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"Elena?" I snapped my head up to see Matt, my manager, standing in front of me.

"Yeah?" I asked, putting down my washcloth and halting the cleaning on the table. I was very particular about how I liked these tables cleaned, which made me the best waitress in Matt's eyes.

"I'll get a bus boy to clean that, I need you to man the bar. Caroline got sick and I had to send her home," he said regretfully. He knew I hated working the bar. I got hit on there more times in one night than a whole week working as a waitress. It was annoying.

I looked back at my messy table, knowing that the bus boy could never get it as clean as I could, before I sighed and forced a smile onto my face.

"Of course I will," I said as I moved past him to the bar.

It was only Wednesday night so I wasn't expecting many customers other than the usuals.

I took advantage of the quiet bar to busy myself cleaning glasses and getting a head start on the closing duties for the night. I was getting into my cleaning mode when a velvety voice rang from behind me.

"Scotch on the rocks, please."

I turned to the front of the bar to see a tall man with dark messy hair. He was thin, but I could tell from the way his dark blue shirt clung to his chest that he was very muscular. I turned away quickly to make his drink before my gaze lingered too much longer.

I set his order down on the bar in front of him and looked into his face for the first time. I was almost stunned in place to see him looking back at me with the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen. I mentally slapped myself for staring at him again. I turned away from the gorgeous man and tried to distract myself by cleaning which always helped clear my mind, but I couldn't get that piercing gaze out of my head.

"So, what's a pretty girl like you doing stuck in this podunk town?" I heard his melodic voice tease. I rolled my eyes before slowly turning to face him.

"This is not a podunk town and I love it here, thank you. I was raised here," I defended. I was relieved that his masochistic attitude was such a turn off, that way it was easier to not be attracted to him. Mystic Falls was my home. Yes, it was small and everyone knew everyone, but that's why I have loved it. I have never been short on friends or people to call family after my parents had died.

"Wow, feisty and beautiful," he mused. I could feel that burning in my stomach that started every time some guy tried to hit on me. I had only known this guy for four minutes and he was already pushing my buttons. Yet, I also had a different, unfamiliar feeling. One I hadn't felt in years. Butterflies.

"We close in fifteen," I said in a monotone voice, not letting him see that he had any affect on me.

I felt a small wave of satisfaction run through me when I saw the speechless look on his face, clearly women didn't turn him down often. I took advantage of the silence and turned back to the bar to finish my cleaning duties. The faster they were done, the sooner I could leave.

I heard the man from the bar place money on the table and get up and leave. I listened for a few more minutes to make sure he was really gone before turning around to collect the payment. I was shocked to see a twenty dollar bill for a $7 drink. I quickly deposited the seven dollars and kept the remaining tip. I couldn't remember the last time I was tipped so generously.

I managed to get out of the grill a few minutes after closing. I said my goodbyes and turned down the usual offers for a ride home. The truth was, I loved walking home. I felt safe here and the walk was only about fifteen minutes if I cut through the lesser traveled parts of the town. I always loved the time to think and the weather was especially beautiful tonight.

I crossed through a few alleys and behind a few business buildings and ended up on my favorite and familiar road, right on the outskirts of town. From here, it was a straight shot to my house, I just had to navigate a few residential streets before I got to my house.

I walked along, letting the cool breeze rustle my hair. I stared at the ground as I walked, but I looked up when I heard footsteps a ways in front of me. I saw I was walking a few yards behind a tall man with dark hair, my mind immediately went to the man from the bar. I slowed my steps and looked around. I was just walking past a blue Mustang parked on the side of the road.

I knew something wasn't right, there were never any cars on the side of this road at this time of night, or ever really.

I looked to see the back of the lumber yard building just a little ways ahead of me, where the man had stopped. I halted my walk altogether as I saw a man exit the dark building. Not wanting to be seen, I slipped behind the Mustang when I heard the man call out the other's name.

"Mason!" The dark haired man called out. I watched Mason turn from the door he was locking and saw the shock register on his face.

"Damon," Mason stated. Obviously trying to cover the surprise in his voice, "What are you doing here?"

I watched as Damon slowly took a few steps toward Mason and reach behind him. I stifled a gasp as I saw him pull a gun from the waistband of his jeans.

Mason took a few steps forward and I watched as he mirrored Damon's actions. Before anyone could move I saw Mason recoil as if he'd been punched and stared in horror as he dropped to the ground in a pool of his own blood. I tried to wrap my mind around what had happened there in the silence as my eyes drifted to Damon holding a gun with some sort of fancy contraption on it that I assumed silenced his attack.

I crouched behind the car frozen in horror as I heard Damon on the phone, I assumed.

"It's been done," I listened as he waited for the other line to reply, "Yes, I already deactivated it." Then more silence before I heard the faint click of the phone snapping shut.

I leaned my back against the door of the car and tried to figure out just exactly what had happened. I just watched someone shoot another man when I had never even seen someone wield a gun, other than Sheriff Forbes.

I knew what I needed to do, go home and call the police. This Damon person was obviously working for someone and they needed to be stopped. I just had to figure out a way out of here without him seeing. Surely, if he knew what I saw, he would kill me just as quickly.

I decided to wait it out behind the Mustang until Damon left the scene and I could make my escape, that was until I heard footsteps nearing my hiding spot.

I could feel my heart rate picking up and my body started to tremble. I knew if he caught me that it would be the end. I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to all my friends, all the people I've known since I was born here 23 years ago.

"What are you doing here?" I heard a harsh voice cut through the darkness. I hesitantly looked up into the angry blue eyes of a killer.

"Please don't kill me," I whispered, desperate to save my own life.

"You are the girl from the bar," he realized, "What is your name?"

"Elena," I confessed as I tried to control the shaking in my voice, "Elena Gilbert."

I was paralyzed where I was on the ground as I watched him crouch down to my level. I could feel my heart rate accelerate again with the close proximity. He was extremely good looking. I had to remind myself this was definitely not the time for that. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Well, Elena, it seems we have a problem-"

"Why did you kill that man?" I interrupted and immediately regretted it as I saw the anger building again on his face.

He sighed again, "Because, he's a bad guy."

I could hear myself snort sarcastically.

"And you're not?"

He opened his mouth to respond, but the buzzing from his cell phone interrupted his train of thought. He flipped it open and stared at the screen for a few moments before snapping it shut and returning it to his pocket.

"We've gotta get out of here," he said while grabbing my wrist and pulling me to my feet, "They can't see you here."

"What?" I snapped as I tried to free my wrist from his grasp, "I'm not going anywhere with you, just let me go home!"

He turned back to me with a fire in his eyes that scared me more than the gun had.

"You can't go home," he bit out, "You've seen too much."

I stared at him wide eyed. He took advantage of my silence to pull me around to the passenger side of the car.

"I'm not going with you," I repeated, struggling away from his grip.

He just rolled his eyes and placed his hand on my shoulder. I felt a faint pressure before my vision started to go blurry. I struggled against the darkness, knowing if I gave in, Damon would take me away from my home. I was putting up a good fight, but before I knew it, everything went black.

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