Hey, everybody. I thought before I'd continue DUTCHMAN, I'd write another 10/11.0 one-shot. Obviously, it comes before DUTCHMAN. Here goes.

Numbuh 10 was asleep in her bed, having a wonderful dream.

Inside her dream, Eva was happily running through a field of flowers. She stopped when she noticed a rather handsome man turned away from her. Feeling attracted, she ran toward the handsome man with knight's armor and long, black hair. When she reached him and spun him around, she saw that he had Kade's face.

Numbuh 10 woke from her dream in a shocked state. "Man, what a crazy dream! I mean, I like Kade and all, but not THAT much…or do I?" She shook her head from the thought. "I need a drink!" With that, she got out of bed and went to the kitchen.

She reached the kitchen and pulled out a glass of water from the refrigerator. As she drank the glass and walked back to her room, she stopped and noticed Kade, who was once again sleeping over on the couch, mumbling something in his sleep.

"Mmm, oh! Mmm, oh yeah! That feels good!" he said as he kissed his pillow. Eva tried her best to hold in her giggles. "Oh, you're such a good kisser! Of course I feel that way about you!" Eva drank her water in an attempt to hold back the giggles, but it didn't help much. "You're the prettiest girl in the world, Eva Roberts!"

That's when Eva gave a shocked look and spat her water all over Kade, waking him up.

"AH! EVA!"

"Oops! Sorry, Kade!"

"What are you doing up?"

"Well, I got thirsty and went to get a drink of water, then I heard you talking in your sleep."

"Oh… Hehe." He blushed.

"So, you think I'm a good kisser, huh?"

"Huh…OH! Oh, no! No! I-It's not what you think! We were, uh…practicing!"


"Yeah! In my dream, you were, uh… in love with this guy, and…you were afraid of what he might think, like maybe you were a bad kisser, so you asked if we could practice kissing together, and we did and I said you were really good! Then you were afraid if he thought you were ugly, so I said you were the prettiest girl in the world!"

"OH! Phew! For a second, I thought…well, you know!"

He laughed. "Yeah!"

"Yep! So, who was I in love with?"

"Um…Numbuh 100?"


"Er, I don't know. I forget who it was."

"Oh. Well, sorry for the water!"

"It's okay! We're still best friends, right?"

"Best friends foreva'!"

"We sure are!"

"Well, I'm gonna go back to bed now. See you in the morning?"

"In the morning! Good night!"

"Good night!" With that, she went back to her room and back to bed. Kade went back to sleep as well, feeling relieved. He just dodged a bullet with their friendship there!

Well, there's more 10/11.0. I am planning to have them get together eventually, but that won't be for a while in Operation: DUTCHMAN. Well, I guess I should get to work on that. Later.