Digimon After Story: Digital World in Danger Again
A new adventure begins
By: Wind'Smiles.

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N/A: Hi Minna ~ well, this is my first Digimon Fanfic... aww I'm so exited. I've been planning the idea since I finished viewing (tenth time) Digimon Zero Two and I thought: Why not make a continuation to the children of our beloved characters? That way emerged the story, and may not be the best story in the world but is made with love for you :) in addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in it, by the many characters I need to do it

Them... here is a summary and possible OC:

Summary: The evil no longer threatens the Digital World. It's been 29 years and the Digidestined are enjoying their daily life with their most valuable treasures: Their children and Digimons partners. But not know that from the dark, the enemies what were defeated plan a strategy to return to the digital world, using an old legend that Genai unknown. That way, Sakino Yagami, Taichi's daughter, and others Digidestined will begin a turbulent journey for the past, to save the future of Digital World and the lives of those who are important to them.

Soooo... you like it? :3 It's very simple but... I'm very bad in Summary's, forgive me please. Well... as explained, the bad guys will return with the help of a digimon and a legend until now was unknown to all, I'll just tell you have to do with one of the new emblems... And yeah, new emblems appears :3

Then I present my giddy OC, identical to his father:

Sakino Yagami.
Age: 13
Look: Long and straight hair and eyes brown, like his father Taichi Yagami, but her skin is pale, like his mother.
Clothes: An orange sleeveless shirt that showed off her pretty tummy, blue jeans decorated with a red band as belt and gray Converse. She also uses a blue beret and two necklaces: A string with her initials and a rope holding her label and her emblem.
Emblem: Union.
Hobbies: Play soccer, reading, play the flute and draw.
Crush: Daisuke's Son.
Digivice: Like the digivice of Kari but in white color.
Digimon Partner: Lunamon.
Evolution Line: Moonmon, Lunamon, Lekismon, Crescemon, Dianamon.

Sakino "Saki" Yagami is the daughter of Tai and (anyone afortunated OC). She is very sociable, friendly, funny and beautiful. Do anything for his friends and is always there to help. Like her mother, is very mature and loving, but doesn't value herself. She thought to cause too many problems and will not be someone important in the lives of others, but is completely the opposite. Without wanting to, will have to lead the new generation on its way to restore the Digital World. Her digimon partner, Lunamon, is equal to her: Kind, sweet and helpful. As time passes, Saki realizes that the only why was that things happened for a reason: Her own existence.

Oww, that's interesting right?
Why Sakino's existence is a danger for the Digital World? Calm down people, everything reveals more later! Now the moment we all expected, the OC!

The pairs of the first generation would look like:


And the pairs of their children! Those characters that the name "son of a character" (Izzy's Daughter, for example) are OC that you can take if you so desire ;)

Sakino Yagami x Daisuke's Son (OC, I leave to the imagination of the fortunate)
Taichi x OC (Sakino's young brother and a OC)
Izzy's Daughter x OC
Tobi Kido x Miyako's Daughter (Joe's Son is OC of WolfSummoner93)
Kaeru Yagami x Touketsu Hiragana (Hikari's Daughter is OC of Yami456 and Touketsu is OC of ArrowTLC7)
Hikaro Takaishi x OC (Takeru's Son is OC of dynastywarrior1100)
Ken's Son x OC
Mimi's Son x Shayla Prescott (OC of Diao Lover)
Catherine x OC (Catherine is Willis Daughter, I'm sorry, my friend Sara or VanillaKissu take her)
Yamato's Son x OC
Sora's Son x OC (One question: Is the second child of this pair a boy or girl? O_o)
Iori's Daughter x OC

Well, there you have! I will not put the actual ages of the children, that is to say, those in the epilogue of the series, because remember that some are too young for romance ... the other son of Ken and Miyako has an important role, but I take as my own OC also :)

Now the requirements that they must leave in a review to participate:

Complete Name: (Of course, if you are a son of some character, just put the name and gender)
Gender: (Important!)
Age: (11-14)
Hair Color:
Eyes Color:
Look & Complements (means, the clothes and accesories that you OC wear)
Personality (Very important!)
Crush (if your OC is one of the sons of the characters, you can also pair it with any other child of the same, just let me know okey?)
Evolution Line
Digimon Personality

Well' that's it! ^^ I look forward your reviews! I am eager to begin the story with you guys :) See ya in the next chapter, good bless ya!

Wind'Smiles ~