her extended family knew. Not even her sister's match or the Council (excluding her grandfather and father). Like how it should be. It was only meant to be known by a few.

Even if other people outside of her family caught a glimpse of it, they wouldn't know the meaning behind it. Also, like how it should be. The Hyuuga clan was a super secretive clan, just because it can be.

The girls kept on trying to figure the mystery out, but they'll never know. Neji only took his shirt off in front of others because he had to; if he could avoid it, he would.

Hinata propped her chin up onto her palm. Then she noticed her cousin's friend-Tenten, was it?-looking up at her. She looked back down at her. They stared at each until Tenten turned away.

Hinata continued to stare at the older brunette. She was one of the few girls that her cousin actually hung around with. Hinata didn't really care who her cousin hung out with but Hinata always had a bad feeling about that one brunette. Hinata felt like she was going to be a problem one day.

Hinata stared at the older brunette until 3-9 was called back inside by their teacher, to change for lunch. Hinata looked up at the clock that hung over the classroom door; there was about five minutes till the bell rung for lunch.

And so, Hinata waited.

The lunch bell rang almost five minutes later.

She waited for a few more minutes. Then she heard the classroom door slide open.

He's here.

Hinata heard her female classmates whisper amongst themselves as she felt him walk towards her. She continued to look out the window with her chin propped on her palm. She purposely ignored him.

"Hinata-sama, would you like to join me on rooftop for lunch?"

Hinata finally looked up at the figure towering over her.

She said to her cousin, "Ah, I would love to, Neji-nii-san."

He smiled down at her as she got her lunch out of her bag and let Neji lead her up to the school roof, where they always ate their lunch together without any disturbances.

Well, usually without any disturbances.

Hinata felt another presence that was already up on the roof before she even set foot on the last set of stairs that led up to the roof.

Hinata narrowed her eyes. Her cousin didn't see because he had his back to her, but Hinata was sure that he felt the change in her aura. The change from calm and content to suspicious with a tinge of betrayal and a sprinkle of fury.

How dare he invite her to intrude in on their only time together without the prying eyes of their family and clan?

How dare he? Without her permission?

Hinata shook her head. Her rational side pushed her possessive side back into a corner of her mind. She'll let this one time slide since this was the first time that he ever disobeyed her.

But if this happened a second time, there was no telling what Hinata would do to get Neji to obey again.

Hinata wanted Neji. And she wanted him all to herself. There was no point in denying it. Hinata had no reason to do so.

But Hinata didn't want him like how the other girls wanted him. She didn't want his body, it was already hers. She didn't want to have his babies, he wanted her to have his.

What she did want was his loyalty, his love, and his blood.

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